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Cross - border 'Mr.': do not have the new dual city life - China daily
Speech: Su Liwen Cai Xiaoqiang Deng Yangzhou Today, and let us follow the Hong Kong Chinese University (Shenzhen) three 'introduction' of teachers in a hurry to read their story of Shenzhen and Hong Kong ... ... Su Liwen in the Chinese University of Hong Kong has coached for more than 30 years , Three years ago, she taught from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, the geographical conversion, and did not give her obstacles to teaching. The original 'cross' Mr. 'Hong Kong Chinese University (Shenzhen) 3' introduction 'of teachers in Shenzhen and Hong Kong dual city life Deng moncler coats Yang Zhou teacher holding' props 'to the students lectures. chaussure nike 2017 Su Liwen Cai Xiaoqiang 7 o'clock in the morning, eat breakfast, Su Liwen as usual to leave Hong Kong home, to the Lo Wu port. Mr. Su Liwen, an associate professor and assistant dean of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), has been teaching for more than 30 years at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In the mark, she saw a colleague at first glance, we smiled and greeted, follow the flow of customs clearance. Out of the mark, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) school bus has been waiting here. About half an hour or so, the school bus smoothly into the school, Su Liwen and colleagues began a day in Shenzhen work. At 9 o'clock in the morning, Tsai Xiaoqiang ended his meeting at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and he was not allowed to attend the school at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) for more than an hour after leaving the school in a hurry and busy. A meeting. He is currently Associate Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese University scarpe nike of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), who is currently the Director of General Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Afternoon, after the end of the work of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), lecturer Deng Yangzhou put on simple luggage to take high-speed rail. The next morning, he can reunite with his family in Wuhan. Ten years ago, Deng Yangzhou just arrived in Hong Kong to read Bo, every time home, will give the young son back a few cans of milk and toys. He is a lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. - As a joint university, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) has introduced a number of excellent faculty members Michael Kors Bolsos from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. But the Hong Kong and Shenzhen this is the same root, coupled with the return of 20 years to the two cities of cultural exchanges and integration, 'soil' has been gradually no different, and the 'water and soil' Orange taste ', also tend to the same carry on. Today, and let us follow the Hong Kong Chinese University (Shenzhen) three 'introduction' of teachers in a hurry to read their story of the Shenzhen and Hong Kong City ... ... chance to choose the inevitable result time back 40 years ago, in December 1977 Of the day, snow and solar energy has passed, the cold wind Joseph, after a decade of blockade, college entrance Coach bags 2017 examination in this year to reopen. Still reading high school juvenile Tsai Xiaoqiang lucky to catch the first bus, the fate since rewriting. This car carrying Tsai Xiaoqiang left his childhood home in Guangdong Zhanjiang, came to his first stop, Harbin, Heilongjiang. 'Especially cold.' The children of the South for the first time experienced the northern winter, leaving the impression so far indelible. In this winter is far longer than the hometown of the city, he finished the Harbin Ship Engineering Institute undergraduate. Fast graduation, Cai Xiaoqiang from the TV to see the Qian Xuesen lecture, was deeply attracted by the system engineering, since childhood, like the military decided to apply for Tsinghua University graduate, continue to learn. Beijing, so became the second leg of Cai Xiaoqiang career, 6 years of good times, he made a master's degree in Tsinghua University, Ph.D., also harvested love. When everyone thought he and his wife will live in Beijing to live, Tsai Xiaoqiang but in order to continue to be interested in their own areas of doing research, life boat again set sail. This time, Tsai Xiaoqiang's footprints stayed abroad, from Cambridge University in England and Queen's University in Belfast, to the University of Western Australia in Australia. Grew up in the south of Cai Xiaoqiang, also slowly accustomed to the northerners straightforward, but also insight into the legendary gentleman of the British, but in Australia, Cai Xiaoqiang but found out to find a 'good morning' people are It is difficult. In this vast land, he became more and more alone. Want to return to the bustling Chinese fireworks atmosphere, but also reluctant to foreign advanced scientific research environment, in Cai Xiaoqiang dilemma, Cambridge mentor sent a good news, 'the ugg pas cher Chinese University of Hong Kong has a place for you, go '' Go! 'Cai Xiaoqiang heart made a decision now. It was in 1993, although Hong Kong has not yet returned to the motherland, but the Chinese living habits are still, and the work model has been affected by the West, which is a compromise choice. Cai Xiaoguo came to Hong Kong in the following year, Deng Yangzhou just admitted to Wuhan University. At that time, he had not thought that one day he would go to Hong Kong for further study. Reading, teaching, Deng Yang boat all the way are quite smooth. After obtaining a master's degree from Wuhan University, he stayed in school as a teacher and married his wife, but at the age of 32, he suddenly began to take a look at the outside world. Leave, that means he wants to give up the stable work in front of his son was born, is thrown to the old band, or follow him out? 