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People 's Daily: Looking for traditional culture 'open way' - China Daily
People's Daily: looking for traditional culture 'open way' People's Daily News: People's Daily News 2017-06-19 13:30:18 Share 2017-06-19 13: 30: 18.0 People's Daily: looking for traditional culture 'open way' Traditional culture and cultural needs cultural heritage Han Xizai night banquet public relations 153008152 education 1 @ worldrep / enpproperty -> original title: looking for traditional culture moncler coats 'open way' (people commentary) traditional culture is like a living body, only with people to establish a close Symbiotic relationship, in order to continue to evolve to let the robe up, so that the building move up, so that ceramic mother up fashion ... Scarpe nike uomo ... just in the past 'China Natural and Botas UGG Cultural Heritage Day', the Beijing Palace Museum to a series goose vest black of interesting activities, attracted Many people into the traditional culture, into the art scene. In the eyes of many users, the Forbidden City is a magical existence, often lead to sigh: 'I did not think you are such a adidas chaussures palace!' It is 'feeling Meng Meng da' Yongzheng emperor expression package, but also the documentary skills superb Of the great artisans, of course, it is that after 600 years of the Ming and Qing dynasties of the Forbidden City, the annual flow of 16 million of the world's five major museums. The Forbidden City has been embarrassed in front of the public, but now it can be gorgeous turned on the main down jackets and coats building on the Internet beauty, taking into Cheap Charm Bracelets account the Raiders of the real, but also from time to time with the 256 million microblogging fans each selling a Meng, you come to me unhappy. Social media business is Michael Kors Pas Cher not just 'public relations'. Through the Internet, the Forbidden City not only won back the face, but also rebuild the public museum Thomas Sabo Jewellery and the public specific relationship. Looking around, some museums give the impression that the display of rigid, explain the road, the lack of interaction, so a vicious goose vest womens circle, the more the front of the cold nike chaussures saddle stale. Coupled with lack of awareness of services, lack of management, so Moncler di sconto that those museums out of contact with the public life. This is so hard, Zapatos Adidas the Forbidden City is not completely realized. Once connected to the Internet, bound to a living Nike Air Max fan, it is difficult piumini moncler to 'no one in mind' the. It is also from the moment of talking about social media, Michael Kors Bolsos open-mindedness to the public, people gradually see the Imperial Palace more and more fierce offensive: the proportion of open area of ​​the museum Coach bags 2017 from chaussures nike 48% in 2012 to 2016 years, 76% The virtual reality experience, digital WeChat platform, 'Yin Zhen professional map' 'Han Xizai night banquet' 'Daily Palace' and other mobile phone applications ... ... multi-level, multi-channel effective for the public, people found that the palace found the traditional culture ugg pas cher The 'right way to open'. This 'right way to open' is not just a simple interaction with the public, but to make the traditional culture and the public's daily life becomes 'sticky'. In the more level of sharing, the traditional culture of the form to achieve a rich and recycling, the Forbidden City is no longer just that the Beijing city axis of 720,000 square meters of the Royal yard, it is in the clouds, in the digital museum, in creative products, More importantly, it has entered the homes of ordinary people. From the royal family to the national ownership, and then to multi-level, multi-channel social sharing, in front of the nike discount Forbidden City cultural relics, the relationship between people and the occurrence of a clear evolution, is no longer Christian Louboutin talon 'the world treasure, go to the emperor, And closer to the shared ideal. In fact, the traditional culture is like a living pandora 2017 body, scarpe nike only with people to establish a close scarpe nike symbiotic relationship in order to continue to evolve. That piece of texture excellent, beautiful shape of the cultural relics, is the ancestors 'with the creation of life,' the fruit, its shape of the United States, the function of the wonderful, are nature and cheap adidas shoes human society for thousands zapatillas nike mujer of years of continuous friction, the results of each other. Through the use, appreciation and heritage, people share the understanding of the ancients to the United States, their emotions and imagination, people shape the artifacts, artifacts are shaping the people. We are afraid of traditional culture, precisely because the traditional culture is the product of the natural evolution of Chinese society, there may be that we have not fully aware of the rationality, not just because of their ancient and rare. Those ancient books, historical relics, not only with the ancients, but also with the infinite distance, countless people. chaussure nike 2017 From the documentary 'I repair the relics in the Forbidden City' triggered young people sought after, to 'Shiqu Baoji special exhibition' has become a public opinion hot, Moncler Outlet are that traditional culture in the process of symbiosis with the modern people, access to a new vitality. The success of the transformation of the Forbidden City new balance pas cher is not only the technical level, it is the soul, culture, it shows that as long as the integration of modern life, traditional culture can send new shoots. 'View of humanities, to become the world', culture should be co-evolution with people. As the general secretary of Xi Jinping pointed out, 'to systematically comb the traditional cultural resources, so that the collection of artifacts in the palace, displayed in the vast land of the heritage, written in the ancient books of the text are alive.' Once upon a time, we are pleased with the growing social High cultural needs, but also confused in the lack of public cultural services and lag. Today, the Forbidden City with its vivid story to get through the Governor of the second pulse: only with the public to establish a symbiotic relationship, the traditional culture will be full of vitality, cultural heritage will pay fire.

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