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Cross-border convergence of exquisite life - Trade, global trading platform
Artificial intelligence reading: China's important women's Moncler Outlet clothing manufacturing base in the county exhibition launched the theme of scarpe nike 'search for long-term source, fashion new in the' series of activities. This morning, the seventeenth China (Shenzhen) international brand clothing apparel trade fair opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, held in the same period 2017 Shenzhen International (Shenzhen International Trade Fair) held Michael Kors Bolsos in Shenzhen, China, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Textile fabrics and accessories Expo. July Moncler di sconto 6 to 8, 90,000 square meters, seven exhibition hall, bringing together more than 10 countries and regions more than 1,000 exhibitors and well-known designers, presented a unique charm for the Shenzhen gluttonous feast. Join the international brand and designer As one of the largest and most influential fashion events in the Asia-Pacific region, the Shenzhen Conference will be guided by the 'cross-border integration and exquisite life', driven by 'technology-driven, original design' Cross-border integration of resources, a comprehensive show of international and local fashion trends. In addition to the collection of audio, grace, poetry, song song and other domestic first-line well-known brands, by more than 100 exhibitors composed of Korean pavilions, the third strong settled overseas exhibition; British high set women, New York buyer brand also brought international fashion cheap adidas shoes trend. This year's Shenzhen Service Fair, will continue to integrate high-quality resources to create independent original designer SHOWROOM exhibition, including X Showroom, TUDOO Showroom, DFO Showroom, cloud will be the global independent designer mall, poly independent designer platform, Cowboy club and other designers collection nike chaussures platform, a collection of more than 500 independent original designer brand, with self-contained design style interpretation of the new Botas UGG generation of the trend of ideas. 'Butterfly fashion eco-museum' side by side more than 100 global gold seed original designer, through the intelligent Internet, to build an integrated global fashion industry, ecological chain, to achieve the designer's rapid response moncler coats to the needs of the consumer market. High-tech grafting fashion is worth ugg pas cher noting that, in order to promote the audience and fashion technology life 'zero distance' contact, the exhibition invited to Huawei, Yiyatong, cloud clothing custom, cloud city business, cloud dream, Yunzhi fashion, take the show And other high-tech and Internet companies to explore the possibility of high-tech and fashion cross-border links. Zapatos Adidas Among them, in the 'Longgang Fashion Life Museum', carefully set the 'Shenzhen Henggang glasses' 'fashion technology life' two theme exhibition. Huawei Coach bags 2017 terminal for the first time involved in the 'Fashion Life Museum' business model, through the Huawei end adidas chaussures product demonstration and experience, integration of glasses, clothing, home, jewelry and other exhibitors brand, fully display technology to lead the fashion, in addition VR virtual reality experience area, 3D stereo sculpture And so on the traditional advantages of industry with modern technology perfect embodiment. Two fashion base eye-catching show, the big wave fashion town creative hall combined with Longhua District to Michael Kors Pas Cher create big waves 'characteristics of fashion town' development orientation, the museum will be staged a few small show every day at home and abroad cutting-edge pandora 2017 design works released, so that the audience encounter The same original design strength, showing the big waves fashion chaussures nike town more international, more fashionable, more yuan avant-garde nike discount image. China's important women's clothing manufacturing base in the county exhibition launched scarpe nike the theme of 'search for long-term source, fashion new down jackets and coats in the' series of activities. piumini moncler With unique advantages and policy advantages, in the county in recent years to introduce the winner, Europe when the force, brother brother, Anta, special steps more than 60 national influential clothing brand floor are zapatillas nike mujer in the. With the Shenzhen Service Fair, are designed to build China's garment industry manufacturing frontline positions. High-end forum to lead the trend of Hall 5 fashion show will be played all day 13 international fashion show, 'cloud will be the global designer awards ceremony' will bring many world-class fashion designers to Scarpe nike uomo show the original design. Organizing Committee together with the global fashion Nike Air Max industry authority WGSN, Pantone held a number of high-end forum; new balance pas cher Yi Yate to bring 'clothing Christian Louboutin talon supply chain integration solutions' forum to help enterprises integrate the advantages of resources to promote the new circulation model; and SALEYUN joint IT industry giant IBM 'Build a new retail eco-chain peak Forum' to help enterprises start from the consumer focus on creating a new retail system. In addition, Futian District People's Government hosted chaussure nike 2017 the 'fashion fusion international Fukuda - 2010 Futian fashion night' to fashion industry, fashion culture to lead and promote the construction of Futian first-class international city center. The closing ceremony was jointly organized by the Organizing Committee and the People's Government of Jiangxi Province, which will be held for the 17th Shenzhen Service Fair. (Liu Hongchen) [Editor: Liu Xiaoyu]

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