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Taiwan vacation reform 'one case one break' sequelae moncler coats - Trade, global trading platform
Taiwan's 'United Daily News' 5-day editorial pointed out that Taiwan's 'one case of a break' new system just now, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, On the road, the impact immediately emerged. Many restaurants, transport industry have announced the price hike, hospitals, post offices, cleaning teams and other institutions is to reduce service time, small and medium enterprises and agriculture and animal husbandry for human shortage complain, large enterprises are set up no man factory or purchase piumini moncler robots to replace the old labor. So scarpe nike the impact of all directions, for Taiwan, the scale probably do not lose the 'tsunami', the Taiwan authorities can not be ignored to the right. The new system of implementation, of course, will not be 'painless childbirth', both employers and employees and consumers must adidas chaussures try Michael Kors Bolsos to adjust. The problem is that Thomas Sabo Jewellery the authorities in the strong push 'one case of a break', not only the lack of necessary social communication and the pros and cons of assessment, and even let the 'legislators' casually overweight, underestimated the real impact of the new system. Even more distraught is Moncler Outlet that the 'chief executive' Lin all accept the media to visit a faction to easily say 'price is the inevitable result', as if to all enterprises to issue 'price permit.' Coach bags 2017 This rash attitude, not to the livelihood of the people, no sense of responsibility and empathy, it is ashamed of 'administrative dean' post. Taiwan's 'one case one break' Botas UGG new system design, the original intention is to protect the labor rights and interests; but from the actual effect of implementation, labor is unrivaled, the first suffer. The reasons can be divided into three for the analysis: First, nike chaussures the labor system has greatly increased the overtime rate and leave the mandatory, but this greatly changed the business needs of the business, so that staff turnover is increasingly difficult. In the face of overtime, many new balance pas cher hiring units are nike discount based on cost considerations, to cancel scarpe nike the overtime due to the new system; for labor, overtime pay becomes 'see, eat'. Second, in the relatively loose old system, some workers are willing to receive additional salaries through voluntary overtime to supplement the household. But now, as the new overtime pay is tightening, the system becomes more rigorous and stiff, and employers can only Cheap Charm Bracelets compress overtime manpower; as a result, many Scarpe [url=]Zapatos Adidas nike uomo[/url] grassroots workers are unable to receive ugg pas cher even the overtime pay. For such laborers, this becomes a 'disguised pay cut'. Third, in daily life, the labor itself is zapatillas nike mujer the consumer, when cheap adidas shoes the pandora 2017 price of the market because 'one case of a break' pushed up the cost and shouted, but the wages of labor has not increased; this up a stop, labor must The same salary to cope with more huge expenses, life is bound to be more strained. In Taiwan, most large enterprises Christian Louboutin talon have offered better treatment than Lloyd's, and their employees may not be a problem. But for many small profits, the system is not on chaussure nike 2017 the track of small and medium enterprises or home business, immediately faced with difficult business difficulties. And such enterprises employ a large number of 'marginalized workers', which may face lower income, and even layoffs or unemployment goose vest black crisis, life more difficult. This is obviously the problem that the authorities must be cautious. Lin Quan said, 'one case of a break' to implement 'price is the inevitable result', Moncler di sconto in addition to the attitude of rash, he also underestimated the seriousness of the problem. Michael Kors Pas Cher As mentioned above, many workers face the new system is 'unobtrusive, the chaussures nike first suffer', for the general public, in addition to bear the pressure of rising prices, the most direct impact is 'service shrink.' The reason is that the 'Laurie Law' standard not only the manufacturing staff, but also includes all walks of life personnel, the new system on the road, the hospital, post office, convenience stores, serving staff, garbage cleaners, and some early closing, and some Shorten the service time. This caused the inconvenience, will lead to a new wave of complaints of the authorities. So down jackets and coats many sequelae, if the authorities did not think in advance, that is dereliction of duty. And if you think of not trying Nike Air Max to respond, but laissez-faire development, that is greater dereliction of duty. In the end, 'one case one break' the reason goose vest womens why the decision in the social communication on a blank, the biggest crux is that the pride of the authorities and care. First, deliberately homes the original Kuomintang version of the more moderate design and not, have to build the radical version of the DPP, the results of success or failure; Second, Tsai Ying-wen through the upper and lower instructions to push, hold high the moral banner , Leading to outside silence, positive and negative views can not Chen or confrontation. This shows that the empty policy is ideal, but can not choose the correct path and supporting, and ultimately in vain, and leave a serious sequelae. 'One case one break' effect is expanding, the current see the 'trilogy' as follows: First, all kinds of prices shouted up, the second is a variety of services shrinking, the third is the edge of labor employment is not guaranteed. These three shocks, the people must endure, but the Cai authorities must also put forward the response to the relief. 'The benefit of' the name of the policy, but to bring labor and the people greater pain, is shameful.

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