How to expand the application of ultrafine mill?

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Date sent: 2017/11/09 07:56:53
Ultrafine mill is a kind of milling equipment, mainly used in the mining industry, chemical industry, building materials and other industries grinding materials. As a grinding mill manufacturer, to expand the application of ultrafine mill in the industrial field should start from? At this stage, the challenges faced by the ultra fine grinding industry are: low energy consumption costs and high quality and high output products. As an ultra fine grinding mill, it is necessary to start with these two aspects in order to make the equipment of ultrafine grinding better and wider application in industry.

The problems facing our country are pollution problems and haze problems. At present, the problem of environmental protection is paid more and more attention and attention in our country. All walks of life are working hard, and the mining machinery industry is no exception. Ultra-fine grinding mill we developed a novel compact structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance, grinding, drying, milling, separating and transporting as a whole, without other drying, separator, upgrade equipment, complete function, small occupied area, low investment cost; moreover, ultrafine grinding grinding principle of grinding material layer mining material consumption, high efficiency, low energy consumption, grinding mill system than the general mill of low 20 ~ 30%, the reduction of energy consumption is obvious, large customers milling production equipment.

Ultrafine milling equipment is arranged to prevent roller and disc lining limiting device in direct contact, in the work of grinding roller and grinding disc is not in direct contact, no ball ball collision, ball impact liner clang, small noise, 20 lower than the average mill 25 dB, greatly reduced noise pollution; in addition, ultra-fine grinding mill adopts fully sealed device of dust removal system, the device under negative pressure operation, no dust, clean, effectively reduce dust pollution.

As an ultrafine grinding mill, we must pay attention to these two aspects. We should combine with our national conditions at any time to produce more green, more environmental protection and lower consumption mining machinery and equipment. Research and development of mining machinery and equipment has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, low consumption, no pollution, easy operation and maintenance, etc., and realize the characteristics of lifelong benefit of an investment.

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