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From the green treasure of the latest 'medical report' - Jing Chu network
Pictured: National second-class protected animal feathers deer. The investigation team placed 10 to 20 infrared cameras every day in the campsite, and took a lot of precious wildlife images. The 'green miracle' of Shennongjia is scarpe nike Moncler [url=]ugg pas cher Outlet[/url] pandora 2017 located at the eastern edge of the second ladder of China's terrain. It consists of the northern mountain subtropical monsoon climate zone, which is composed of the moncler coats subtropical climate in the subtropical climate. Temperate climate transition zone. Due to the unique geographical location and climate characteristics, gave birth to Shennongjia rich flora and fauna resources, in this country's north and south animal and plant species in the transition zone and the intersection, the preservation of the global mid-latitude region of the most perfect north subtropical forest vegetation area, known as the latitude 31 degrees on the 'green miracle'. 'Green' to Shennongjia become the world's 14 international biodiversity research and protection of key areas of China's seed plants are one of the three distribution nike discount centers, with 116 species of endemic species. Earth alone love down jackets and coats this side, nature favored Shennongjia. However, the comprehensive data of biological resources in Shennongjia area still follow the 1980 Sino-US joint investigation of the information, then the scientific research by the natural conditions, equipment, equipment, research methods, survey lines, investigation time, investigation funding and scientific awareness level, The lack of detailed and scientific data, can not fully and accurately Zapatos Adidas reflect the rich biological diversity of Shennongjia. And even some species have not yet been recognized by people Coach bags 2017 may disappear from the earth, thus Moncler di sconto affecting the safety of biological resources in Shennongjia area, seriously restricting the effective protection of biodiversity in Shennongjia area. Scientific protection Shennongjia 31 years after the comprehensive investigation of the background resources to restart Michael Kors Pas Cher the scientific protection Shennongjia, scientific development Shennongjia, cheap adidas shoes in the provincial government co-ordination arrangements, support funds 6 million zapatillas nike mujer yuan in place quickly, Shennongjia Nature Reserve Authority self-financing 3 million yuan. In April 2011, Shennongjia forest area with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Kunming Institute of Michael Kors Bolsos Chinese adidas chaussures Academy of Sciences Institute of new balance pas cher chaussure nike 2017 aquatic life, the Chinese Academy of Forestry, Wuhan University, Huazhong Normal University, Huazhong Agricultural University and other 10 research institutions and universities, respectively, signed the 'Shennongjia Regional background resources comprehensive investigation task task book ', officially Christian Louboutin talon launched the' Shennongjia area background resources comprehensive investigation 'work. Nike Air Max The survey set up 10 special topics, including low plants, higher plants, aquatic chaussures nike organisms, vertebrates, invertebrates, natural environment, socio-economic, vegetation and landscape, forest carbon storage survey and digital Shennongjia platform construction. The survey is based on the disciplines such as Botas UGG biology, geology, biogeography, sociology, ecology, statistics and computer science. scarpe nike Based on piumini moncler the relevant national standards and the use of domestic research institutes and institutions of higher learning, Advanced research methods to investigate. The scope of the investigation is based on the administrative area under Scarpe nike uomo the jurisdiction of Shennongjia Forest Area and extends to the relevant areas of Xingshan, Fangxian, Patong, Zhushan, nike chaussures Zhuxi and Wushan and Wuxi, which are covered by Shennongjiajia Mountain. 1 square kilometers to set a sample line, a sample, no leave, no blind spots, with particular attention to the valley, cliffs, caves and other series of special habitat areas of the survey. (Reporter Xu Yong correspondent Jiaohua a Wang Wei Hao Wei Xingyu) Speaking of central heating, most people will be the first impression will be the first impression of the people Think of coal burning, but with the development of science and technology, can be used from the ... [details] Wang fried deep CP 'black heart' Wang mainland routine audience Tencent entertainment Zhejiang TV and Tencent video 'high-energy youth group' Two lessons of the performance class 'on Saturday intense launch. A mobile phone virus caused by the battle, so that Wang Da ... [more]

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