'People have to open up the spirit.' Deng Yang Zhou follow the voice of the heart, but also consider a variety of practical difficulties, and finally look to Hong Kong. In 2006, Hong Kong had returned to the motherland for nine years, and 'one country, two systems' ensured Hong Kong's economic prosperity and social development. Deng Yangzhou that Hong Scarpe nike uomo Kong in academic research and new balance pas cher international to maintain extensive contacts, Moncler Outlet you can experience a different form of social life. So, after discussing with his family, Deng Yangzhou alone went to Hong Kong for further study, and every month, he can go home and family reunion. Hong Kong, Tsai Xiaoqiang and Deng Yangzhou, the seemingly accidental choice, the actual result is inevitable. Today, Tsai Xiaoqiang's eldest son in Hong Kong, perennial stationed in Beijing, the youngest son studying in the UK, they are along the footprints of their parents grow all the way. This is the same with the roots of the current July 1, 1997, Deng Yangzhou in front of the TV, watching the five-star red flag and Bauhinia area nike discount flag slowly rise. At that time, has been living in Hong Kong for four years Tsai Xiaoqiang, more witnessed some of the local residents in Hong Kong before the return of anxiety and immigration impulse. Cai Xiaoqiang recalled that in the two years before the reunification, Hong Kong colleagues, friends often discuss the topic is immigration, people meet the first sentence has been the traditional Chinese questioning way 'eat no?' Changed to ' 'Later, some people really resigned before returning to Hong Kong, and wait and see a few years later, found that Hong Kong development is still stable, regret wanted to return to Hong Kong, but has not found the original position. 'The development of universities in Hong Kong in the 1990s was very fast and attracted many high-quality talent from around the world,' said Cai Xiaoqiang. To be more than zapatillas nike mujer ten years later, Deng Yangzhou to the Chinese University of Hong Kong to read Bo, has long been unable to feel this uneasy mood. Before coming, Deng Yang Zhou's impression of Hong Kong is made up of books, film and television works, the crowded city, the rush of pedestrians, indifferent and a sense of distance. Did not expect to live in Hong Kong, exposure to native Hong Kong people, but subvert the original imagination. They still have the Chinese people five thousand years passed down the human touch and etiquette, will not fluently Mandarin greeting, concerned about compatriots from the mainland, so that in a foreign land Deng Yang Zhou soon had a feeling of home. However, Deng Yang Zhou is still often miss the family in Wuhan, in addition to the usual by phone, QQ contact, his most happy moment, is the time scarpe nike to go home every month. In 1993, Tsai Xiaoqiang and his wife arrived in Hong Kong, due to the problem of the visa, home is not easy, and more than a decade after Shenzhen and Hong Kong has been opened between a number of customs clearance ports, Deng Yangzhou as long as the clearance to Shenzhen, A trip to the high-speed rail can return to Wuhan, the economy and convenient. Of course, now Cai Xiaoqiang driving Shenzhen and Hong Kong Michael Kors Pas Cher license plate car, easy to travel between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, his wife often want to return to nike chaussures Beijing to visit her parents, flying is not a problem. Just arrived in Hong Kong that time, Deng Yang Zhou is the home of the 'big red', because Hong Kong can buy a lot of imported products in the Mainland, coupled with the exchange rate with the yuan bad, many relatives, neighbors will ask him to help shopping, Home, in addition to his son back milk powder and toys, luggage bags there are many others booking food, cosmetics and so on. 'Deng is still laughing, with the domestic purchase of imported products more and more ways, the price is getting lower and lower, and now almost no one to find him to help.' In 2014, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) was born in Shenzhen, the official enrollment to the country. Cai Xiaoqiang, Deng Yangzhou and a number of scholars who went out from the country and was 'introduced' to Shenzhen. Mr. Cai Xiaoqiang, former General Education Director of Harmony College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, now serves as Associate Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen). He has studied six years at Wuhan University and taught six years. He has also obtained a PhD in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Degree, continue to teach Deng Yang Zhou, and then back to Shenzhen as a lecturer. There are also a number of native Hong Kong mentors who have also started teaching in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, such as Su Liwen, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen). Su Liwen has taught for more than 30 years at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Three years ago, she changed from Hong Kong to Shenzhen to teach and did not bring her teaching obstacles. In her view, the mainland students earnestly have a high demand for their own, have a strong desire for knowledge, which makes her full of sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in teaching. Hong Kong Chinese University (Shenzhen) in recent years to recruit the '90' students, thinking of the active, personalized publicity, and even taught so many Hong Kong students Deng Yang Zhou are pleasantly surprised. Orange in Hong Kong for the orange students in the deep orange for the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), school schools can be seen everywhere school motto and school motto. The 'phoenix' on the school emblem is regarded as the 'bird of the south', which is a symbol of nobility, beauty, loyalty and solemnity. The purple symbol of the school emblem is full of zeal and loyalty. School motto for the 'Bowen ceremony', the knowledge of the profound knowledge cheap adidas shoes of the Bowen, to