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To build a deep family of people gathered together - News News News
Artificial intelligence read: Mr. Liu in Huaqiang North to do small business, order one will be out of Scarpe nike uomo delivery, there is no time to accompany the child, my heart has been very guilty. After receiving a reporter's phone, Mr. Liu seems to be down jackets and coats determined, that can suspend the day business. The first time: Has been going on Christian Louboutin talon for twelve years. On the morning of July 1, 2017, ugg pas cher the twelfth 'migrant children's festivals festival' was held in Happy Valley, and 50 of the builders and their children gathered together for a total of twelve years. Is not new balance pas cher easy to June 2000, Shenzhen Commercial Daily official letter pushed 'migrant Michael Kors Bolsos children's festivals' registration message, the reaction was warm, WeChat Zapatos Adidas later that day has received more than 100 applications, after the number of still Continued to increase. Parents said that long-term concern business newspaper microblogging, WeChat, see this activity, immediately for children to cheap adidas shoes register. Ms. Liu introduced, she came from Sichuan Nanchong, home and Shenzhen away from more than moncler coats 2000 kilometers, only the train will be 37 hours, scarpe nike before you have to take the motorcycle, bus, etc., because of security concerns, every two or three years Let the children come to Shenzhen reunion once. Go to Happy Valley to play once is a child's dream, hope this time to apply for success, to the children left nike chaussures an unforgettable reunion holiday. Mr. Zhang is Henan civil rights county, to work in Shenzhen for ten adidas chaussures years, the children are staying in the home reading. Because of economic constraints, the children came to Shenzhen, have not been to any fun place, I hope this can be successful registration. Mr. Liu in Huaqiang North to do small business, order one will be out of delivery, there is no time to accompany the child, my heart has been very guilty. After receiving scarpe [url=]Moncler di sconto nike[/url] a reporter's phone, Mr. Liu seems to be determined, that can suspend the day business. But after repeated consideration, he finally gave up the opportunity to call. After the selection of Happy Valley, the organizers have finalized 50 selected lists. July 1 morning, parents and children from Longgang, Baoan, Nike Air Max Lo Wu and other places came, one to Happy Valley door, the children were unusually happy, pulled the reporter can not wait to ask 'Happy Valley roller coaster? 'Can chaussure nike 2017 we go to the carousel?' 'Sister, can we go now?' After entering the Happy Valley Park, the first collective project is the child looking forward to the parents can play double-carousel. Still in line, the zapatillas nike mujer children will Botas UGG be far from their favorite 'horse', 'I want to take this red horse', 'I want to take that big' 'I want to sit that white, so beautiful what'. Carousel gate opened, participate in activities of the child immediately pulled his parents to chaussures nike find their favorite mounts. Before the start of the Trojan, parents picked up the phone constantly to their own little baby to take pictures, laughter into one. Music sounded, carousel slowly start, with a quiet years, happy smile, engraved into our memory. After the end of the carousel, they began to move freely. Many parents said they had prepared a swimsuit, ready to turn around in the garden, nike discount and then take the children to play the Maya Water Park and the water roller coaster. This TV is also often broadcast, the child has been looking forward to a long time. Happy for 12 years, for thousands of families to build a platform for the rapid development of Shenzhen, Moncler Outlet inseparable from the deep construction of the hard work to pay. For the Thanksgiving them, beginning in early 2006, Shenzhen Commercial Daily and Shenzhen Happy Valley, together to create a 'migrant children's festivals', hoping to use pandora 2017 this platform, to build a deep home to meet the joy of time. In 2007, 'migrant children's festivals' became Michael Kors Pas Cher the Shenzhen Commercial Daily and Happy Valley together to create a caring project, and was incorporated into the Shenzhen City, one of the permanent activities of love action. Time flies, blink of an eye 12 years in the past, Shenzhen Coach bags 2017 Commercial Daily Happy Valley, has been with thousands of migrant workers to fulfill the 'happy about'. piumini moncler Our activities, from the earliest 'migrant children's festivals' to the current public welfare festivals series, has now held a number of 'Volunteer Family Fun Festival', 'Welfare Institute Children's Day', 'Grand Canal builders Festivals ',' Special Children's Festivals ',' Police Family Festivals 'and so on. Happy for 12 years, we are still going on. [Editor: Liu Xiaoyu]

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