This was the most impressive part about the Cowboys' win over the Chiefs

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Date sent: 2017/11/11 08:43:19
Kate Hairopoulos, Cowboys beat <a href=""></a> writer for and The Dallas Morning News, answered questions about the team recently. Here are some highlights:
What impressed you the most about the win over the Chiefs?
Hairopoulos: The dominance of it. Take away that crazy play at the end of the half and the defense really gave up 10 points. It was also impressive how the team responded after giving up 14 straight points and Kansas City took the lead.
Is the Cowboys defense legit or a mirage?
Hairopoulos: It's getting better. You've got Sean Lee and Anthony Hitchens healthy and playing together at linebacker. As long as you've got Lee, you've got a chance. And Hitchens has really been good. The pass rush is legit, as we discussed earlier. David Irving, Maliek Collins, DeMarcus Lawrence, Tyrone Crawford...the line has been hard for offenses to handle. The biggest questions always come back to the secondary, which has been up and down this season and exposed at times.
Who do you side with in the Deion Sanders vs. Tony Romo feud?
Hairopoulos: I think everybody should lighten up. That wasn't the first time Deion heard about his desire to tackle.
What do you make of the sun issue at AT&T Stadium? Do you expect it to ever be fixed?
Hairopoulos: The Cowboys receivers didn't shy away from addressing it as a real problem Sunday, even though Tony Romo tried to downplay it on the CBS broadcast. The stadium opened in 2009 and nothing's been done yet, so I <a href=""></a> doubt the latest drops that the players blamed on the sun will spur Jerry to action. Apparently the Cowboys are looking into technology that could help. They seem more inclined to go that way instead of curtains. Two more 3:30 games are on the schedule for this season.

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