comply with the ritual that the ceremony. From the 'Analects of Confucius' in the 'Confucius said: a gentleman learned in the text, about to the ceremony, can also Fu Fu Yi', is the main education of Confucius. So full of ancient atmosphere, the ball on the side of a full of graffiti filled with artistic tension of the wall does not seem abrupt, but highlights the combination of the school of Chinese and Western unique charm. Through the space, across the region, the concept of integration, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) school characteristics. Most of the courses in the school are taught in English and homework is required to be completed in English. Some teachers who have a long history of foreign teaching life experience 'English club' tutor, set up extracurricular counseling, students can freely find a teacher consultation, exchange. Unlike the traditional mainland universities, the Hong Kong Chinese University (Shenzhen) campus in June, the students figure a lot less, because June to August is the Hong Kong Chinese University (Shenzhen) students 'with a global color of the summer primary school 'Students have the opportunity to travel to the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries pandora 2017 of the world's leading universities to study' summer academic training courses. ' The arrangement piumini moncler of the Chinese University of Hong Moncler di sconto Kong (Shenzhen) on holiday is based on the Chinese University of Hong Kong, which is divided into winter holidays, spring break and summer vacation so that students have sufficient overseas exchange opportunities. At present, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) down jackets and coats undergraduate students studying abroad has more than 50% of the number of undergraduate students, ranking first in domestic institutions. Reporters interviewed Su Liwen the third day, she will take three students to Paris, on behalf of the Asia-Pacific region to participate in 2017 L'Oreal campus market planning competition global finals. Su Liwen instructed the student team, not only in the domestic beat Peking University, Fudan University and other colleges and universities, won the best adidas chaussures scientific and technological innovation award, and from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and other places in the university team stand out, finals. Su Liwen said that as one of the earliest business case games, the L'Oreal campus market planning competition for students to provide a creative and ability to display their chances. Participate in this kind of business tournament, students can really chaussures nike participate in the process of new product development and promotion, have the opportunity to contact the most cutting-edge business information, more opportunities to get even in Paris and worldwide internship opportunities. Xu Yangsheng, the head of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), once said, 'Internationalization is only one side of Hong Kong and China (Shenzhen) and the other is for Chinese traditional culture.' For the training of talents, Vision is limited to professional, but through the general education, sentiment and training with the college system in parallel with the hospital system Botas UGG to complete all-weather all-round education. Liberal Studies is the gold medal program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and has been awarded the first International General Education Award Christian Louboutin [url=]Zapatos Adidas talon[/url] by the American General Education Institute in 2015. This excellent general education tradition, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) has been the continuation and development of the same strain, become an indispensable part of undergraduate education. Deng Yang began his career as a lecturer in general education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012. He introduced that general education aims to provide educators with knowledge and values 鈥嬧€媋mong different groups of people living in diverse societies. Students from the beginning to accept the basic general education, that is, 'dialogue with the humanities' and 'dialogue with nature.' The humanities curriculum focuses on the thinking and understanding of 'people', from the self and the human potential, the belief and the human limitation to the self in the system, discusses the philosophical thinking, the religious and the social system the individual value thought. The course of nature is to explore the development of natural philosophy, from the understanding of the material world to the human development of technology and knowledge innovation, to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of science and technology for human development and students' understanding of natural philosophy and thinking. Not the same campus, Deng Yangzhou Nike Air Max on the same course, from different regions of the students, subject to the same education. Orange born in Hong Kong for the orange, was born in the deep orange. Hong Kong Chinese University (Shenzhen) school emblem on the 'phoenix' is regarded as 'the Bird of the South', school motto as 'Bowen ceremony'. In 2014, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) was born, officially to the national enrollment. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) is a university established by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, established by the Chinese-foreign Cooperative Education Regulations and passed the philosophy of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the academic system. To create a foothold in China, facing the world's first-class research university as its mission, committed to cultivate an international perspective, the Chinese tradition and social responsibility of the innovative high-level talent. 鈻?Written: Jinglin reporter Lin Fei Photography: Jingjiang reporter Liu Ningning [Editor: Lin Min Shan]

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