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Why the Taiwan campus Scarpe nike uomo is difficult to narcotics - Trade, global trading platform
2017-04-06 10: 34: 38.0 Luqiao Taiwan campus why it is difficult to ban poison drunk poison 2900 Channel comments / enpproperty -> in Taiwan, to say what issues Moncler di sconto can make blue and green highly consistent, probably ugg pas cher 'anti-virus' The Recently, Taiwan media broadcast Mengliao, according to Taiwan legal department statistics, seized nearly 10 years of total drug increases, smoking population dropped to 6 to 11 years old children, 12 to 17-year-old adolescents more violent 3 times. Blue and green politicians immediately sit still, and frequently shelled the authorities. As a former East Asian drug transfer station, Taiwan was deeply suffering from drugs. After more pandora 2017 than ten years of governance, social Moncler Outlet anti-drug piumini moncler quite effective, did not expect the campus drug problem has become increasingly serious. Juvenile drug-related, grievances plot, some people think that Taiwan's current 'Drug Hazard Prevention Ordinance' 'lost to wide', the proposed 'either to cover chaussures nike the prison, or more hospitals.' Whether the law is wide or strict, can be judged Nike Air Max by the result. According to the official report of Taiwan, Taiwan in the last 10 years seized drugs, four drugs accounted for 70% to ketamine (commonly known as K powder) as the representative of the three goose vest black drugs moncler coats are also popular in secondary school campus. Originally, the Taiwan Act in accordance with the degree of harm will be divided into four levels of drugs, holding or smoking one or Zapatos Adidas two drugs to recover criminal nike discount responsibility. On the more common use Thomas Sabo Jewellery of three drugs, the minimum penalty of only 10,000 yuan (NT, the same below) fine and four hours of drug damage Cheap Charm Bracelets courses to learn, than the car drunk at the beginning Botas UGG of 29,000 yuan lighter. The use of four drugs is not within the scope of punishment, the face of doubt, the Michael Kors Bolsos official explanation is that these people through Michael Kors Pas Cher education and counseling, to avoid continued contamination of drugs. Although the idea is beautiful, the reality is a bit cruel And whether the school has the relevant counseling ability, in the peer relationship was significantly stronger than the teacher-student relationship between the secondary school, simply rely on nike chaussures case new balance pas cher counseling has been unable to block the spread of drugs in the youth groups. Taipei City, the last three years of drug-related high school students, three into the two schools. Adolescent drug use tends to focus on a drug addiction, a drug addiction. Simply misdemeanor heavy penalty solid non-root of the Road, but the corresponding intensity of discipline, is still a necessary means of warning violations. According to official statistics, the top three reasons why adolescents use drugs are 'curious, bored, popular', with zapatillas nike mujer the proportion of nearly 70% of the precedent, many young people do not even Coach bags 2017 know that eating ketamine is illegal. Juvenile ignorance is fearless, as the manager of scarpe nike the social parties have to blame. In the past two years, the police have carried out a number of adidas chaussures drug deterrent campaigns in various parts of Taiwan. Although many drug traffickers have been arrested, they have also raised the price of drugs, leading the drug-related adolescents to take the risk of buying drugs. In the face of drug traffickers in the scarpe nike face of change marketing, legislators also seem unresponsive. Drug dealers to re-packaging drugs into tea bags, coffee bags, plum powder cheap adidas shoes or small steamed bread, so that people can also avoid food inspection, the current norms can not keep Christian Louboutin talon up with the innovation of drugs. The school to maintain the reputation, less trouble, even if there are signs of drug addiction is also open eyes closed one eye. There are a lot of sounds about the campus drug issue, the way to curb the spread of drugs also made a lot, some sounds quite kinda. For example, the student health examination to increase the blood test, urine test items, early detection of drug-related students; children who take ketamine adolescent goose vest womens compulsory treatment; reduce the threshold of drug prosecution ... ... However, everything is down jackets and coats still on the road. Although the situation seems so serious, the voice of resolving measures is growing, and the authorities are still 'thunderous'. I do not know from when, Taiwan is caught in a strange phenomenon: the law by the strict and easy, from the wide variable; more and more tolerant of the offenders, the law enforcement is more and more indifferent. chaussure nike 2017 If you continue to make 'good doctrine' in power, the destruction will be Taiwan's hope for tomorrow.

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