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14 years of American beef re-enter the Chinese market at the end of June listed - News News News
Artificial intelligence read aloud: scarpe nike As the import of beef by the transport distance, time chaussure nike 2017 and many other factors, the current entry into China's imports of beef, are fine division of scarpe nike Nike Air Max frozen meat-based, lower prices, the majority flow to the restaurant and other channels. The United States beef on the Shenzhen people dining table experts believe that the impact of domestic beef sales in China is Moncler Outlet not big Shenzhen News Net China market 14 years of American beef re-enter China. China's Ministry of Commerce spokesman on July 6 at a regular press conference that the first batch of US beef has been listed in China by the end of June. Yesterday, Sam's Club was held in Shenzhen, piumini moncler the United States imported beef officially listed ceremony, the US Consul General in Guangzhou Bai Zhi Li, American Meat Export Association Asia Pacific senior vice president Joel Haggard attended the event, optimistic about the US beef sales in the Chinese market prospects. As the first domestic sale of US cheap adidas shoes beef under the line of retailers, Sam by virtue of its global nike chaussures procurement resources, large-scale introduction of high-quality US beef, is expected to US imports of fresh beef sales, will be ahead of other domestic entities retailers. Shenzhen Sam's Club listed US beef Sam in Shenzhen for the Michael Kors Bolsos first time Michael Kors Pas [url=]Botas UGG Cher[/url] the sale of US imports of beef, including eye meat, West cold, small cattle row and sirloin and other best-selling parts. Previously, as the first retail entity, Sam's membership store on June 27 in Beijing stores first to sell US beef, and in a few days was zapatillas nike mujer sold out. 'Sam's large-scale airfreight introduces 7 tons of selected US imports of pandora 2017 beef, and will soon be extended to the north and so on, and in mid-August will introduce a new batch of beef to cover all of the country,' said Juno De, president of Sam's ugg pas cher Club, China. Stores, and to achieve online and offline synchronization sale is expected in the Moncler di sconto next two years, the US imports of beef will be in down jackets and coats the Sam beef category accounted for half. 'China's domestic beef sales impact is not Sam through the global procurement of resources, and the United States the largest beef production Business Tyson direct cooperation, through high-volume procurement and cold chain logistics system, to provide members with high quality and cost-effective US beef. American cattle with cereal rearing, beef without grassy smell, which has become the relative advantage of its Coach bags 2017 relative grass feed beef. Sam chaussures nike only introduced special grade American beef, meat and fat distribution is excellent. In addition, the use of vacuum packaging full of cold chain, the maximum guarantee moncler coats fresh. Before the shelves, Sam according to the Chinese members of the cooking preferences, the Zapatos Adidas new balance pas cher use of Japanese professional automatic fresh slices, for high-precision segmentation, to facilitate members directly purchase. Over the past few years, Sam has adhered to the strategy of differentiation, the introduction of high quality beef from Australia and Canada to China. Australian imports of beef, for example, its sales relative to three years ago turned ten times. In 2016, Sam's imports of beef increased by 75%. It is expected that the future of beef imports in the United States, Sam imports of beef category Christian Louboutin talon will continue to grow rapidly. It is understood that the current electricity business platform imported beef, cattle products from Australia occupy a larger market share, the future of more US beef into the Chinese market, whether the local beef nike discount products have a certain impact? Some experts said that the spread of US beef imports will not hastily increase the total import scale, the competition will be mainly in the export countries to start, the impact of China's market did not imagine so much. US beef is expected to squeeze the market share of beef in Australia, Brazil and other countries, but also overwhelmed the local beef Scarpe nike uomo cattle breeding industry to improve efficiency and reduce costs, consumers will have more choices. However, due to the import of beef by the transport distance, time and many other factors, the current entry into China's imports of beef, are fine divided mainly frozen adidas chaussures meat, lower prices, the majority flow to the restaurant and other channels. The domestic domestic beef consumption market, has been the farmers market fresh meat and super cold meat-based. According to the US Department of Agriculture, China's beef consumption in 2017 will account for 13.42% of the world's total, more than the EU, second only to the United States. (Reporter key) [Editor: Liu Xiaoyu]

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