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Date sent: 2017/11/14 07:20:12
The people's 'good son' should not be the fake son of the people - the political observation
2017-05-24 07: 53: 27.0 Yang Xinyu people's 'good son' should not be the son of the chaussures nike fake son of the Moncler di sconto people's son 216995 Politics observation / enpproperty -> [in the face of naked interests, do not let some ideals and beliefs Not strong enough officials to nike chaussures play a 'fake son', even if they completely abandon the integrity and dignity are possible. In the winter of 1963, the good cadres of the people, Jiao Yulu, went to the door of a poor family Christian Louboutin talon in order to understand the situation at the grassroots level. When he held the hands of the blind old man, and heard the question of the old man 'Who are you' , Gave a reminiscent of the answer: 'I am your son.' 50 years later, in a middle school in a poor elderly, this scene again staged, 'the son of the people' has changed the taste. In the recent interregional cross-examination of the countries working for poverty alleviation, a young cadre in order to avoid the 'show stuffing', take the initiative to 'latent' to the poor family 'son', want to answer questions for poor households, so muddle through. (Xinhua News Agency, May 21) Zapatos Adidas This occurred in the poor county assessment of the farce, down jackets and coats to the 'people's son' cast a layer of gray. Why a poverty alleviation work assessment, so that should have been like 'pro-son' general officials, became to ugg pas cher avoid the superiors do not have their very 'fake son'? The root of the problem is the 'poverty' behind the banner of the Thomas Sabo Jewellery interests of the relationship. Poverty alleviation work on the Scarpe nike uomo cadres of the most goose vest black direct impact, of course, non-assessment and promotion must go. For many cadres working in poor areas, poverty alleviation is a measure of whether they are competent. Through the scarpe nike 'pretend to be out zapatillas nike mujer of poverty' to deceive the inspection, is 'on the policy, under the countermeasures' performance. Poverty alleviation piumini moncler also affects another benefit, that is, the state and the provinces of poverty alleviation funds and poverty alleviation policies. In the investment, construction, social security, etc., many places also set a variety of preferential policies for poor counties. 'Poverty' looks like a shabby hat has a huge 'gold' Cheap Charm Bracelets - some of the poor areas Botas UGG of the rulers not only do not rush from the demolition of the hat, but trying to keep the 'poverty' this 'golden hat', or even At the Nike Air Max expense of Michael Kors Pas Cher fraud. In this phenomenon the most serious time, but also made a 'hundred counties in the county' joke. Assessment of pressure and poverty alleviation policy, in a positive and negative two aspects at the same time tearing the cause of adidas chaussures poverty alleviation, to this cause infected with too much poverty outside the color. Because of this, there will be a scene of the scene again and again in the stage of poverty alleviation stage. In the face scarpe nike of naked interests, nike discount do not say that some ideals and beliefs are not strong enough to play a 'fake son', even if they completely abandon the integrity and dignity moncler coats are possible. It is nothing new cheap adidas shoes to lie for poverty reduction work. In the past few years, such examples are numerous. In the 'real poverty, false poverty', there are state-level key poverty-stricken counties have more than 30 times the proportion of false investment in the county's amount of money, a total investment of not more than 3 million yuan project 'blow' into the investment Moncler Outlet of more than pandora 2017 1 Billion people in the big project; another poor county leaders, in order to allow higher education to see their poverty performance, even to send some primary school students dressed in fertilizer with white plastic bags, lying on Michael Kors Bolsos the leadership of the hillside 'loaded sheep.' In the 'false poverty, really out of poverty', there have been four provinces and Coach bags 2017 townships illegally engraved official seal, forged poverty to take 4 million yuan of poverty alleviation funds, and a place in the 'well-off' achievements after years, even because of the 'Poverty' title and knocking gongs and drums to send firecrackers to celebrate the wonders. In order to put an end new balance pas cher to this work in poverty alleviation work, this year, many places have goose vest womens held a special meeting, the mainstream media has published more than one feature article, denounced all kinds of fraud. However, to fundamentally solve the problem, only by the meeting and public opinion is not enough. More importantly, the first is to re-examine the existing system of poverty alleviation from the chaussure nike 2017 institutional level, to eliminate the existing system 'blind spot', making fraud is no longer profitable, so drastic; second is to fundamentally strengthen the education of cadres at all levels, The eeking truth from facts enjoys popular support, so that the 'people's son' this spirit back to the people's side, so that 'fake son' who have no escape.

Date sent: 2017/11/15 04:21:02
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