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People do not owe the poor poor Qi Tongwei a vice governor - Politics observation - southeast net
2017-04-20 07: 42: 17.0 Zhu Changjun people do not owe the poor poor Qi Tongwei a vice governor Qi Tongwei Zapatos Adidas vice governor Michael Kors Bolsos 216995 political observation / enpproperty -> [in the power of the lack of fundamental constraints of the society, the pandora 2017 so-called official corruption 'Origin', or some kind of legacy society, or can only be created by the lack of institutional pseudo-problem - because the system failed to effectively curb power, and let the evil side of the indulgence. A 'people's name', some people see the anti-corruption, some people see the official code of the unspoken rules, and Cheap Charm Bracelets some people see the ugg pas cher official background. Among them, Qi Tongwei is one of the few children without background farm children. In the early days of Li Dakang 'road turn powder' climax in the past, with the story of the update, many people on the social networking platform will sympathize with the eyes turned to Qi Tongwei. Was born humble, successfully admitted to the East China University, when the student union chairman (in fact, no novel), the chaussures nike results graduate graduate was assigned to a remote rural justice, and students Chen Hai, Hou Liangping into the provincial Procuratorate, which later Also went to Beijing. In contrast, Qi Tongwei's encounter is indeed sympathetic. Although the anti-drug hero, Qi Tongwei has been hopeless, he was to have been rejected by Thomas Sabo Jewellery their own 10-year-old teacher Liang Lu to marry, because Liang father is nike discount the provincial leadership. In this connection, Qi Tongwei with the successful promotion of marriage, into the provincial Procuratorate, after the officer to the Public Security Department. TV series, Liang Lu frankly his reason to promise Qi Tongwei's Moncler Outlet proposal, because of revenge. And Qi Tongwei kneel to marry, it is out of the needs of the upper, the two men in the beginning of the marriage is 'cherished', no love at all. TV drama vaguely revealed, Qi Tongwei was the reason why was nike chaussures assigned to the rural areas and long-term promotion, should be deliberately suppressed with the beam father. If zapatillas [url=]Botas UGG nike mujer[/url] so, Qi Tongwei this encounter should be sympathetic. Can sympathize with its power damage, does not mean that we must understand his 'political marriage.' Marriage on the motives impure, can still be said to scarpe nike be personal freedom, and the success of the stand after the team, flattery, vigorously steal the rules of the Michael Kors Pas Cher official to seek to continue to do the promotion, it is difficult to say 'sympathy'. At this point, backed by the provincial party committee father-in-law Qi Tongwei, is no longer the past that hurt the poor children, but the letter of the 'vested interests.' The people do not owe the poor poor Qi Tongwei a vice governor Coach bags 2017 of the post, say that the power moncler coats of desire is infinite, do the vice governor, is not to continue to seek the ministerial level? In this regard, the so-called sympathy is really difficult Nike Air Max to justify. Contrast is the same as the children of the new [url=]scarpe nike balance pas cher[/url] children of Li Dakang, then go completely is another Phoenix men against the road. Both focus on GDP, but also in the former leadership of the son of the project before the bottom line, although later promoted to the provincial party committee standing committee, but officials of the chaussure nike 2017 professional realm, Li Da Kang and Qi Tongwei compared, Perhaps it can not be denied, whether it is Qi Tongwei's 'political marriage', or Li Dakang's infatuation to GDP, there are some affected by their Scarpe nike uomo origin. But Li Dakang walking on thin ice, the rules on the bottom line to the extreme; Qi Tongwei is surrounded by the door, the unspoken rules used to the extreme. In violation and break through the bottom line, Qi Tongwei already go further. Serena officials in the Moncler di sconto repentance of the book, but also often 'born poor' 'farmer's son' and other self-positioning, down jackets and coats and even in the past also led to poor officials are not more vulnerable to corruption and other topics. Similar to the goose vest womens official psychology and the resulting public topic can be understood, because in a rapid transformation and face class liquidity cheap adidas shoes disorder society, such as Qi Tongwei such a phoenix male image, it is easy to produce a sense of substitution. But the origin of officials linked to their behavior, from the human point of view seems to be wrong, but piumini moncler to avoid the most fundamental problem: the difference between the different causes of human evil, this can also be regulated by Christian Louboutin talon the system to a minimum. Therefore, in the society where the power is still fundamentally bound, the so-called 'corruption' of official corruption is either a legacy of identity society or a false problem created adidas chaussures by the lack of system - precisely because the goose vest black system is not effective To contain power, only to make the evil side of the indulgence. Can sympathize with the origin of Qi Tongwei, can also sympathize with their power before playing in the hands between the hands, but for their subsequent means of officialdom trajectory, a sympathy is clearly too extravagant and frivolous. According to this logic, those who claim that they are 'afraid of the' corruption officials, is not it should be sympathetic? Those who are forced to commit poverty and the bottom of the crime? Born humble people should not have the class jumped impulse, but a class can make a reasonable flow of society, and ultimately through the overall progress of the system to achieve 'anti-attack', by the proliferation of sympathy, not only useless, but will obscure the real The problem. Of course, both the novel and the TV series, Qi Tongwei who are the image of the Phoenix were portrayed most vividly, and relatively speaking, like Houliang Ping couples such 'upper' background will have to weaken much. This difference in performance is also not a true fable of the real world: the upper part of all seems to always take for granted, and the bottom of the unbearable and human evil is always naked and onlookers.

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