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People's Daily: grass-roots officials open 280 a year should be less Wenshan sea - Finance News
People's Daily: grassroots officials will be a year to open 280 will be less Wenshan sea sea moncler coats 2017-06-25 07:41:00 chaussure nike 2017 Source: People's Daily (original title: poverty alleviation cadres less Wenshan sea (stay note)) grassroots goose vest womens cadres a lot of effort In the meeting and reporting materials, it is difficult to extract more energy to promote precision poverty alleviation. To oppose formalism, the grassroots cadres from the Wenshan sea in the liberation of precision poverty alleviation in Michael Kors Bolsos the village for a month, with the township and village cadres to eat and live with the work, in-depth experience of their working and living conditions, sincerely feel that grassroots cadres really do not easy. Do not say anything else, just tell them that they have to cope with all nike discount kinds of Wenshan sea it. Last year, the town of Politics and Law Committee deputy secretary opened more than 280 games, an average of more than one day. The town to the county two chaussures nike hours by car, round and round on the road will have half a day, plus a half-day meeting, one day to open a meeting, basically ugg pas cher no time to do other work. Many will be repeated open. Above the introduction of a document, the deployment of a work, video and telephone conference to the county level, followed by the provincial, city and county combined with the actual implementation, and were held to implement the implementation of the meeting, Michael Kors Pas Cher doing, some grass-roots cadres of the same theme To open four times. Not only that, many will ask Moncler Outlet the number one to open. In fact, some Scarpe nike uomo will Cheap Charm Bracelets be in charge of cadres to open Thomas Sabo Jewellery is not enough, one hand open Botas UGG often need to 'two pass', the efficiency Nike Air Max does not decline, business unfamiliar 'two pass' is easy 'information distortion.' In addition to the General Assembly will be particularly small, grass-roots cadres of scarpe nike the copy work pressure is particularly large. Now poverty alleviation is the real sense of poverty alleviation, many departments are doing industry poverty alleviation work. And accurate poverty alleviation need to do a lot of data collection, reporting and other basic work, the county level above the government departments often do not do these first-hand work, but urging the piumini moncler implementation of grassroots. In addition to the data zapatillas nike mujer also need photos and even video, which requires a door to door to ask carefully, see the documents and other informative materials, the workload of the real work, the number of options, the contents Christian Louboutin talon of the options, Not small. This kind of data collection to fill the work of scarpe nike Gesanchawu to do, my first secretary adidas chaussures in the village from time to time need to stay up all night to work overtime. Grassroots cadres heart complain, but the work can only swallow, buried bitter 'newspaper'. Which department can not afford to offend, the second copy of the work if pandora 2017 not done, the consequences may be very serious. Because, a place to get rid of the demolition of Zapatos Adidas the hat, to accept the unannounced visits group, the inspection team inspection, and finally to accept cross-checking and third-party assessment, which are clearance to declare poverty. In the actual work, these inspection teams, the assessment team will randomize visits to poor households, and then in accordance with the indicators of the control scoring. When the staff will generally see the help handbook and other materials to down jackets and coats see if the help is in place to ask whether the results are true. Whether the work of this material is solid, cheap adidas shoes for the local smooth off the demolition of the hat nike chaussures is very critical. Therefore, many places new balance pas cher will work as a top priority, excellence, and even at the 'picky': some places the material can not be modified, and some provisions can not have Moncler di sconto typos, which virtually increased the burden of grassroots cadres copy work The Interview, for the grassroots level of the sea, we all think that is not good. Grassroots cadres are busy Coach bags 2017 meeting, who will open up the 'last mile'? They spend a lot of energy in the collection, statistics, reported on a variety of materials, how to extract more energy, so that accurate poverty alleviation poverty better strategy in the grassroots level landing? Wenshan sea we all resent, in fact, there are solutions. Such as technical means goose vest black will be able to come in handy. In some places in the grass-roots installation of remote video conferencing systems, many of the deployment of the meeting will not have to long-term rush together to open up. Some places the use of information technology to enhance the eradication of tackling information management, helping cadres, grassroots cadres are equipped with a precision Poverty Alleviation APP, to fill in what information, everyone to help the poor households to help the information collected, Grass-roots cadres for a summary of statistics, each person's workload can be accepted. There are many specific solutions, more important way I am afraid to really oppose formalism, and effectively change the style, so as to better grass-roots cadres from the Wenshan sea to liberate, to grasp the implementation of the work.

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