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Taiwan ruined 33 life of Michael Kors Bolsos the coach was actually assembled car? - Straits comments - southeast net
2017-02-17 10: 47: 01.0 Taiwan media buried 33 life of the coach was actually assembled car? Taiwanese 'United Daily News' 17th editorial pointed out: In recent years, in the small fortunate, inexpensive, the world's most free label blessing, the Taiwanese moncler coats people are full of Taiwan's image Beautiful indulgence and fantasy. However, Dielian flowers cherry group of a car accident, but severely torn these false packaging. Old cars, overworked drivers, cheap and unsafe travel, head and company's underground hidden rules, the down jackets and coats virtual rules of their laws and voids, in the exposed mirror of the beauty is just a false impression. 33 people were killed in the accident scene, tragic. But it is more intolerable to see, it is cheap adidas shoes Taiwan's decades of the same system hole, Moncler Outlet the official battle of the dodge of the word, and do not see the progress of the 'rule of law.' To give a simple example: cherry basilome casualties are mainly many people were thrown outside the car, we were shocked that the Taiwan authorities did chaussure nike 2017 not require the bus to take the seat belt. Not to mention, many tour buses with seat belts are not installed, some staggering seats only to hammer grass fixed. If even the seat belt of the money to be saved, then, how could Taiwan into the era of traffic record card management? Taiwan has long retained the harness without a seat belt, piumini moncler goose vest womens and brought into the Zapatos Adidas 21st century. Please think about how long Taiwan zapatillas nike mujer has been in place? Look, the presence of assembled cars have at least 3, 40 years of history, the reason, but because the import tariffs are much higher than the import tariffs on components. This difference is the tax rate, which year was to foster the island body Thomas Sabo Jewellery industry and hair; but Taiwan's accession to Nike Air Max the WTO has been 17 years, this provision is still the text does not move. How did Taiwan's 'legislation' and administrative departments do nike discount what 17 years ago? The vehicle is a 19-year-old Volvo bus, which is a subtle metaphor. The car was factory in 1998, when the peak of Taiwan's economy, the industry to buy this brand-name Christian Louboutin talon imported vehicles, it should be ambitious. Nostalgia, 19 years later, this old old passenger car has not yet eliminated, but reduced to run the 'day trip' cheap trip ugg pas cher and unfortunately. The owner of the car that year, that Taiwan's economy will be flourishing, who knows 19 years, Taiwan is a step by pandora 2017 step into the mud. Taiwan's average 'national income' last year, has been back to the standard 19 years ago; this coincidence, really a wake-up call! Even more ironic is that in 2006, when scarpe nike Chen Shui-bian was in power, the 'Ministry of Communications' had the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeliminating old rovers, and planned to buy back '15 years' or older. However, the practice dragged on, with populist disputes, actually die a natural death. Not only that, last year the DPP Michael Kors Pas Cher 'legislator' Ye Yijin actually 'car age is not the only factor in the security', the proposal 'amendment' to cancel the 'car age' restrictions; if the Kuomintang resistance, fear has passed. It can be seen that Taiwan's 'legislature' sector has not only pursued progressive thinking, even in the way back, self-weakening safety standards. Did scarpe nike the Democratic Progressive Party Group feel ashamed of his absurd behavior? It is adidas chaussures equally sad that the authorities have to fight for labor rights, and that the low wages of the young generation are intolerable; however, in the face of the widespread phenomenon of the tour industry, as well as middle-aged labor and low wages, Turn a blind eye. 'The passengers get off, can not be counted when working hours'; according to this Botas UGG standard, the workers were exploited to Moncler di sconto death, and the workers of the tour bus, 'the Ministry of Labor' officials said the tour bus driver to 'hand on the new balance pas [url=]Scarpe nike uomo cher[/url] steering wheel' Can only self-confessed. Moreover, the sale goose vest black Cheap [url=]chaussures nike Charm Bracelets[/url] of sweaty drivers, even without the employer to help him insure, travel agencies and tour buses both abandoned him in disregard, the driver sold his life can not get death to pay. A car accident, exposed the mentality of Taiwan behind the law, the law is incomplete, the system is broken, the hardware and software incomplete truth; this point, compared to 33 life ruin, I am afraid it is more sad things. Once upon a time, Taiwan has been sinking, empty self-feeling good democracy and freedom, but no longer pursue progress and renewal, no longer the pursuit of quality and accuracy, for the eyes of the laws and regulations are in the 'gray zone' walk nike chaussures phenomenon is not meaning. How can we continue to teach 'Taiwan is good' and will you be able to continue your next 19 years? Tsai Ying-wen is busy 'judicial reform', busy grab 'cultural association' of the throne, the tragedy of the car accident is no Coach bags 2017 time to care. Lin Quan administrative team is busy dealing with avian flu, 'Agricultural Committee Chairman' Lin Congxian put forward 'winter prohibition' and 'genius' policy. These people, are totally unaware of Taiwan in the back of the slope has been gone for many years now!

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