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The Historical Inspiration of the People 's Army for 90 Years
2017-07-1709: 30: 02.0 people's army 90 years of development and growth of the people's army 24108 Historical Enlightenment Guangming Daily Guangming Daily / enpproperty -> Author: Zhao Zhouxian, Deng Haiying (Unit: National Defense University Center of Theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics) 90 years of trials and hardships, 90 years indomitable, 90 years song. The people's army has succeeded in the victory of the party's banner, for the liberation of the Chinese people, for the cause of China's socialist construction and reform, in order to defend the national sovereignty, security, territorial integrity, established an indelible historical feats. After 90 years of tenacious struggle, the people's army from small to large, piumini moncler from weak to strong, has been from the past a single army developed into land, sea, air, rocket army and other arms and arms synthesis, with advanced weapons and equipment Moncler Outlet of the modern army, First-class information technology army strides forward. The 90 years of the people's army of glorious history, contains the valuable experience of building a military army, the winning army to win the way to the future of historical inspiration. Adhere to the party's absolute leadership of the army is the lifeblood of our army, 'the general principle of the army, the party's leadership. Non-military command of the party, but the party command army.' Zhu De 35 anniversary of the army when the poem, People's army 'winning password': a strong leadership of the party, all actions follow the party's command, always adhere to the banner of the party banner to the will of the party will to the direction of the party direction. It Nike Air Max is the most important historical experience of our army to uphold the party's absolute leadership over the army and to be the soul of our army. Three Bay adaptation, Mao Zedong creatively put forward 'branch built in connection', laid the foundation of cheap adidas shoes the party in the Michael Kors Bolsos army organization system. Gutian meeting, established the party's absolute leadership of the army principles and systems. It is precisely because of the absolute leadership of the party, the Red Army in the arduous environment in the difficult struggle without collapsing, in order to spend Zhang Guotao split the party, split the Red Army serious crisis. In the Anti-Japanese War, the Red Army was adapted as a national revolutionary army, but the principle of the party's absolute leadership over the army has never changed, ensuring that our army is in the correct direction in an adidas chaussures intricate environment. During the war of liberation, the party's system of absolute leadership of the armed forces was further strengthened and perfected, ensuring a high degree of central unity. After the founding of new China, with the transformation and expansion of our military mission, facing the new situation and the new environment of the test, adhere to the party's absolute leadership of the army Scarpe nike uomo unwavering, our military command of the party's consciousness more firmly, our army Soul consciousness more solid. History and practice have repeatedly proved that the 'soul' of the lesion is the most serious lesion. In the new era of peaceful development under the conditions of our military 'casting soul' and 'Jue soul' contest never stopped, the Western hostile forces as the implementation of the 'political genetically modified' project focused on the goal, in an attempt to our army from the party The flag pulled down. In this regard, Xi Jinping pointed out that to ensure that the party's absolute leadership of the army, the relationship between the nature nike discount and purpose of our army, the fate of the future of socialism, relations between the party and the country long-term stability. This is the profound historical conclusion that ugg pas cher we have drawn in the test of blood and fire, and the unique political advantage that is established in the struggle of loyalty and faith. At present, China is in a critical period of development from the big and strong, facing the complex and complex security threats and challenges. To fully safeguard the national security and development interests, our army has an important mission, we must take the party in the new situation under the strong military goals for the leadership, building and consolidating national defense and strong army. Strong army must first cast the soul. Our army must hold the ideological foundation of the moncler coats party's command, adhere to the party's innovative theory of armed officers scarpe nike and soldiers, a solid 'to maintain the core, listen to the command' theme education activities and promote the 'two learning one' learning education normalization institutionalization, On the sober to ensure political firmness. We must strengthen the system of party command to protect the party, the full Thomas Sabo Jewellery implementation of the chairman of the CMC system, firmly establish the political consciousness, the overall consciousness, the core consciousness, pandora 2017 sense of consciousness, down jackets and coats adherence to political discipline and political rules to ensure absolute loyalty, absolutely pure, absolutely reliable When in any case are obediently obey the CPC Central Committee, Central Military Commission and President Xi Jinping command. We must comprehensively strengthen the party building in the army, take the leading standards to comprehensively strengthen the army's party's ideology, organization, style, anti-corruption and system construction, and continuously promote the comprehensive strict rule of the party, highlight the 'key minority' and extend to the grassroots level. chaussures nike Focus on cultivating 'four have' a Botas UGG new generation of revolutionary soldiers, forging with iron general beliefs, iron general beliefs, iron general discipline, iron generally play an excellent force. Adhere to the interests of the people first is our army unity and fighting power source 'attack of the war, the Department of the people.' As a new type of army formed and led by the Chinese Communist Party, our army, as of the day of its birth, put the service of 'serving the people wholeheartedly' deeply engraved on the glorious flag and turned into rational consciousness and eternal pursuit of value. This is the ideological basis of our army's unity and Cheap Charm Bracelets fighting, the inevitable source of strength. The interests of the Michael Kors Pas Cher people are higher than the days. Our army from the date of birth, it is tight and people stand together, the people's interests see above all else. From the August 1 Nanchang Uprising to the Long March, from the Hundred Regiments to the three major battles ... ... People's Army for the liberation of the Chinese people to the cause of succession, blood rafting battlefield, in the battle after the battle has more than 100 million soldiers heroic sacrifice. After the founding of new China, the officers and men of the army to 'peace of the motherland I am glorious, the people are rich and happy,' the spiritual realm, in the Korean War on the battlefield, in support of economic construction sites, floods in the embankment, in the goose vest black earthquake relief scene , In the implementation of the Gulf of Aden escort mission waters ... ... the