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Face recognition frequently into the public life 'brush face' really want to come? Yang wide net
Face recognition frequently into the public life 'brush face' really want to come? 'Brush face' Moncler Outlet 0.7 seconds boarding, 'brush face' to identify the Michael Kors Pas Cher red light of pedestrians ... ... the past few days, the 'face recognition' technology news attracted public attention The Some users lamented, 'brush face' will be able to authenticate ugg pas cher identity, face recognition technology will greatly change our lives. There are also voice questioned, the face of the face to identify the banner of the product too much, our personal information security is not more dangerous? Information: Luyang District, Hefei, Anhui Province, launched the application of face recognition system to carry out the work of pension certification. China News Michael Kors Bolsos Agency issued Zhang Ya child photo Scarpe nike uomo 'brush face' boarding it? User: twins, cosmetic face how to do? Recently, the Southern Airlines in Henan Nanyang Airport, the first to enable the first domestic face recognition intelligent boarding system, passengers in the gate 'brush face' to verify the speed of the second board, the message, the face recognition once again become hot topic. In the scarpe nike new network reporter learned from China Southern Airlines, the intelligent 'brush face' boarding project by China Southern Airlines, Baidu, radio and television companies such as joint construction, through continuous business processes, face image storage, face recognition algorithm, process safety And gate reliability and other aspects of optimization, the accuracy rate of up to 99.77%. China Southern Airlines said that in Botas UGG addition to Nanyang Airport, is expected in the future of the new terminal in Guangzhou T2, Beijing will gradually promote the new airport and put into use 'brush face' boarding. In addition, China Southern Airlines has launched a 'brush new balance pas cher face' login, 'brush face' payment, lounge access, airport tracing and other areas of research, these 'black technology' in the future will gradually put into use. It is understood that, as the face and fingerprints, there is no forgotten to carry the problem, but also high safety factor in the biological characteristics, Thomas Sabo Jewellery so face recognition is often used to pay, security, login and other scenes. Users moncler coats are on the 'brush face' goose vest black was goose vest womens very curious: nike chaussures twins can distinguish it, cosmetic face how to do ... ... such problems come from such a come. Huang Di is an associate professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and scarpe nike Astronautics, deep plowing biometrics, computer vision, image processing and other fields. He said that in specific applications, twins can down jackets and coats be identified, but the cosmetic face depends on the scope of plastic surgery and specific parts. In addition, from the perspective of broad sense of face recognition, coupled with multi-spectral sensing technology, cosmetic face can be identified. Information: January 13, Guangzhou South Railway Station, passengers through the face recognition station into the waiting hall. China News Agency reporters Chen Ji Min face recognition to the public life nike discount - 'brush face' really safe? In recent years, many young people on the use of mobile APP, through facial recognition transfer, beautify the self-timer, the electronic album in the face and other functions are not unfamiliar. Recently, there have been face recognition in the public domain application of the news, for example, Beijing high-speed rail during the Spring Festival 'brush face' ticket, Shanghai adidas chaussures pilot use of face recognition technology exposure to the red light and the effect is remarkable, Hangzhou driving school need to chaussure nike 2017 'brush face 'To time to learn cars, Chongqing, Shenzhen and other places using face recognition technology to find lost children, and so on. It is foreseeable that future face recognition technology will also be more and more into our lives. However, the attendant concern is that people face recognition technology is safe enough? In this year's CCTV 3.15 party, face recognition technology vulnerabilities were exposed, the host only a viewer phone in the self-portrait, Zapatos Adidas after a simple technical treatment, the success of the crack to identify the face. For the above concerns, Huang Di said that every technology can not be cheap adidas shoes perfect, high-tech technology is the existence of 'attack' and 'anti'. He further explained that for any technology, a variety of intentions of the attack Moncler di sconto Christian Louboutin talon is always there, the system after being threatened, according to the attack put chaussures nike forward some emergency plans, 'attack' and 'anti' can piumini moncler be said to be in the common progress. Huang Di told reporters that the experimental results show that in a limited environment, 1: 1 person test the accuracy rate of up to pandora 2017 90% to 95%, and 1: N face recognition technology is not particularly mature, often need people Participation and intervention. 'Brush face' zapatillas nike mujer boarding, ticket, payment are 1: 1 person test, that is, a person on the scene of the photo and document images were compared, and the abduction, exposure to the red light is 1: N face recognition , That is, from N personal face to find a target. Information: May 2, 2017, Lanzhou Railway Station, Coach bags 2017 passengers use the face to identify the pit stop system. Yang Yanmin photo 'brush face era' really want to come? - Expert: Face recognition is the trend of the bubble from Cheap Charm Bracelets the forefront of scientific and technological research to the market 'meat and potatoes', face recognition technology only a few short years. In the 2016-2020 China Face Recognition Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report, 2012, the domestic market for face recognition in 2012 was 1.67 billion yuan, and it had risen to 7.5 billion by 2015. There are views that face recognition industry market, the rapid growth of the scale, 'brush face' is coming evidence. There are also voice questioned, in fact, under the reputation of difficult to face, face recognition is Nike Air Max too excessive speculation suspected. Gary Mirror CTO Deng Yafeng has 14 years of computer vision direction of R \u0026 D experience, he believes that face recognition is the trend and trend, get too much attention, inevitably some bubbles. 'For the industry as a whole, the bubble is not necessarily a bad thing.' Deng Yafeng said, 'In general, face recognition continues to progress, the effect of improvement, hardware costs, will make its application scene more and more rich 'He concludes that, on the whole, face recognition has a wide range of applications. Last year in the direction of verification more fire, this year is more biased in the security project, after the 'brush face' boarding this life scene will be the trend.

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