Farrell goes for 3-peat; Steelers face Spa for District 10 Class 1A championship

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It’s simple, but simultaneously complex.
What’s that, you say?
“Cambridge Springs wants it bad. Farrell Steelers want it bad. The team that plays the hardest (to)night is the one that’s gonna win it.”
Farrell High Head Coach Jarrett Samuels’ <a href=""></a> explanation may sound like an oversimplification, but there’s much merit to it. However when injuries are factored in, winning becomes more difficult.
“Everyone says you have to have that ‘next man up mentality,’ but there are certain guys at this level that you can’t replace,” Samuels emphasized. “ ... Everyone in the county has those dynamic guys who are irreplaceable. Coaches can say that (next man up), but all you can do at this point is line up the guys you have and play as hard as you can (to)night.”
Farrell (8-2) faces Cambridge Springs (7-3) today at 7 p.m. at Greenville’s Stewart Field/Snyder-Stone Stadium for the District 10 Class 1A championship. The Steelers are seeking the program’s second 3-peat during Samuels’ stint.
This is a Region 1A regular-season rematch. In week 8 at Anthony J. Paulekas Stadium/Falconi Field the Steelers squeezed past the Spa (20-13).
“ ... Our guys were just getting beat. We were in the right coverages; but honestly, their guys just ran right by our guys,” Samuels recalled.
Stopping Spa signal-caller Noah Reisenauer is priority one for Farrell. Reisenauer has rushed for 1,035 yards (8.1 yards/carry, 14 TDs) and passed for 1,433 yards and 20 TDs (73 completions in 144 attempts, only 4 interceptions), according to
“That’s the main focus: Limit what (Reisenauer) can do to us,” Samuels said. “He’s dangerous ... he’s a wild-card. He’s the best quarterback we’ve seen all year. He was the only quarterback who’s been able to complete long passes on us (14- and 38-yard TD tosses to tight end Zach Boylan). He’s very good at keeping the play alive, so we’ve gotta stay in our coverages.
“I wouldn’t say they were breakdowns,” Samuels said, candidly admitting, “Our guys just got beat. ... So we’re stressing to our guys that we can’t get beat over the top.”
“(Reisenauer) has a lot of confidence in his receivers, and he also runs the ball. He can take the ball and run on counters, off-tackle, and he can go the distance,” Samuels praised.
To Samuels’ earlier point, here’s the problem for Farrell: In all likelihood the Steelers will be missing starters Brandon Chambers (meniscus knee ligament), Kyi Wright (ankle) and Gary Hopson (broken foot). At the single-A level, essentially that’s 6 positions, since most players go both ways.
“Gary Hopson, our defensive tackle, that may be the bigger blow ‘cause we’re so thin up front,” Samuels said. “He was just starting to come on –– on both sides of the ball. So that’s a big loss.”
The Blue Devils’ balance is <a href=""></a> impressive. According to they have rushed for 1,966 yards and 21 TDs and passed for 1,472 yards and 20 TDs. Defensively, the Devils have registered 9 interceptions, 13 quarterback sacks and 60 tackles-for-loss.
To counter Cambridge Samuels promises, “ ... different schemes –– a whole lot different. We don’t want them to spread us out, so we have to put pressure on (Reisenauer). We don’t want to give him time to throw the ball, because he did have a lot of time (in the regular-season game). ... We’ll have to try to confuse him by giving him different looks.
“I’m sure they have a lot of confidence. They only lost (to Farrell) by seven points, so I’m sure their confidence is riding high, and I’m sure they want to redeem themselves,” Samuels said. “But, we’re also confident. We’re coming on. Our game plan is to establish the run first, then use the run to set the pass up.”
Isaac Clarke orchestrates the offense for Farrell. In his first and lone season with the Steelers Clarke already has set single-game (336 yards) and single-season (25 TDs) passing records. He tossed 2 TDs to Jourdan Townsend in last week’s win over West Middlesex, and the latter has set a single-season Mercer County mark for TD receptions (18).

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