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From the Livestock Market Day Gate of the investigation: ban on how to limit the landing? Hubei Daily News
The picture shows that the ban is not raised, but not in the protection of the environment under the premise of the development of livestock production to meet the needs of society. The picture shows a corner of Tianmen City cattle market. The picture shows the waste water collection vehicles of Tianfeng Huafeng Agricultural Cooperative Cooperative will collect the waste Moncler di sconto water into the pool for the production of biogas. The cooperatives also return biogas manure to produce green rice and loach. The picture shows the biogas facilities of the Hongye Livestock Co., chaussure nike 2017 Ltd.. The picture shows Tianmen City will collect livestock and poultry farming fecal concentration. Xie Yitian City is the agricultural market, but also the livestock market, since 2013, pigs slaughter for three new balance pas cher consecutive years over one million, for seven consecutive years to obtain the national pig transferred out of the county (city) Title, 2016 pig slaughter accounted for the province's top ten. Tianmen or the moncler coats province's top ten egg production and Zapatos Adidas export base, the city's poultry poultry nearly 20 million feathers, egg production over 70,000 tons. As in many places, the development of animal husbandry has brought about agricultural efficiency, farmers' income, and environmental pollution. The masses have complained about the pollution of farming. To develop the industry, but also to protect the ecological environment. The Ministry of Agriculture in the south of the water network intensive areas of the implementation of the prohibition of action, how to implement the door? How to achieve farming and ecological win-win? Reporters to visit Tianmen. Pigs professional village odor around March 22, Wang Qi town deputy mayor Hu Weihua drove to the town of pig professional village new village inspection. Whether the farmers will be engaged in aquaculture tertiary sedimentation tank in place, with or without rowing row row behavior? Xingou village has 20 professional pig large, annual slaughter pigs 10,000. 46-year-old Zhang Liangjun is looking at the pig house. He introduced, since 1995, the call began to raise pigs, up to a year when the slaughter of 500. The stock market ups and downs in recent years, not every year to raise. Last year to seize the market, a pig earn more than 1,000 yuan. Before the Spring Festival, he bought more than 600 piglets, to support today, the death of nearly 100, the current population of 500 long head. Why did the old age encounter new problems? Zhang Liangjun tell the truth: 'may be too bad environment, integrated infection.' Zhang Liangjun pig house, in their own house behind, across a black smelly ditch. Pigs side of the sewage canal, was blocked by straw and straw, which is full of fecal dirt. Pig house next to, there is a more than 100 cubic meters of sedimentation tank, full of time to overflow. Zhang Liangjun said that their own farming fecal disposal, in the village be good. This is not false, in the village interview found that some pig dung fecal straight ditch, and some small sediment pool has overflowed. In the large rape and wheat around the village, smell the flowers, but smelly smoked. 'Zhang Liangjun bluntly, because the environment is not good, many people marry a daughter-in-law, married daughters are not in the village to do banquet, but to go outside to do.' In addition to farmers, the rest of the labor most migrant workers. The village of 111 acres of greenhouse vegetables Li Yuanqing, not to worry about Hu Weihua complaints, ditch in the ditch of the water, may affect their own pollution-free vegetables declaration. He asked, can the source blocked? Prior to that day, Tianmen City Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau deputy director Long Yongjun to the new village inspection, see the investment of 770,000 yuan of pollution control facilities did not fully play a role, immediately angry. That day, deputy mayor Hu Weihua again to supervise. See this intensity, Zhang Liangjun sighed, it seems the pig can not really raise. Put into the hundreds of millions of governance pollution, 'the implementation of the two river basin prohibition.' In the door, such a news is quite popular. The so-called two river basin, refers to the Tianmen River and the Han River Basin. 'The main river within 200 meters of support, 500 meters within the limited.' As early as 2013, Tianmen city government and the township and the relevant departments signed a letter of responsibility, livestock and poultry breeding pollution control work into the performance assessment. In 2014, the Municipal People's Congress adopted the 'on strengthening the rural scarpe nike aquaculture environmental pollution control motion resolution.' Subsequently, the municipal government have introduced the 'livestock and poultry breeding pollution control plan (2016-2018)' 'animal husbandry' thirteen five 'development plan' and 'animal husbandry green development demonstration counties to create activities to implement the program', in-depth promotion of livestock and poultry Breeding pollution control and green development of animal husbandry. The implementation of the prohibition policy, not to let the people to give up aquaculture. In the area suitable for breeding, as long as environmental protection measures, still encourage farming. Tianmen City, the full use of media publicity and guidance to improve the farmers and the public awareness of pollution control, and actively strive for policy and project funds for the new Michael Kors Pas Cher