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Taiwan has the right to refuse nuclear food Cai authorities do not betray people's health - Trade, global trading platform
2017-04-01 11: 03: 21.0 Hong Kong media Taiwan has the right to refuse nuclear food Cai authorities do not betray people's health Cai authorities sub-colonies 2900 Strait comments / enpproperty -> Hong Kong assessment in April 1, an interview with the article said that President Xi Jinping Will meet with US President Trump. The United States and Japan have been playing Taiwan card, Japan also sent 'Taiwan and Japan off' since the highest level officials to visit Taiwan to see goose vest black the new party committee in scarpe nike Taiwan Chen Li-ling chaussures nike eyes, that the authorities do not wishful thinking, to know that Japan is still selling nuclear food To Taiwan, Cai authorities have adidas chaussures the courage to 'fight against the mainland', why not dare against Japan? The article will be summarized as follows: 'learn special meeting' goose vest womens will be April 6, 7 in the United States, Florida, Haihu Manor, the first meeting of new balance pas cher Chinese and American leaders, Botas UGG in the end talk about what? Chen Liling said that China and the United States for the 'one principle' is bound to be more clear, which makes want to engage in 'Taiwan independence,' the Cai authorities want to 'cut sausage tactics' prevail, after all, can not succeed. Chen Li-ling Michael Kors Pas Cher said that the handling of ugg pas cher cross-strait relations like cutting the sausage, the sausage cut into small pieces, cut the thinner the scarpe nike better, this method gives a false impression, as if the two sides do not know, which is the last Of the sausage, so zapatillas nike mujer both sides are waiting to see, but moncler coats the future of Taiwan to lose. Chen Li-ling said that the 'special learning' on the eve of cheap adidas shoes Moncler di sconto the debut, you can see the United States and Japan are also Nike Air Max playing Taiwan card, Japan also Christian Louboutin talon sent the Deputy Minister of Michael Kors Bolsos the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Chibi Erlang to Taiwan, Taiwan and Japan since 1972, 'cut off' Officials visit the highest level of Taiwan, shaping the unprecedented relationship between Japan and Japan, the move Moncler Outlet naturally enraged chaussure nike 2017 the mainland. Chen Liling said Cheap Charm Bracelets she really wanted to shake up the authorities, take a closer look at Akira Yelang visit to Taiwan purposes, even expressed by the Taiwan-controlled Fukushima five counties food, do not Zapatos Adidas want these foods in Taiwan can not eat, hope as soon as nike discount possible open. Chen Liling told reporters that the conversation was criticized by friends, 'simply scolded,' strongly believe that Japan to Taiwan when the colonies, do Taiwan have no freedom to choose safe food? Can not eat food in Japan's nuclear areas? She said, Cai authorities have the ability to fight against the Scarpe nike uomo mainland, why not dare against Japan? Japan nike chaussures to make Taiwan's money so much, but to give Taiwan poison food, Cai Yingwen said, 'Taiwan down jackets and coats and Japan friendly' 4 words, we can catchy, it is the editor himself thinks that it is high-level relationship is good, grassroots simply could not understand This kind of black box operation, the sale Thomas Sabo Jewellery of Taiwanese health. Chen Liling said that when the two sides into the deep water area, Cai authorities are trying to deep water, continue to pour dirty water, poison water, so that cross-strait relations worse. Hai Dean President Chen Deming pandora 2017 said, would like to go to Taiwan to drink Yonghe soy milk, fried dough sticks, of course, to hold hands welcome, but why Chen Deming said, 'I can not piumini moncler go as a foreigner,' that the Cai authorities so far can not clearly say '92 consensus.' Can Coach bags 2017 not let the authorities have been guided to the 'state and the country' relationship, which makes the Taiwan Strait at any time into a volatile risk, at any time may fall into the edge of war.

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