majority of officers and men with sacrifice dedication to continue writing on the motherland and the people of infinite loyalty, won the 'most lovely people' noble praise. The people's army new balance pas cher is inseparable from the people. It is because of our army and the broad masses of people scarpe nike formed a fish and water affection and flesh and blood, so that our army has become an invincible force. After the end of the Nanchang Uprising in 1927, under the support of the masses of the base areas, the Red Army of the Chinese workers and peasants was able to continue to grow and develop and achieved four victories against the 'encirclement and suppression'. During the war of resistance against Japan, under the inspiration of our party's right anti- Appeared in the war, the Huaihai battle in the theater of the broad masses of people and our army side by side, so that our army to weak and strong, and obtain more than 550,000 people wiped out the enemy The great victory. From October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao in the Tiananmen Square for the first time shouted 'Long live the people', to September 3, 2015, Xi Jinping chairman to commemorate the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japan and the world anti-fascist war victory seventy anniversary On the shouting 'people win', which is not only the Chinese nation to win the war victory, to achieve the deciphering of the liberation of the people, but also the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to the world stage solemn declaration. Practice has proved that the Chinese Communist Party led the people's army always rely on the people, mobilize the masses, so only invincible. Under the new situation, the social environment, historical conditions and the composition of the officers and men of our army have undergone great changes. However, the purpose of the people's army has not changed, and the source of our army has not changed. Practice the 'people first' value of the pursuit of our military must fulfill the historical mission of the new era, can fight to win the battle to ensure the effective maintenance of national sovereignty, security and development interests, so that the call is coming, to the war, war Win, always ready for the goose vest womens motherland and the people to fight. Must be closely linked with the people's flesh and blood, and always put the people in the Zapatos Adidas hearts of the highest position, to protect the interests of the people, to meet the needs of the people as the highest standards, to let the people as a fundamental standard of satisfaction, no regrets for the people Everything as a concrete action. We must strive to improve the style of work in the fundamental purpose of a clear banner against corruption, against the privilege, resolutely oppose and correct formalism, bureaucracy, fraud, extravagance and other issues, to maintain the people's military long-term good image. Adhere to the reform and innovation is our army invincible important magic history of the long river rush, but Fen Ji first; times the wheels rolling forward, but the reformers strong. The history Coach bags 2017 of our army's development and growth is a progressive and magnificent history of reform. During the revolutionary Moncler di sconto war era, the first generation of the central collective leadership, with Comrade Mao Zedong as the core, succeeded in transforming the peasantry as the main component into the new people's army of the first proletarian nature in Chinese history and established the people The Fundamental Principle System, Basic Organizational Structure and Strategy and Tactics of People 's War. After the founding of new China, the CPC Central Committee in accordance with the changes in the task of the situation and the development of a good modern revolutionary army of the general policy, put forward the 'five universal' formalization requirements, laid the construction of our political reform and political system basis. During the new period of reform and opening up, Comrade Deng Xiaoping as the core of the party's second generation of the central collective leadership proposed to build a strong modernized revolutionary army of the overall goal of leadership to achieve a strategic shift in the guiding ideology of military construction, embarked on the Chinese characteristics of elite Road. At the end of the 20th century, the third generation of the central chaussure nike 2017 collective leadership with Comrade Jiang Zemin as the core focused on solving the two historic issues of 'winning and not changing', establishing the reform goal of 'two fundamental changes' The military system of our army from the mechanization of information to the transformation of the road. In the new stage of the new century, Comrade Hu Jintao as the general secretary of the Party Central Committee to promote national defense and army building scientific development, to promote military theory, military technology, military organization system, military management innovation as the starting point, actively and steadily promote national defense and army reform. History and practice fully proved that adhere to reform and innovation is our army continue to grow and develop, win the key to victory. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has been able to grasp the new trend of accelerating the evolution of the war form, adapting to the new situation and the new task of the military mission and the military mission to strengthen the command of the future military competitive strategy. Christian Louboutin talon To promote national defense and military reform, to solve many long-term unresolved major problems, our army in promoting the modernization of organizational form to achieve a breakthrough. This is a reshaping system, nike chaussures optimize the structure, innovative form of the zapatillas nike mujer overall revolutionary change, highlighting the comrades as comrades as the core of the CPC Central Committee to reform and innovation as the driving force to build a strong defense and strong army will and mission to play. At present, the defense and military reform is deepening, we must resolutely implement the instructions of President Xi Jinping, insist on improving combat effectiveness as the starting point and the foothold of reform and innovation, with the combat effectiveness of unified reform of thinking, measure the reform measures to test the effectiveness of reform; Reform and development and stability of the relationship, focusing on investigation and study, comprehensive demonstration and practice to explore and improve the scientific decision-making reform and enhance the coordination of reform measures; in accordance with the principle of active and prudent, planned and step by step to implement the reform, By leaps and bounds. People's Liberation Army unswervingly follow the road of Chinese characteristics and strong military, is to the world-class army forward. We firmly believe that under the leadership of the Party Central Committee with the core of Comrade Xiuping as the core, the officers and men of the whole army will be able to unite the spirit of loyalty, forge the essence of martial arts, and to perfect the true responsibility of the party and the people. And the development of the interests of the glorious task, so that 'August 1' flag always bright and eye-catching, high flying. 'Guangming Daily' (July 17, 2017 edition)

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