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Laohekou police destroyed a number of illegal micro-business - Trade, global trading platform
'Suspects arrested, we seized the electric baton, police with flashlight, handcuffs and other a variety of counterfeit police equipment with a large number, only tear ink ejector there nike discount are more than 600 Support, we scarpe nike Moncler Outlet down jackets and coats have a county-level public security organs do not take so much a year! 'Laohekou police handling the case of police Shihai Xiang introduced to. July 19, with 15 suspects arrested one after another, the old mouth of the police announced Nike Air Max to the ugg pas cher outside world recently deployed a series of micro-crime cheap adidas shoes cases. Since 2017, Laohekou City police solid implementation of the higher level of public security organs, 'three strike a rectification' special action deployment, keen perception, from a case of smoke-related cases found a number of network involved clues. In February, the old Hokkaido Public Security Bureau of adidas chaussures Public Security Battalion joint tobacco department, together with the hidden in the old estuary, suspected of using the network illegal operation of the case of nike chaussures cigarettes for preliminary investigation. Through the investigation found that the Scarpe nike uomo moncler coats old mouth of the illegal operation of the case Moncler di sconto of cigarettes on the home is a micro-business, headquarters hidden in Sichuan Dazhou. In order to find out its criminal behavior, the old estuary police conducted a comprehensive investigation. Investigation found that on April 10, the micro-criminal gangs to Xiangyang a courier with a fake ID card and fake driving mail. April 12, police handling the case will buy fake ID card and fake driving Yao Mou captured. zapatillas nike mujer On the same day, on suspicion of 'the sale of resident pandora 2017 identity documents' on the grounds of the Sichuan Dazhou personnel involved in the investigation. Xiangyang City Public Security Bureau in the security and security detachment of the strong support of the handling of police preliminary investigation of the Sichuan Dazhou case on the line in Wuhan, Hubei. scarpe nike April 25, handling the case of police sold in two separate arrest. All the way to Wuhan, Hubei, successfully captured the suspects should be a, to destroy the business of micro-crime dens; to identify their trafficking through the Internet baton and other items of Michael Kors Pas Cher crime facts; another way to Sichuan Dazhou, successfully arrested the suspect Wang, destroyed Its business called '*** sister sister orders' micro-crime dens; identify its through the Internet to sell cigarettes, baton, fake ID card, false driver's new balance pas cher Zapatos Adidas license and other criminal acts. Several groups of resources to share cross-handling handling of the police further verify that the two use of micro-business platform to carry out illegal business dens, with a number of micro-business activities to engage with criminal gangs, resource sharing, cross-management. 'Illegal production and sales of police equipment', 'illegal management of crossbow', 'illegal operation of cigarettes', 'production, sales of fake drugs', 'illegal production and sale of counterfeit drugs', 'illegal production and sales of Michael Kors Bolsos police equipment' A variety of criminal acts. Botas UGG In order to focus on the advantages of police, to combat the crime, in the unified arrangements of the Public Security Bureau of Xiangyang City, 'violation of personal information case' designated Laohekou City Public Christian Louboutin talon Security Bureau network security department investigation, other types of cases, designated Laohekou City Public Security Bureau Public Security Brigade Investigation. Further investigation found that the clues to Shandong Weihai called 'should * library' micro-criminal gangs. The implementation of technical reconnaissance of the gang found that the gang suspected of buying and selling fake, personal information, fake drugs, police equipment, crossbow and other criminal acts. At the same time, the gang and Shandong Linyi, Sichuan Nanchong, Jiangxi Ganzhou, Zhejiang Yiwu and Wuhan, Wuhan and other provinces and cities a number of micro-criminal gangs to share resources, sell each other illegal documents, police Coach bags 2017 equipment, prohibited items. May 23, the project police is divided into five groups, assigned to chaussures nike the five provinces and chaussure nike 2017 six, separately to carry out network action. In the local police with the strong, the main suspects Qianmou, Zhou, Xu, Zhang and other 15 people have arrested. Check the items are three non-product handling process, the police from the five provinces and six of the crime dens and warehouses, a total of more than 1,000 burglary baton, police more than 600 tearing, handcuffs more than 20 vice, positioning More than 300 trackers, various models of more than 500 crossbow, piumini moncler more than 2,500 boxes of pseudo-drugs and fake ID cards, false driver's license and a number of contraband. The inspection and identification, seized police equipment, as well as crossbow, pseudo-drugs, are 'three no' products. But from the scene seized fake ID card, there is a very high degree of identity cards, bank cards, bank U shield and telephone cards and other so-called 'four-piece' to buy this 'four-piece', you can use false Identity, cash transactions from the bank, a serious impediment to social management. At present, the police are still increasing efforts to investigate, to investigate the case.

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