Midseason report card: Five things we learned from Bears assistants

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Running back Jordan Howard might <a href=""></a> not have elite speed, but he’s always on time.
The Bears run outside zone plays more than anyone in the NFL — no team runs over the left tackle or tight end more often — so consistency is essential, running backs coach Curtis Modkins said.
‘‘Until you get around a guy and you get around in live action, you don’t know how they are,’’ he said of Howard, who has rushed for 88.2 yards per game. ‘‘He’s a tough, tough football player. That’s one of the top qualities you can have in a running back.’’
Here are five other things we learned this week from Bears assistant coaches, who offered a midseason report card during the bye week:
1. Tarik Cohen has a lot on his plate
The rookie running back has lined up in the slot and outside receiver spots as the Bears continue to search for pass-catchers who can gain separation.
‘‘What we’ve asked him to do is as much as I’ve asked any running back to do in my career,’’ said Curtis Modkins, who has coached for the Chiefs, Cardinals, Bills, Lions and 49ers. ‘‘The number of positions he’s had to line up and play — I’ve had guys who’ve done a couple of different positions, but he plays inside and outside on both sides. And running back.
‘‘He’s just gotta continue to learn, <a href=""></a> man. We’ve gotta continue to look for ways to put him in position to help us win.’’
The Bears’ leading punt and kick returner, Cohen is a victim of his own early success.

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