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Talent dispute, competition is the comprehensive strength of the city - people's livelihood
2017-07-12 09: 28: 47.0 Tan Min talent dispute, competition is the city's comprehensive strength Michael Kors Bolsos of talent dispute chaussure nike 2017 talent gathering 216996 people's livelihood / enpproperty -> another year graduation season, this Christian Louboutin talon year there Scarpe nike uomo are 7.95 million graduates Take the university to society. For this year's graduates, if you do not choose the first line of the city and so on, then he may be entangled, because the local talent preferential policies too much, in the end the scarpe nike choice of which city? Recently, Chengdu, Wuhan, Thomas Sabo Jewellery Changsha, Nanjing and other cities have opened a variety of attractive chips for talent, with a view to a new round of competition in the stand out. Chengdu has said that it will vigorously implement the 'Rong bleaching' plan; Changsha proposed five years to attract 1 million talents; Wuhan shouted 'support millions of students stay in China's employment'; Xi'an put five years to invest 3.8 billion, cited only Yucai 1 million goal ... ... no threshold is settled in the basic configuration, in addition, there are public rental housing, to give life subsidies, venture capital support and other policy spree, staged a fancy to grab goose vest womens the war. The development of the city is inseparable from Zapatos Adidas the talent. Excellent talent is the city's future development of the most important support. The pandora 2017 city of these heavy attack, tailored for college graduates talent policy, to solve their settled, employment, housing, entrepreneurship and other pain points, reflecting the thirst for sincerity. This is undoubtedly worth encouraging and advocating. In fact, these policies for the college graduates just out zapatillas nike mujer of school, it new balance pas cher is indeed quite attractive. Can be cheap adidas shoes seen from the data, a 2017 graduate employment survey report shows chaussures nike that the proportion of first-tier scarpe nike cities is still the highest proportion of 33.5%. And Chengdu and other cities followed by, followed by 33.1%, only slightly lower by 0.4 percentage points. But also to see, preferential policies to attract talent to come, but the talent is always free to flow, for the city, the grab easy, keep people more difficult. We do down jackets and coats not know how many people stay after a year or two and how many people will leave. But one thing is certain, for the talents, the account, the house and nike discount the subsidy may not be the most important, they are looking forward to the development moncler coats opportunities and the entrepreneurial environment. We still remember that a few years ago, high prices and living pressure makes the escape from the north to become a lot of young people choose. However, Michael Kors Pas Cher many people leave and later quietly back. Because the second goose vest black and third tier cities, although comfortable, but the lack of development space and entrepreneurial Coach bags 2017 atmosphere. Financial industry executives may not have room to play in the third-tier cities, and Zhongguancun's network of technical staff back home may find the network infrastructure is not even sound. In fact, many from the second and third tier cities back to the north of the wide staff, but also mostly concentrated in the Internet, media and financial industries, these industry practitioners in the second and third Botas UGG tier cities are relatively difficult to find the right place. To a certain extent, the competition is ugg pas cher the city's comprehensive strength of the competition. Retain talent, first of all Moncler Outlet need the city has industrial Nike Air Max strength, can let the people who have to stay alive, so that piumini moncler they have the stage to achieve self-worth. In many industries, especially high-tech industries, the Moncler di sconto north is still a leading edge Guang Shen, to create opportunities for employment and Cheap Charm Bracelets development opportunities can not be compared to other cities. At present, Chengdu, Wuhan and other cities of talent competition may not have a great impact on the first-tier cities. Wuhan and other cities in Chengdu and their own, how to become stronger and stronger industries, the development of new industries, is the key to retaining talent. For example, Hangzhou is the forefront of the development of China's Internet industry, Chengdu is the gathering of electronic information industry, naturally will attract the relevant industry talent pool. Yixiang also need to be livable, retain talent, in addition to give them full display of the space, nike chaussures but also a comprehensive consideration of urban ecological environment, education, medical, business environment and other factors. It is hard to imagine that a city with a serious pollution, urban management, chaos, relies on the relationship, innovation everywhere can attract talent to stay and develop. In the end, Chengdu, Wuhan and other cities of the talent adidas chaussures battle, more important is not the talent policy, but rather whether urban development can seize the opportunities for industrial upgrading, urban management is reflected in people-oriented, urban public service level is able to keep up with social development demand. Only the city can provide a broader space for development, a more dynamic entrepreneurial atmosphere, a more beautiful living environment, in order to attract more talent.

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