three-stage sedimentation pool, breeding and comprehensive utilization, deep treatment and other pollution control facilities ' Supplement ', promote social capital to participate in livestock and poultry breeding waste resource utilization and harmless treatment. Long Yongjun Scarpe nike uomo introduction, as of now, the city at all levels accumulated investment in pollution control funds more than 100 million yuan. Among them, the 2016 municipal finance to award or special investment accounted for more than 1100 million, more than 300 500 large-scale pig farms new fecal disposal facilities per household to make up for 15,000 yuan; Liquid to collect the fermentation tank and improve the pipeline facilities by 200 yuan per cubic meter standard award; to carry out the whole village to promote ecological management project Zhang Gangzhen Baotai Village, Wang Town, the new village, were awarded 330,000 yuan, 770,000 yuan. Up to fight for animal husbandry strong city, the standardization of large-scale breeding expansion, killing animals, animal harmless treatment and project funding 24.1 million yuan, all for livestock and poultry farming pollution control and waste utilization, pollution control facilities operating subsidies. Strict law enforcement more than the old account does not owe a new account reporter in the Tianmen City Environmental Protection Bureau interview, occasional Ma Wanzhen Wolong ecological farming professional cooperatives Yi, he came to plead. Environmental law enforcement brigade responsible person replied: 'The case has been transferred to the judicial.' Time to return to May 2015, Tianmen City environmental law enforcement officers to down jackets and coats the co-operation of the 50,000 egg yard inspection environmental protection, legal representative Yi avoid, Of the party members Jiangmou to cope with, and the proposed rectification requirements for various reasons prevarication. Law enforcement officers will report the actual situation Tianmen City Commission for Discipline Inspection, Discipline Inspection Commission in accordance with the provisions of the Chiang Kai-shek party. Later, the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant provisions of Jiang will be detained for several days, and the farm 100,000 yuan fine. Yi Mou increase the pollution control facilities, refused to pay a fine. This year, the local environmental protection department handed over the case to the local court for enforcement. 'Who is polluting, who governs, who benefits, who is responsible'. The city not only to strengthen control of existing farms, but also increased the new expansion of the expansion of the farm control efforts, and strive to more old accounts, do not owe new accounts. Animal husbandry departments to take special staff package tablets stagnation, increase supervision and guidance efforts, the establishment of 'breeding pollution control' micro-group real-time technical guidance. Environmental protection departments to increase penalties. Last year, they were a total of 18 livestock and Moncler Outlet poultry farming enterprises to implement administrative penalties, a fine of more than 150 million, detained 3 people, 14 companies issued a decision to correct the illegal act, and deadline for rectification; this year on the two river basin 263 The family has been allowed to carry out more than 200,000 square meters, to ensure that the end of June before the basic demolition, to maintain the livestock and poultry breeding pollution control of the high pressure situation. nike discount Agriculture and animal husbandry combined with comprehensive management of stone river town Huafeng agricultural professional Coach bags 2017 cooperatives ecological cycle of agricultural base, a huge livestock and poultry manure collection pool particularly interesting, next to the construction of two biogas stations, with an annual output of 110,000 cubic meters of biogas. Co-organizer Wu Huaping introduced the base in April 2016 to start construction, a total investment of 4.8 million yuan, the total volume of 6 cubic meters of sewage collection tank, can collect the surrounding 30 km within the livestock and poultry scarpe nike manure. The production of biogas for the Huafeng new community 360 farmers living gas, biogas slurry biogas diluted field, to 1.2 million mu of rice loach symbiotic base to provide organic fertilizer. 'Farmer's livestock and pandora 2017 poultry manure can not be handled, begged us to pull. After conversion, biogas residue into Christian Louboutin talon organic fertilizer, the annual reduction of fertilizer costs for cooperatives 1.3 million, while also improving the quality and yield of rice . To build organic selenium-rich rice, rich seaweed loach fish has laid a good foundation. 'Tianmen City actively promote the combination of farming and animal husbandry mode, to find a way out for farming feces. Encourage livestock and poultry farmers households to build sedimentation tank or biogas digesters, planting professional cooperatives to build waste collection pool, and livestock and poultry farmers signed waste collection and utilization agreement. At present, Yuekou, Shihe, Zhang Gang, Duobao, drag the city and other townships a total of nine planting professional cooperatives, built waste collection pool 2 million cubic meters, you can absorb nearly 300 farms around the farm (household) fecal 12 Million tons, farming and ecological integration of ecological acreage reached 10,000 mu. Sewage treatment mode, ecological pollution Nike Air Max control model, bio-organic fertilizer use mode, biogas utilization model, dead pigs harmless treatment mode, Tianmen a variety of ways to digest farming waste. By the end of 2016, the