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Cross - border children witness the deep integration of Shenzhen and Shenzhen
Artificial intelligence reading: This year, cross-border school children reached a record of 30,000 people, only every day in the Fukuda port there are 16,000 people, Huanggang port 2000 people. chaussure nike 2017 At present, Shenzhen every ugg pas cher day by the Fukuda port entry and exit of nearly 16,000 students. Photo courtesy of zapatillas nike mujer the volunteer in the exit hall school children to chaussures nike carry out the area, to assist the border police to protect children's customs clearance order. More than 20 million cross-border school children in the Shenzhen-Hong Kong border cross-border Christian Louboutin talon school children witness the deep integration of Shenzhen and Shenzhen in September 2017, the new semester after the opening of Botas UGG the number scarpe nike of cross-border school Moncler Outlet children There will be a clear down Michael Kors Bolsos to 2019 should be basically no. 'In the city's five ports have hundreds of buses, serving more than 2,000 students of Jing Hong cross-border school bus service company responsible person Huang Jinghong said that she has planned in advance transformation Open kindergarten in Shenzhen. Hong Kong has just returned, there are very few cross-border school children is due to the mainland and Hong Kong marriage 'single non-children'; from 2003, with Hong Kong and Macao individual travel free exercise, a large number of mainland residents to Hong Kong children, Non-Hong Kong people but the children are Hong Kong's 'double non-children'; in 2013, the SAR government to implement non-pregnant women to Hong Kong production 'zero quota' policy. Over the past 20 years, about 20 million children have been walking on the border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. They are nike discount a special phenomenon of the times. It is a witness to the deep integration of Shenzhen and Hong Kong since Michael Kors Pas Cher the reunification. The two places are 'one home' for them. Border inspection continued to improve customs clearance services Guo Yingchun is Huanggang border station five teams vice captain, Futian Port opened in 2007 after the transfer to the station work, has been accompanied by the growth of these children line. She said that in 2000 in Huanggang exit hall have a whole team out of the child, then began to gradually increase. '3-year-old children were the first time facing the separation of parents, a child off Zapatos Adidas the parents up to four or five, scarpe nike where the child cried do not want to go, there is cheap adidas shoes also the crowd around the crowd wiping tears, the hall crying. Ying Chun said, after the gradual introduction of nanny companies, volunteers, etc., the situation was gradually improved. Cross-border school children are very hard, border inspection uncle aunt are also very Moncler di sconto distressed. Guo Yingchun said that every day at 6:30 open the door, a lot of sleepy confused children came one after another, in order to let the children as soon as possible security clearance, and they are separated from ordinary tourists, large open dedicated channel, set up a dedicated elevator , A separate collection point and the waiting area, as small as the establishment of the foot pad so that the small head can be extended to the window quickly check the ground card footprint guide, etc., the police are constantly improving customs clearance services. '3 seconds clearance' to children to school more smoothly this year, cross-border school children reached a record of 30,000 people, only every day in the Fukuda port there are 16,000 people, Huanggang port 2000 people. Guo Yingchun said that in order to cope with more and adidas chaussures more children crossing, but also for the safety of children, because the peak of the school and the entry and exit peak is overlapping, Shenzhen border checkpoint began to independently develop new systems, and Keep optimizing the inspection process. In particular, the promotion of the use of cross-border school children's electronic tag inspection mode, the current Scarpe nike uomo only Huanggang border checkpoints to collect cross-border children's electronic tag nearly 13,000 people. Now Coach bags [url=]new balance pas cher 2017[/url] the child clearance, just hanging around the neck contains the collection of information on the electronic label drops, 3 seconds to complete, less than half of the time for the traditional development mode. In addition, for similar to the Huanggang port is not a two check the school bus, since 2014 on the implementation of the 'off the car', border police with 'handheld' mobile pandora 2017 terminal on the train, put a bus only 10 minutes or so, the original time-consuming 40 minutes. Fukuda port for the children to open up a special channel Huang Jing Hong 1980 from Xiamen, Fujian to Hong Kong to settle, to teach for a living. She told reporters that she was nike chaussures in Hong Kong hospital son found his ninth floor is Hong Kong maternal, and 6th floor is full of 'double non-maternal', down jackets and coats separated two layers is convenient Cantonese and Mandarin different services, then She realized that 'double non' children more and more. Beginning in 2006, for several years, the non-child birth rate accounted for nearly half of Hong Kong. In 2007, Futian Port opened, Huang Jinghong's eldest son to kindergarten. piumini moncler At that time there is no subway port, son from Fukuda to Lo Wu to school, often takes a few hours. The question of cross-boundary school children was not taken into account at the time of Fukuda Port planning. And moncler coats later increased to more than 100 children, the parents of the voice quickly get a positive response from both sides of Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Only seven months later, Futian Port and Hong Kong Lok Ma Chau Control Area have already opened schoolchildways, and there are more than 8,000 schoolchildren Nike Air Max a day. At that time, the company was operating in Hong Kong for the sake of historical reasons, and Huang Jinghong worked hard to break the situation, Of the school bus, responsible for more than 2,000 cross-border school children safe to and from. With the 2013 'double non-children' group disappeared, by 2019 a lot of children enough 7 years old, or more than 1.4 meters after the height, you can go to school. Cross-border school children every day out of the huge scenes in Shenzhen, the major ports will continue to disappear, the children into the two torrents of integration, become familiar with the situation between the two forces. Huang Jinghong told reporters, as a senior education practitioners, she believes that the 200,000 children are very good generation, although they work hard every day, but now they are in Hong Kong kindergarten, primary school performance is very good, especially Sports and culture is very prominent; coupled with the year to Hong Kong children and parents are the conditions and quality are relatively good, very concerned about the degree of education of children (Guan Yadong correspondent Huang Junsheng) [Editor: Liu Xiaoyu]

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