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20 million square meters of industrial space to build a new Luohu _ Shenzhen News Network
Artificial intelligence reading: In the dialogue, Nie Xinping around the 'traditional business center how to revive' 'business center how to Scarpe nike uomo explore' 'how to return overseas purchasing power' and 'international elements how Zapatos Adidas to integrate' four aspects of the Luohu consumption upgrade development path. adidas chaussures The original title: 'people's livelihood two-dimensional code' into the Lo Wu, Mayor Nie Xinping ugg pas cher hot spot on the site to ask users to Moncler Outlet ask 20 million square meters of industrial space to build a Xinluo Lake Shenzhen News Network on July down jackets and coats 5 morning, by the Shenzhen Internet Information Office, Shenzhen Newspaper Group, Luohu District Propaganda Department, Shenzhen News Network hosted the 'people's livelihood two-dimensional code' - 'city quality improvement year' series of interviews in scarpe nike the Luohu District Art Exhibition Center. Members of the current Luohu Nike Air Max District Mayor Nie Xinping in the program to face the people's livelihood hot issues, urban development, industrial restructuring, consumer upgrades, education and other users to enhance the concerns of the people's livelihood hot questions Q \u0026 A, won the guests and the public, like'. In the dialogue, Michael Kors Bolsos Nie Xinping around the 'how to revive the traditional business center,' 'how to explore the business center,' 'how to return chaussure nike 2017 overseas purchasing power' and 'international elements how to integrate' four aspects, expounded Luohu Christian Louboutin talon consumption upgrade development path. East Gate cited high-end operators to revive the East Gate business district development, for example, Nie Xinping said, in the Coach bags 2017 past a difficult to find a shop, there are a lot of empty shop now Luohu vigorously promote the East Gate acupuncture, meridian type of transformation and upgrading, select some important nodes in the introduction of high-end operators, the overall Botas UGG rental property, re-planning business format, the introduction of new brands, full of East Gate business district full of vitality. Such as the end of more than 20 years of Shenzhen department store square, through the introduction of the Guangdong Designers Association to create 'bite the town', the leisure, experience, design and other integration, become the East Gate and a young people welcome a new place. Innovation to drive the development of new industries Many people think that Lohu as the old city, already no land, no space, how to talk about the development of new industries? Nie Xinping nike chaussures said: 'relying on urban renewal and local land preparation, the next 5 to 10 years, Lo Wu will create 20 million square meters of new industrial space, equal to the Michael Kors Pas Cher reconstruction of a Lo Wu.' He pointed out that innovation is the only way to revive Lo Wu, Into the city's innovation system and industrial development system, take the initiative to serve Shenzhen 'international science and technology, industrial innovation center' scarpe nike construction, vigorously develop the strategic emerging industries and zapatillas nike mujer future industries. In the development of new industries, Nie Xinping seems to talk about the topic, he focused on the large Indus industrial belt planning. cheap adidas shoes He said that the Lo Wu will be in the green mountains and rivers through the generous planning, resource integration, land preparation, construction, 'a school three Valley multi-park' of the large Indus new industrial chaussures nike belt, to catch the Shenzhen International Science and Technology Industrial Innovation Center. In addition, the Lo Wu will also promote moncler coats the upgrading of the Phuket River, through the river cross-strait environmental Moncler di sconto transformation, build waterfront economy, building innovative creative corridors, attracting more entrepreneurial entrepreneurs in the Buji River on both sides of the development. Luohu reform pandora 2017 for the people won the praise of the Shenzhen newspaper group editor-in-chief Xuanzhu tin in the scene for the people of the reform of the lake praise. 'People's livelihood two-dimensional code to the party committee and government will and public opinion together, a total of urban development.' He talked about, from the Nie district governor's interview, Luohu gold jewelry supply side structural reform project, large piumini moncler Indus emerging industry belt As well as new balance pas cher fine management, which in fact are closely related with the residents of the people's livelihood topic. Site users of any questions, Nie District and the nike discount bureau leaders are immediately given a reply, to explain, that Luohu District, the district government is usually thinking about these problems, to deal with these problems, this is the real people reform. (Reporter Gao Shen) [Editor: He Chang]

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