city of 414 scale pig farms, all equipped with sewage treatment facilities; 235 scale farms, all the implementation of the three sedimentation tank, solid-liquid separation tank construction; 31 large-scale pig farms, all Built a large-scale large-scale laying hens farms, all built into the sewage treatment facilities and organic fertilizer production facilities. The city to achieve the household precipitation, village collection, centralized use or standard discharge. Tianhuang City Vice Mayor Zhang Huazhong said that this year, Tianmen City will further do a good job in all areas of livestock ugg pas cher and poultry farms off the transfer of work to guide the development of aquaculture enterprises and farmers, 'the surrounding water and net beauty, breeding environment beautiful, animal safety nike chaussures Delicious 'green animal husbandry. Linked to the scale of the breeding area of 鈥嬧€媡he scale of the park shut down in accordance with the relevant provisions of the provisions of the ban on the scale of farms (except by the local people's government approved the retention) will be closed for a limited period of time. November 2016, with the consent of the provincial government, the Provincial Department of Agriculture proposed action program, around the end of 2016 to develop the area of 鈥嬧€媝rohibited areas of livestock and poultry scale farms (residential) closure of the relocation program. 2017 before the end of the county by the local people's government all closed in place. The water quality is not up to standard, livestock and poultry breeding pollution areas, such as the four main trunk canal, Tianmen River, Han cheap adidas shoes River, East River, Tong River and other watershed around the end of June 2017 to complete the closure of the task. In the southern part of the national water network area and Danjiangkou reservoir area, involving the province of 25 counties: Huangmei County, Xishui County, Wuxue City, Tianmen City, Xiantao piumini moncler City, Qianjiang City, Ezhou City, Yiling District Yuncheng, Zhanjiang, Songjiang, Gongli County, Jiangling County, Shishou City, Jiangxia District, Huangpi District, Jiayu County, Zhongxiang City, Danjiangkou City, Yunyang District, Yunxi County, Zhushan County, Zhuxi County, Fangxian, to be completed by the end of June 2017 to close the relocation task. Relevant laws, regulations and documents are clearly stated that the closure of the work by the local people's governments at or above the county level. Closure or relocation of existing livestock and poultry breeding sites, resulting in economic losses of livestock and poultry farmers, by the local people's governments at or above the county level to be compensated. Provincial Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau experts pointed out that the 'three areas' for the implementation of the object is the province within the scale of the various types of livestock and poultry farms (community). The provincial government to determine the size of the province's farming standards: live pigs 鈮?500 head (year slaughter), dairy cattle 鈮?100 head (stock), beef cattle 鈮?50 head (year slaughter), eggs 鈮?5000 (annual population), meat birds 鈮?10000 Only (year slaughter). For the size of the following farmers, is not prohibited its breeding behavior, but to guide the breeding pollution prevention and control work. (Reporter Zhang Aihu correspondent Xie Yi finishing) prohibition area, limited area and the reserve area of 鈥嬧€媡he reserve area. It is forbidden to establish a large-scale chaussures nike livestock and poultry farm (area) area (including land and water) within the specified range according to laws, regulations, administrative regulations and so on. Proportion of Prohibited Area: Population Concentration Area. (Cities), districts (counties), Michael Kors Bolsos and areas such as institutions, schools, scientific research (except breeding incubation sites), hospitals, nursing homes, homes for the elderly and other cultural stadiums, etc., as well as these The boundaries of the area extend outwardly over a range of 500 meters. Drinking water source protected areas. Centralized drinking water source of primary and secondary protected areas are all designated as prohibited breeding area. Important water quality functional area. Water environment function is adidas chaussures divided into one or two types of water quality of Botas UGG the lake or river basin, and into zapatillas nike mujer the national rivers and lakes ecological environmental protection pilot waters, the watershed water and waters of the highest control of water level line extends 200 meters outside the land area designated as prohibited Aquaculture area. Other ecological functional areas. The world's natural and cultural heritage sites, the core areas and buffers of the nature reserves, as well as national and provincial scenic spots, forest parks, wetland parks, cultural relics protection units and other areas, and its physical boundary extends 500 meters Designated as prohibited breeding area. The following forest parks, wetland parks, cultural relics protection units and other areas around the ban on the delineation of the breeding area can refer to the above standards. Other areas. Other laws, regulations, administrative regulations prohibit livestock and poultry breeding area. Limited area. Refers to the law, regulations, administrative regulations and other provisions, in a certain area, combined with the regional environmental capacity, limited livestock and poultry breeding emissions of the total area. Suitable area. Refers to the area beyond the confinement area. (Reporter Zhang Aihu correspondent Xie Yi finishing)

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