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Canvassing 'lost words' into a storm! Day defense against the pressure of public apology - Trade, global trading platform
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 1 (Reporter Wang Hongbin) Japanese Defense Minister Rice Tianmei earlier this week to participate adidas chaussures piumini [url=]scarpe nike moncler[/url] in the Tokyo parliamentary election of a colleague platform, by the name of the Moncler di sconto SDF canvassing, triggering domestic public opinion storm. The opposition party asked Moncler Outlet the rice field immediately blame the resignation, the public have called to ask the defense phase. Under pressure, paddy fields finally apologized for the first time on June 30, but new balance pas cher refused to step down. Rice field at the press conference after the cabinet meeting that 'withdrawal (help) speech in the 'self-defense, defense phase' part,' and to apologize. The remarks in the Michael Kors Pas Cher rice fields were published on June 27th. 'From the position of nike discount Botas UGG the Ministry of Defense, the Self-Defense Forces, the Defense Minister, the Liberal Democratic Party, please vote for the candidate,' she said in a vote scarpe nike for the election of a Liberal Democratic Party candidate who took nike chaussures part in the election of the Tokyo parliament. Intervene in the election, there are suspected of illegal. Japan's 'public election law' prohibits civil servants to use their zapatillas nike mujer own status to participate in the election activities, 'Self-Defense Force Law' also provides that the SDF should remain politically neutral. The Democratic Progressive Party, the moncler coats Japanese Communist Party, the Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party issued a joint statement on the evening of June 28 asking Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to immediately remove rice fields. The Democratic Progressive Party Scarpe nike uomo (DPP), on behalf of Lin Fang, criticized the paddy field as a self-defense force as a 'commander of the Liberal Democratic Party' and called for the appointment of Abe's responsibility. DPRK Secretary-General Noda Yoshihiko criticized rice field to use the SDF for election publicity is 'public and private' performance. The Liberal Democratic down jackets and coats Party also criticized the practice of rice fields. Former defense minister Shidao said that rice fields of the remarks 'incredible', said it should immediately withdraw this improper remarks and apologize Coach bags 2017 to the public. Rice field on the evening of June 27 emergency withdrawal of this statement, but did not apologize, also said he would continue to perform Zapatos Adidas their duties. In recent days, criticized the rice field of public opinion wave after wave. Under pressure, rice fields had to apologize publicly. Paddy Island argued that Michael Kors Bolsos his 'unintentional use of political status to carry out electoral activities', to withdraw Christian Louboutin talon the chaussures nike statement and apologize the practice is purely to 'avoid pandora 2017 misunderstanding.' When the media pursued what misunderstanding would Nike Air Max be caused, rice fields were not clear that her remarks 'may be misunderstood', the media and the people can not understand her 'true intentions.' Paddy also argued that the words 'purely for the local people to express gratitude', because a self-defense forces stationed in the vicinity. The opposition party pointed out that rice fields were absurd because of the words of speech ugg pas cher that did not thank the words. In response cheap adidas shoes to the latest position on rice fields, the secretary of the Communist Party of Japan, Xiao Chi, criticized: '(rice fields) have made speeches in the parliamentary elections, in violation of the' public election law. 'This is a fait accompli, afterwards apology or withdrawal 'It is an intolerable statement that rice fields do not have the qualifications of the elders.' Rice fields have been misrepresented since taking office as defense minister in August last year, 'said Noda Yoshihiko, chairman of the DPP Party Secretary, Speech, lead to a lot of criticism or even get out of class calls. But every time the crisis, rice fields will be appreciated her Abe Paul. chaussure nike 2017 As Xiao Chi said, 'let the rice field as Minister so far, Prime Minister Abe responsibility is extremely important.' (Xinhua News Agency client)

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