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Taiwan should pay attention to the mainland to enhance the 'anti-independence alone' Scarpe nike uomo - Trade, global trading platform
2017-03-22 10: 03: 02.0 Taiwan media should pay attention to Nike Air Max the mainland to enhance the Zapatos Adidas 'anti-independence alone' Taiwan independence Taiwan society 2900 Strait comment / enpproperty -> Taiwan 'Central Daily' network reported goose [url=]Cheap Charm Bracelets vest womens[/url] on the 22nd commented chaussures nike that this year nike chaussures the country During the pandora 2017 two sessions, the 'opposition and containment of moncler coats Taiwan independence' became the keynote in the chaussure nike 2017 discussion of cross-strait cheap adidas shoes relations. The containment of these words reflected the vigilance and counterintelligence of the mainland's relations with Taiwan authorities on the cross-strait relations, indicating that the situation in the Taiwan Strait would be more Year new balance pas [url=]scarpe nike cher[/url] also tense tense. The article pointed out: the mainland against the 'Taiwan independence' statement, is the historical position. But in the show against the same time, and then stressed that to be contained, ugg pas [url=]Botas UGG cher[/url] it was Tsai Ying-wen last year after the election of the prominent phenomenon, showing the mainland in Michael Kors Bolsos addition to the statement on the position, showing that zapatillas nike mujer there will be action. From this point of view, Xi Jinping did not speak in Thomas Sabo Jewellery Moncler Outlet the two sessions this year Moncler di sconto Christian Louboutin talon on cross-strait relations, scarpe nike it is more worth pondering. When the Kuomintang was still in power in 2015, Xi Jinping both stressed that the '1992 Consensus' was indispensable and piumini moncler expressed 'resolute opposition' and 'high vigilance' against 'Taiwan independence.' In 2016, Tsai nike discount Ying-wen was Michael Kors Pas Cher elected, and Xi Jinping proposed 'resolutely curb any form of separatist separatism in Taiwan' when it was more targeted. Since then, 'anti-independence alone' has become the tone of the mainland's position adidas chaussures on Taiwan. goose vest black down jackets and coats And Xi Jinping this year, the case is not related to the relevant speech, whether it means too much, only to be action? Can not be ignored. If Taiwan is to issue intimidation only as a continent, especially 'Taiwan independence' is its own, it is more stimulating the mainland to act. Therefore, the situation in the Taiwan Strait is on the one hand, the mainland is rigid to the rulers of Taiwan, on the other hand, the mainland is flexible to the Coach bags 2017 community of Taiwan, and some of the boundaries of the field are not easy to distinguish clearly, but it can be seen that the cross- Said, 'tends to complex turmoil.'

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