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Lanke Center and the Chinese gene officially signed Orchid plant gene editing project_Chinahourly
Artificial Moncler Outlet Christian Louboutin talon intelligence reading: July 21 afternoon, the National Orchid Center (referred to as 'Lan Ke Center') Michael Kors Bolsos and the Shenzhen University of Gene Research nike discount Institute (referred to as 'Huaguo gene') formally on the 'Orchid plant gene editing - model Orchidaceae Plant development project 'to sign the signing ceremony at the Orchid Center. On the afternoon of July 21, the National Orchid Center ('Lanko Center') new balance pas cher and the Shenzhen Huada down jackets and coats Gene Research Institute ('Huaguo Gene') nike chaussures officially signed the 'Orchid Plant scarpe nike Gene Editor- Plant development project 'to sign the signing ceremony at the Orchid Center. Attended the signing ceremony of the Lancome Center moncler coats Director Liu Zhongjian and China University Gene Yang Huanming academician signed a line together to cheap adidas shoes witness the ceremony there are from the University of Kentucky, Dr. Joe Chappell. ugg pas cher Orchidaceae Botas UGG is an ideal model for the study of biodiversity and Moncler di sconto evolution, and has important chaussure nike 2017 scientific, ecological and economic value for the study of Orchidaceae. However, the Zapatos Adidas research on the function of Orchidaceae-related Nike Air Max genes is still very scarce, which is largely restricted by genetic transformation efficiency and gene knockout. The zapatillas nike mujer current scarpe nike gene editing technology can achieve the exact knockout of the target gene, Inserted or modified, its successful application in Orchidaceae plants will greatly promote the development of Orchidaceae in gene function research and new breed cultivation research. In order to further seize piumini moncler the opportunity of scientific research, we will acquire a large number of genetic resources and genetic information, fully excavate orchid resources, build high-throughput molecular biology and bioinformatics research platform, build a large-scale information analysis system adapted to Scarpe [url=]chaussures nike nike uomo[/url] the biological data age Database, in the world to take Michael Kors Pas Cher the lead in the 'International Orchid Genome Project' to complete the world's first Orchid plant and Sedum acid metabolic plant gene map 'Phalaenopsis genome gene map', medicinal Orchidaceae 'Dendrobium genome gene And the fragrant Orchidaceae 'fragrant blue all genome gene map', to adidas chaussures fill the plant genome research of multiple blanks for the orchid plant active medicinal ingredients development and utilization, protection, quality identification, standardize the development of the industry to provide important Resources and foundation. pandora 2017 Lanke Center and Huaguo gene through the close cooperation between the two sides, the use of existing resources, complement each other to carry out scientific research, will effectively promote the Orchid plant gene editing project successfully carried out for the successful realization of the Orchid plant gene editing Laying the foundation, and will further deepen the understanding of the structure Coach bags 2017 and function of the orchid, revealing the evolution history and mystery of orchid, which is of great significance to the life sciences and evolutionary biology. (Read special correspondent He Yongwen / map) [Editor: Liu Ting]

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