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An important milestone in the international reengineering of the renminbi
2016-09-23 08: 57: 35.0 Beiqing newspaper special commentator RMB internationalization important milestone RMB internationalization offshore RMB 216989 economic chaussure nike 2017 analysis / enpproperty -> RMB internationalization process from the trade settlement started to last year, China Nearly 50% goose vest womens of the foreign trade volume and nearly 30% of the foreign investment has been to achieve direct liquidation of RMB, foreign aid is also a large number of direct payment or purchase of RMB to pay. This momentum and the ever-expanding clearing plate, irresistible to share the traditional territory of the dollar. The People's Bank of China announced that it authorized the Bank of Moncler Outlet China's New York branch to act as a clearing bank for the US renminbi business. This is the first time that China has set up a renminbi clearing bank in the United States, becoming an important milestone in the internationalization of the renminbi. According to Chen Yulu, vice president of the People's Bank of China, China has set up RMB clearing bank in five countries along the way. Affected by this positive, the RMB exchange rate for two consecutive days U-turn, yesterday, the central parity of the renminbi is a sharp rebound of 225 basis points, reaching nearly a month high. Since the United Kingdom to further weaken the British pound sterling world Nike Air Max currency position, the yuan ranked the dollar chaussures nike and the euro, has jumped to the world's third largest currency. RMB internationalization process began in 2005, just over 10 years, previously in the international currency settlement market obscure yuan, has been continuously climbing international trade settlement currency, international investment currency, international payment currency, international reserve currency and world currency Into the international currency organization SDR currency new balance pas cher basket) a total of five steps. Simply put, the RMB internationalization is the RMB can be freely cross-border use, for which the need to establish RMB offshore market. It is a financial infrastructure project in which the renminbi offshore market can carry out fast and efficient Christian Louboutin talon transaction Moncler di sconto clearing. After World War II, the United down jackets and coats States by virtue of economic and military double super strength, forced the dollar as the world's first settlement currency power status, including more than the dollar eligible for the pound, etc., can only recognize this piumini moncler unilateral power. In this case, in the global currency settlement system 'highway', in addition to a small amount of 'euro car' and 'pounds car', the main car is full of nike discount 'dollar car'. Today, not only 'RMB car' also came in, and in accordance with the current driving situation, it may not be 10 years, the dollar, the euro, the scarpe nike nike chaussures yuan will Thomas Sabo Jewellery form three 'currency carriage' keep pace. 'RMB car' in order to run on the global currency expressway fun, in the road network key nodes, we must establish a RMB clearing line. This moncler coats is Coach bags 2017 not as good as the overseas clearing bank, but Cheap Charm Bracelets in the global economy on the main plate, in the world market, the adidas chaussures important points are missing. So far, China has 21 countries and regions in the world (including China's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) set up a RMB clearing Botas UGG line. Last year in the global veteran financial center in London set up RMB clearing bank, by international public opinion as one of the landmark internationalization of the renminbi. China has long been willing to set up renminbi clearing banks in London, Paris, Frankfurt and New York, but the financial authorities of the four countries are asking for high prices. London was broken by the scarpe nike Chinese side, France, Germany, the United States began to sit still, due to the short term by the liquidation of the limit, China can goose vest black not set up in three places clearing line, who Zapatos Adidas first drop 'worth' nature who will give priority. ugg pas cher Scarpe nike uomo Although the clearing bank cheap adidas shoes fee income, the clearing house where the government is not a penny, pandora 2017 but the clearing is characterized by large and large, with great annual throughput, business tax is a large number. Moreover, the liquidation process will produce a large number of related zapatillas nike mujer businesses, the same local government tax and increase employment. In addition, the business to do business abroad, buy equipment, engage Michael Kors Bolsos in investment, personal study abroad, study, Michael Kors Pas Cher travel, if the use of dollars checkout, the funds of the 'one into a' to produce two fees, the current 60% With the dollar clearing, light clearing a fee, a year is a huge entry. A manufacturing almost empty of the United States, still sit tight in the global veteran chair, which is not aware of the mystery of ordinary people, lies in the dollar monopoly of financial clearing channels. 10 years ago, the RMB internationalization process started from the trade settlement, to last year, nearly 50% of our foreign trade and nearly 30% of foreign investment, has achieved direct liquidation of RMB, including foreign aid, but also a large number of direct use of RMB to pay or purchase Pay. This momentum and the ever-expanding clearing plate, irresistible to share the traditional territory of the dollar. Fortunately, this situation, has nothing to do with the international geopolitical game, only with China's sustainable development is bound to enhance the financial capacity. Another aspect of the internationalization of the renminbi is to see how many countries in the world are using the renminbi and how often they are used. The size of the use of RMB in foreign countries and the frequency of use, and the stability of the value of the RMB, China's political stability, in the transition period is still to maintain high economic growth, the renminbi big step to the world's most powerful traction.

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