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People's Daily: fill in volunteer, why do school work? Yang wide net
People's Daily: fill in volunteer, why do school goose vest black work? 2017-07-12 09:19:00 Source: People's Daily School does not do the tournament, the development Moncler Outlet of education, down jackets and coats should pay more attention to the interest rate behind the students interest, concerned about the comprehensive development of each person for the provinces to participate in college entrance examination for Christian Louboutin talon students , This time Michael Kors Pas Cher this year, there is nothing more than to choose a favorite school, a suitable professional, more exciting. However, according to media reports, in some places, to induce high school students to modify their volunteers, and even directly forced them to fill in non-intentionally voluntary things happen, which Michael Kors Bolsos makes many students feel both tangled and helpless. School to do so, the reason is very simple, is to ensure that more quality students, into the Peking University, Tsinghua University and other top universities. This is not only related to the teacher's bonus, scarpe nike promotion, more likely nike discount to affect the school's reputation and future development. In the eyes of many local education departments, the evaluation of a high school performance is excellent, how many students each year on Peking University, Tsinghua cheap adidas shoes University, is a very important measure. When the 'admitted to a Peking University Tsinghua University, reward 500,000 yuan' to write the county government work report, only elite schools are designated, designated for professional, also become a matter of course. Students into the elite, the chaussures nike school was glorious, it seems to be a win-win thing. Domestic millions of candidates, Scarpe nike uomo are eligible to let zapatillas nike mujer the school try every means 'care', and only a few. According to a principal, students scarpe nike should also be 'Thanksgiving school'. This kind of high-sounding excuse, self-righteous to worry about, it is people worry about the problem. Students are not only the recipient of education, but also the main body of development. For the school, the student's application account and password, can not be any fiddle with the number; their choice of choice, especially worthy of respect and care. adidas chaussures Professional interest, can indeed through the day after tomorrow's contact, training to train, but this and whether the Zapatos Adidas freedom to choose a professional is two different things. When new balance pas cher the school in order to learn moncler coats the number of bright, and kept to students, parents do ideological work, put pressure, may have thought that the purpose goose vest womens of doing so, whether for students, or for their own good? In the end, forcibly deprived candidates of the right to choose, but the name of 'good for students,' under the guise of the pursuit of education in the pursuit of GDP, not only is not conducive to the Nike Air Max cultivation of the correct values ​​of students, but also the departure from the direction of Cheap Charm [url=]Botas UGG Bracelets[/url] education. What is education? Is to give students a thought of the soil, give them a free space to grow. The same is ugg [url=]Moncler di sconto pas cher[/url] to fill the piumini moncler volunteer, combined with the actual situation of high scores of candidates for them to do scientific and reasonable examination and analysis, this is the school should do. Even for the sake of all the reasons, students Coach bags 2017 are not successfully admitted, a few years later, the students will certainly remember that in the growth of the road, there was a school, a teacher, at a critical time, Instead of tying yourself, go to nike chaussures a designated future. Tagore once said Thomas Sabo Jewellery that the purpose of education should be to convey the breath of life to the pandora 2017 people. Do not run the school championships, our education managers and workers, should pay more attention to the interest rate behind the students interest, concerned about the comprehensive free development of each person. Expect a few years each year, dozens of top students chaussure nike 2017 Health University 'lintel' to enhance the level of local education, is clearly misinterpreted the intention of education. Regardless of which colleges and universities, which professional, and sincerely for the growth of every student to do a good job, is the school to give students the best graduation gift.

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