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2013 Hubei (Tianmen) Taiwan Food Culture Week signed 19 contract funds of 6.28 billion yuan - Jing Chu network
2013 Hubei (Tianmen) Taiwan Food Culture Week signed 19 contract funds of scarpe [url=]scarpe nike nike[/url] 6.28 billion yuan Published: 2013-11-09 23:26 Source: Jing Chu network into the newsletter 2013 Hubei (Tianmen) Taiwan Food Culture Week Merchants referral and project signing (Xinhua Wang Chun) November 9, Zapatos Adidas in 2013 Hubei (Tianmen) ugg pas cher Taiwan Food Culture Week Merchants promotion and project signing ceremony, 19 projects successfully settled in the door, which Taiwan-funded projects 4, 15 foreign investment projects, the total contract zapatillas nike mujer investment of 6.28 billion yuan. The 19 projects involved in chemical, food, bio-medicine, Michael Kors Pas Cher machinery, automotive electronics, light industry and textile and other industries. Among them, by the giant Thai International Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xu Feng Steel Co., Ltd. and other common investment of 2.9 adidas chaussures billion in Yuekou Town, Hubei Wang Tai new material technology industrial park, is the largest contract in the project. The total land area of ​​the project is about new balance pas cher 2000 mu. After the completion of the down jackets and coats project, will form an annual output value of 30 billion yuan, the annual tax of 850 million yuan of large stainless steel industrial park. Tian door party secretary Ke Jun introduction, Tianmen for nike discount 7 years Michael Kors Bolsos selected for the central region pandora 2017 of the county economy hundred piumini moncler counties, for seven Moncler Outlet consecutive years into chaussure nike 2017 the country's most investment nike chaussures potential of small and medium-sized cities hundred. The first three quarters of this year, Tianmen City, Christian Louboutin talon GDP, above-scale industrial added Coach bags 2017 value, moncler coats local public budget revenue growth are ranked second in the province and city, Tianmen has entered the fast lane of development. Ke Jun said, Moncler di sconto Tianmen prominent advantages, industry characteristics, industrial development platform continues to improve, the investment environment continues to Scarpe nike uomo improve. At present, the city's administrative examination and approval services reduced to 213, to Botas UGG achieve industrial enterprises 'project reported zero burden, preferential policies zero discount, production and operation of zero interference, quality service zero defect, damage to the environment zero tolerance.' In Nike Air [url=]chaussures nike Max[/url] addition, the Tianmen municipal government also specifically for the Taiwan enterprises to develop enterprises to develop a special fund for enterprise development, project land approval green channel, corporate income tax retained by the municipal part of the 'four free six halved' and other preferential policies. Xiangyang will lead the Han River cheap adidas shoes water heating at the end of the public or can enjoy the warm Xiangyang Daily News (Reporter Xu Yong correspondent Jiaohua a Wang Wei Hao Wei Xingyu) Speaking of central heating, most people first The impression will think of coal, but with the development of science and technology, can be used from the ... [details] Wang fried deep CP 'black heart' Wang Daotong routines Tencent entertainment Zhejiang TV and Tencent video 'high-energy youth group' 'Life 12 lessons' on Saturday intense launch. A mobile phone virus caused by the battle, so that Wang Da ... [more]

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