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Taiwan on the issue of American sophistry and logic can be closed - Trade Botas UGG, global trading platform
2016-12-28 09: 43: 15.0 People's Daily Taiwan on the issue Cheap Charm Bracelets of American sophistry and logic can be closed with Taiwan relations law Taiwan issue 2900 Strait comment / enpproperty -> December 23, US President Barack Obama signed with Taiwan The content of the '2017 fiscal year defense authorization law' for piumini moncler the United States on the issue of Taiwan on the history of reversing opened the green light. Mainland China 'People's Daily' Overseas version 26 in the 'Wang Hai Lou' published special commentator, China Institute of International Studies researcher Jia Xiudong pointed out that the bill was Moncler di sconto previously Thomas Sabo Jewellery voted by the House of Representatives of the US Senate, made clear that the US Department cheap adidas shoes of Defense should ' And promote the US-Taiwan high-level military exchanges to improve the Coach bags 2017 military relations between the United States and Taiwan ', and specifically that the so-called' high 'refers to the United States' military generals 'and' assistant defense minister above civilian officials. ' The above-mentioned Taiwan-related content is in the form of 'congressional intention' into the United States defense authorization law, but expressed the views of Congress pandora 2017 adidas chaussures nike discount on a topic, views, positions, even if the Zapatos Adidas bill signed by the president into goose vest womens law, the 'intention' Itself is not legally binding on the US administration. But this does not diminish the harsh nature of the above-mentioned Taiwan-related content and its negative impact. The Taiwan issue is of vital importance to China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and it is also the most important and sensitive issue in Sino-US relations. China has always Nike Air Max zapatillas nike mujer opposed any form of official and military ties between the United States and Taiwan. But for a long time, the scarpe nike United States on their own problems in Taiwan on the wrong words and deeds do not mind, but for a variety of sophistry. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, the US government's 'formatting' statement on the Taiwan issue is that the United States will adhere to the 'one China' policy and abide by the three ugg pas cher Sino-US joint communiques, but also will continue to fulfill the 'Taiwan Relations Act.' It is conceivable that if asked Moncler Outlet about the Taiwan-related bill, the US official spokesman will still 'cliché'. The problem is that the so-called 'Taiwan Relations Act' is unilaterally formulated by the United States, which itself runs counter to the principles of the three Sino-US joint communiqués. The United States forefoot with China issued diplomatic relations bulletin, the rear foot on the 'Taiwan Relations Act' to the Sino-US diplomatic relations with restrictions on the United States to continue to sell arms to Taiwan, to maintain the official nature of chaussure nike 2017 the relationship with Taiwan to provide domestic law basis. On the one hand, the United States, scarpe nike on the one hand, made a solemn commitment to the 'one goose vest black China' policy in the serious and moncler coats significant international archives of the three Sino-US joint communiques, and on the other hand, violated its own commitments through domestic law. The United States such behavior is not uncommon. After negotiations, China and the United States in 1982 issued a 'August 17' nike chaussures bulletin on the issue of arms chaussures nike sales to the United States to make provisions. But the US government turned to Taiwan to violate the Michael Kors Bolsos 'August Michael Kors Pas Cher 17' principle of the so-called 'six guarantees.' So the expression of treachery is not on the table, and some forces within the United States but continue to 'six guarantees' written into the law. In addition, the United States is also playing a legal game, claiming that the 'Taiwan Relations Act' is superior to the Sino-US joint communiqué in an attempt to weaken, Christian Louboutin talon interfere with and undermine the down jackets and coats effectiveness of the three Sino-US joint communiques. Obviously violate the 'one China' principle, interfere in China's internal affairs, violate China's sovereignty, endanger China's national security, damage peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, the Scarpe nike uomo Taiwan issue as a card to deal with China, the United States can always find a bunch of high-sounding reasons for their own Excuse, trying to justify, which in the final analysis, or hegemonic mentality. The same thing also occurred in the South China Sea and other issues, the United States speak 'rule of law' 'rules' 'international law', in fact, but never smashed China, to create their own 'peace angel', the embodiment of justice, behind the new balance pas cher cover is The strategic intent of the United States. China will never allow any country, anyone to take the Taiwan issue about China's fate. The United States believes that the Taiwan issue is the 'asset' of the US policy toward China. In fact, the Taiwan issue is, to a large extent, the historical burden of the United States. Lincoln once said, 'You can always deceive everyone, you can always cheat some people, but can not always deceive everyone.' In the Taiwan-related issues, American sophistry and logic can be closed.

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