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RMB will not disorderly devaluation - economic analysis - the South East network
2016-07-25 08: 42: 41.0 Zhang Mo RMB will not disorderly devaluation of the currency network Renminbi devaluation 216989 economic valuation / enpproperty -> RMB exchange rate against the dollar recently appeared to usher in a 'reverse'. Data Scarpe nike [url=]Christian Louboutin talon uomo[/url] from the Chinese Botas UGG currency network, July 22, the central parity of RMB against the US dollar 6.6669, higher for the third consecutive trading day, a change since May the RMB exchange rate for the weak. The RMB exchange rate once again become the focus of the Thomas Sabo Jewellery market, some institutions still believe that this year the RMB exchange rate is likely to fall to 6.8 or even lower Zapatos Adidas level, but also the media to determine that short-term RMB is still a slight rebound in space. Judging the trend of the RMB exchange rate has never been an easy thing, because the factors that affect the exchange rate is very much. From the current global market environment to analyze, due to the continued strength of the dollar, the RMB is currently facing external pressure is not small. One of the salient features scarpe nike of the global market this year is that the risk events are more intensive, and the currency shocks triggered by the UK's referendum have just subsided, and the Turkish military coup scarpe nike incident has once again triggered the outbreak of market risk aversion. Many people in the Michael Kors Bolsos industry believe that this year the international political environment will continue to turbulence, and in this environment, the dollar will be strong support. Although the dollar index rose to more than new balance pas cher 100 cheap adidas shoes is still a small probability event, but the sustained high is a high probability event. Observed since May, several large fluctuations in the market can be seen, the central parity of piumini moncler the renminbi is basically weakened by the impact of the dollar stronger. Renminbi depreciation is expected to completely eliminate, however, the renminbi to reproduce the end nike discount of last year, the beginning of this year, the kind of similar panic-style depreciation market is not moncler coats easy. Since May this year, the Coach bags 2017 central parity of the renminbi nike chaussures in several trading days fell more than 200 or even 300 basis points, but because the official clear the RMB 'reference to a basket of currencies' 'reference closing price' double reference price pricing principle, Most of the time are also in chaussure nike 2017 accordance with this principle to be implemented, therefore, the majority of Nike Air Max the decline in the price of the institutions are expected within the panic is naturally Cheap Charm Bracelets difficult to form. More importantly, Moncler di sconto the reversal of the renminbi in recent days, but also by many industry as a monetary authorities take the initiative to regulate the foreign exchange zapatillas nike mujer market. The key word of the RMB exchange rate policy is 'managed floating', so when necessary, the monetary authorities need to reflect this 'managed'. People's Bank of China Survey and Statistics Division Director Song Songcheng said earlier, since Moncler Outlet late June, the international Michael Kors Pas Cher financial market, a greater volatility, the global risk aversion rose. In order to stabilize market expectations and alleviate the short-term impact of international financial market turmoil on China's foreign exchange market, the People's Bank of chaussures nike China provided a ugg pas cher down jackets and coats small amount of foreign exchange liquidity to the market, thus causing a corresponding reduction in central bank foreign exchange. However, he also said, 'but in general, the RMB exchange rate is still in accordance with the market supply and adidas chaussures demand, based on a goose vest black basket of currencies to adjust the mechanism of orderly operation.' goose vest womens In fact, the monetary authorities do not deny 'into liquidity' To the market to release a strong signal of stability. Therefore, in the context of a complex external environment and a strong dollar, the RMB exchange rate pandora 2017 will remain relatively weak this year, but the disorderly and panic-style devaluation will be difficult. Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the People's Bank of China, said at the meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank governors that 'in the future, China will continue to improve the RMB exchange rate formation mechanism based on market supply and demand, with reference to a basket of currencies, Transparency, and strengthen communication with the market. 'Monetary authorities control the bottom line we do not have to speculate, but the transparent pricing mechanism and continuous communication will minimize the possibility of disordered devaluation. (Zhang Mo)

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