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Taiwan wants Michael Kors Pas Cher to face the meaning Christian Louboutin talon of the 'one side' forum
2017-05-17 11: 18: 53.0 Taiwan media Taiwan to face the 'one by one' Forum on moncler coats behalf of the meaning of the TPP area along the way 2900 Channel comments / nike chaussures enpproperty -> Taiwan 'Central Daily' network Nike Air Max reported on the 17th commented that the United Thomas Sabo Jewellery States in 1 After the goose vest womens announcement of the late cross-Pacific partnership agreement TPP, China held a 'zone along the way' new balance pas cher international cooperation down jackets [url=]Scarpe nike uomo and coats[/url] summit forum, Taiwan for the international situation, must be solemn zapatillas nike mujer and positive. Zapatos Adidas The article is excerpted as follows: 'All the way to the' International Cooperation Summit Cheap Charm Bracelets pandora 2017 held in Beijing, the world's more than 130 countries, the official representatives to participate, including the 29 heads of state scarpe nike or government leaders, scarpe nike the chaussures nike momentum is very vast. Along the way ('Silk Road Economic Zone and the 21st century Botas UGG piumini [url=]Moncler Outlet moncler[/url] Maritime Silk Road') construction, is the President Xi Jinping in September 2013 advocated. Time to enter the new century, the Chinese mainland's economic development is particularly cheap adidas shoes significant. Compared with the Michael Kors Bolsos two thousand years, the mainland's GDP from only 11% ugg pas cher of US GDP grew to 61% Moncler di sconto of the United States. And from the world's sixth largest economy rose to the second largest economy, its 2016 GDP goose vest black is the third largest economy in Japan 2.5 times. During the same period, the mainland's import and export trade grew 51 times for the United States chaussure nike 2017 3/2. In this situation, Tsai's introduction of the 'new southward policy' will be strongly resisted because the economic and trade interests of the Southeast Asian countries in mainland China will only increase Coach bags 2017 without weakening, and the degree of emphasis on Taiwan will be the opposite. Therefore, in addition to emphasizing bilateral economic and trade cooperation, Vietnam has also stated that the DPRK side pursues a 'one China' policy, adidas chaussures supports nike discount China's reunification, opposes 'Taiwan independence' and does not develop official relations with Taiwan. And Vietnam is Taiwan's 'new south' of the key object, so this is a major warning for Taiwan. In the face of the continent's growing political and economic influence on the mainland, Tsai Ing-wen's authorities are striving to move towards political opposition to the mainland and the way out of the economy. The result will only lead to the marginalization of Taiwan's politics and economy. Only by making use of cross-strait relations is the real way out of Taiwan, Taiwan will have the opportunity to participate in regional economic integration.

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