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Taiwan is like a helpless and hatred drowned the island - Trade, global trading platform
2017-06-29 10: 08: Botas UGG 11.0 Taiwan media Taiwan like a helpless and hatred of the island Tsai Yingwen Island 2900 Channel Review / enpproperty -> Taiwan 'Central Daily' Network reported on the 29th published community commentary, whether it is chaussures nike Chen Shui-bian , Ma Ying-jeou, or scarpe nike Tsai Ing-wen, the three leaders of Taiwan after the inauguration of a year after the satisfaction of the polls are falling down, we can see that the family is not easy. However, Tsai Yingwen fall rate is the largest of the Moncler di sconto three, which I am afraid even Cai Yingwen himself is Thomas Sabo Jewellery puzzling. Perhaps this is the authorities fans, because in our view, the answer is so obvious. Taiwan is like a Michael Kors Pas Cher helpless and hatred drowned the island, the people do not catch the breath is not easy, Tsai Ing-wen's polls, goose vest black of course, like the debris flow washed out, only down a way only. The editorial is as follows: Moncler Outlet the DPP authorities feel helpless, I am afraid that most people's voices. The people's helplessness, from the Tsai chaussure nike 2017 Ying-wen authorities deceived, down jackets and coats incompetent and arrogant. It is a portrayal of fraud, so many of the original supporters feel deceived, especially young people, and their satisfaction is also the most serious. cheap adidas shoes Helpless another source is incompetent. For the problems facing the current Taiwan, including how to 'diplomacy' how to go out, how to improve cross-strait relations, how to ensure that Taiwan is not a lack of electricity and not up the price, how to build a future industry in Taiwan, Cai Yingwen authorities can not find pandora 2017 a way The Taiwan's 'diplomatic' space is getting smaller Cheap Charm Bracelets and smaller, Cai Yingwen only the new south of the policy, new balance pas [url=]Scarpe nike uomo cher[/url] but the discerning ugg pas cher eye can see, Michael Kors Bolsos even Cai Yingwen do not believe their own policy will have any effect. As for the cross-strait policy, the Taiwan authorities have refused to 'nine two consensus', but also understand the policy logic of the mainland shallow, wrong, only blame the piumini moncler country to do Taiwan. To be honest, many companies simply do not have any expectations Christian Louboutin talon and expectations. As for the economic problem, that is the lifeblood of Taiwan's survival, however, Taiwan has been investing more than a year, many large enterprises nike chaussures have publicly expressed a large foreign investment program, but do not want to invest in Taiwan, because Taiwan when the wingspan for water , Lack of electricity, lack of talent and other issues are no countermeasures, coupled with a case of a break effect, even Zapatos Adidas more deterred. If Taiwan can not have a place in the future industry, economic stagnation is the inevitable nike [url=]zapatillas nike mujer discount[/url] result. In this crisis, the authorities want to come up with a forward-looking forward-looking infrastructure projects, of which half of the money, more than 44 billion, are Coach bags 2017 hit in moncler coats orbit construction. In addition to deception and incompetence, Tsai Ing-wen authorities are arrogant. Cai Yingwen has scarpe nike been committed to the establishment of a 'history of the most communication government', but this year down, whether it is a case of a break, annuity reform and forward plan, there are many different voices outside, but the authorities have insisted Off the mountain. The outside world has long seen that all the meetings are in the form of it, the DPP is now mentality is that goose vest womens I have been fully in power, as long as I like, what can not. In the face of such a government, the people of course feel Nike Air Max helpless! Flooded Taiwan, in addition to helpless, there are hatred. Annuity reform, the authorities on the whole army of public education staff move the sword, we believe that all military and public education staff have a 'artificial knife ZU, I am the fish' feeling. This feeling is helpless and hatred of the integrated, how we look forward to such a civil service for the development of Taiwan and the well-being of the people dedicated. We are more worried about is that when the helpless and hatred drowned in Taiwan, the vitality will consume, hope will disappear, even if Cai Yingwen in their own 'House' narcissistic, but see will be a broken. History of the judge, is from the overall situation, rather adidas chaussures than look at the prospective plan, however, we can only hope that Cai Yingwen out of their arrogance, both to save themselves, but also to save Taiwan.

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