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Taiwan set off the 'cut the first wind' is the moncler coats initiator of the DPP - Straits Comments - Southeast Network
2017-04-24 15: 52: 10.0 Hong Kong media Taiwan set off the 'cut the first wind' is the initiator of the DPP DPP Taiwan society eight fields and a Chiang Kai-shek 2900 Channel comments / enpproperty -> Hong Kong 'Ta Kung Pao' today for Taiwan chaussures nike recently The frequent occurrence of the bronze statue 'cut the first' incident commented that the Taiwan society ugg pas cher has become a vicious circle of hatred and revenge: you cut my Chiang Kai-shek, I cut your Japanese idol. Taiwan recently set off the 'cut the first wind', mainly from the authority of the Taiwan authorities in May last year after the commencement of a series of 'Sun', 'to Chiang' act, if the DPP does not stop 'to Thomas Sabo Jewellery China 'Taiwan's opposition and contradictions will never be resolved. Comments are as follows: Taiwan recently 'popular' what? I am afraid it is Scarpe nike uomo 'cut the first game.' Since the beginning of this year, Chiang Kai-shek's bronze statue has been cut since the beginning of this year, the middle of this month in Tainan Wushantou reservoir of Japanese technician eight fields and a bronze statue of the head also do not know the end, the destroyer admitted that because of dissatisfaction with Chiang Kai-shek chaussure nike 2017 bronze statue Was chiseled and cut the first; piumini moncler then a few days ago, the head of Chiang Kai-shek's bronze statue in Yangmingshan, Taipei, was also cut off, 'the only faction' claimed that 'cut Chiang's head to the eight fields and a 'sacrifice', and threatened' Has collected all pandora 2017 the hundreds of Taiwan Jiang as the information, will be at any time with a kitchen knife, or bamboo bar knife, or a variety of tools cheap adidas shoes to take its first. 'Thus, Taiwan society has been caught in the vicious cycle of hatred and revenge: You cut my Chiang Kai-shek, I cut your Japanese idol. The island's scarpe nike public opinion called new balance pas cher on the authorities to try to stop the more 'cut the first down jackets and coats game', however, this 'grievances' evil nike chaussures wind is the initiator of the DPP authorities. It came to power for nearly a year, the most prominent performance is the name of 'transition justice' under the banner of 'to China', so many people on the island scarpe nike disgusted. As early as Taiwanese scholars predicted that the extreme practice of the authorities Botas UGG Cheap Charm Bracelets would only intensify ethnic conflicts and make Christian Louboutin talon society more torn and opposed. Now misfortune. As Coach bags 2017 the saying goes, 'the beam is not under the beam crooked', Taiwan recently set off the 'cut the first wind', mainly from last May after the ruling authorities in Taiwan to start a series nike discount of 'Sun', 'to Chiang' , Not only punished landing to participate in the commemoration of Sun Yat-sen activities of the retired generals, even the retired soldiers hanging 'Yonghuai leader (Chiang Kai-shek)' slogan is not approved, Michael Kors Bolsos but also prohibits the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall sale of Chiang Kai-shek dolls and zapatillas nike mujer can not play to commemorate Chiang Kai-shek's songs, South Hall Plaza exhibition of 12 zodiac beast also to 'cultural united front' on goose vest black the grounds was removed. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vigorously engaged in the 'cultural independence of Taiwan', the number of forgotten ancestors, tactical rude and brutal, unbridled, in Taiwan has millions of believers Matsu also been slandered as 'united front tool', so Moncler [url=]Zapatos Adidas di sconto[/url] that the already hot folk anger rising. On the other hand, the DPP authorities tried to beautify Michael Kors Pas Cher the crimes of Japanese colonial rule in Taiwan, throwing disgusting remarks such as 'Taiwanese and his wife'. It is extremely essential, when a force is too strong, another force must be counterattack. The DPP has racked its brains to engage goose vest womens in 'Taiwan independence culture' and will inevitably lead to strong protests against 'Taiwan independence' groups. There Moncler Outlet are scholars on the island worried about the recent spread of irrational tide, adverse social development in Taiwan, I hope the authorities reflect. But is it that the DPP has for many years been relying on manufacturing opposition, provoking contradictions to gain political interests, drawing votes, and now 'administrative' and 'legislative' The most obvious example is that when the eight fields and a bronze statue were cut, the DPP not only did not reflect on the 'cut the first game' behind the refraction of the 'Chineseization' caused by the public outcry, but worried about the impact of Taiwan-Japan relations And anxious to explain to the Japanese side Nike Air Max and begging. DPP 'legislators' yesterday also asked the authorities should be abolished as soon as possible Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. The DPP does not stop 'to China', Taiwan's social opposition and contradiction will never solution. As Taiwanese media say, Taiwan's social opposition, from last year's '520' to the present, is like a constant inflatable balloon, the DPP is good at operating, from which to obtain political interests of the calculation, there adidas chaussures may never be an eight field and an end. Therefore, the event will not be the end of this ethnic opposition balloon blasting, but may be the starting point of hatred.

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