'the suffering of the people

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The people are not down the 'patron' - the political observation - the South East network
2017-05-04 10: 30: 06.0 Chen Si-ping people Moncler Outlet are not down chaussure nike 2017 the 'patron' patrons people 216995 political observation Nike Air Max / enpproperty -> [have 'Su in the public,' the selfless feelings, 'do not have to work in my 'The open-minded to play,' the suffering of Michael Kors Bolsos the people, such Scarpe nike uomo as in addition to the heart of the disease, 'the spirit of boldness, wholeheartedly for the people for profit, the people will sincerely support. Only the people's support, is that we never fall 'backing'. In the recent hit TV series 'The name of the people', there is a noun that draws people's attention - 'political resources'. In layman's terms, is the 'patron'. 'Backing', 'modern Chinese dictionary' interpreted as 'can rely on moncler coats the strength of the people or the Moncler di sconto collective.' 'Dream of zapatillas nike mujer Red Mansions' in nike discount the Jia Yu village, by a poor scholar Christian Louboutin talon to cheap adidas shoes do the court minister, by the Jia Fu this patron. In real life, some people to seek personal gain, Thomas Sabo Jewellery want to join the official Jin Jue, bullying the market, goose vest black for their children to seek a 'beautiful ugg pas cher future' for their new balance pas cher own criminals to find 'umbrella', but also do everything possible to find patrons, teachers, bosses, Comrades, fellow, relatives, friends, acquaintances, eight pole playing and can not beat, Michael Kors Pas Cher as long as chaussures nike the other party has the power to have resources to 'cover' their own, to use their brains, use a variety of means to find, The Some people scarpe nike looking for backing, some people are willing to patronize. Many of the leading cadres of the Party since the 18th Party Congress have been engaged in the work of the Party's policies and national laws. 'Patron' a trouble, the law, system, rules are all 'hidden rules' digestion, and even the formation of personal attachment, mountain doctrine, circle culture. This kind of Botas UGG Coach bags 2017 small circle of 'political resources' is the political ecology of the sludge turbid water, is adidas chaussures the culprit of pollution of political ecology, breeds a hotbed of corruption, serious trampling on scarpe nike social justice. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the Party Central Committee has placed a serious political life in the party in a more prominent position, strict political discipline and political rules, strengthened discipline and rigid constraints, and will not tolerate the gangs, actually. Zapatos Adidas The fate of the individual tied to individual patrons, after all, can not be sustained. Some corrupt officials climb more corrupt officials, although Ronghua piumini moncler moment, in the end are pandora 2017 also 'tree down', personal down jackets and coats political life to Cheap Charm Bracelets the end. It is impossible to have the privilege of transcending the party discipline and the law of the People's Republic of China. When the intensity of anti-corruption continue to increase, as the construction of the wind continued to extend the validity of those who nike chaussures favoritism to engage in privilege of the patrons are also like goose vest womens mud Bodhisattva across the river, For all levels of leading cadres, only earnestly implement the 'three strict three real', 'dignified life, honest real officer, clear and white in order to' in order to get the people's support. Our party from the people, always to the people for the patrons; leading to the patrons of the road, it must be real success. There is 'Su in the public,' the selfless feelings, 'do not have to work in my' open-minded to play, 'the suffering of the people, such as in addition to the heart of the disease,' the spirit of courage, wholeheartedly for the people profit, the people will be sincere Real support. Only the people's support, is that we never fall 'backing'.

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