Where in the world is Rico Gathers?

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Date sent: 2017/11/07 09:42:23
Hey, remember Rico Gathers? The <a href=""></a> second-year tight end was a preseason phenom, exhibiting the exciting physical gifts that had fans and scouts alike drooling over his potential:
Since entering the concussion protocol and going on injured reserve in the final weeks of preseason there’s been precious little information about Gathers.
So, according to Todd Archer he’s eligible to come off the IR yet the coaches seem unhurried about bringing him back to the team. I find this interesting because while the Cowboys’ offense has been effective (5th in NFL scoring per game) it hasn’t been perfect. And I can’t help wondering if Gathers is exactly the kind of player that could make this offense even more potent.
It is worrisome that this concussion has kept him out for so long, and there is no real return date in view. Gathers might be a real cure for a passing game that missing a deep-middle threat.
We all know the Dallas running game has reached mid-season form and is back to being one of the very best in the league. It is the strength and identity of the team. But an NFL offense cannot succeed on running alone. It also must pass the ball and the Dallas passing game has some room for improvement.
Here is Dak Prescott’s passing charts against Washington and San Francisco:
What stands out to me about this chart is there’s very little down the field and especially down the middle of the field. You can pick any other game and the throws down the field and particularly down the middle of the field <a href=""></a> will be few and far between.
This is odd, because Prescott has been better than average when throwing deep:
Note that while Prescott has been effective throwing deep, the intermediate middle route is where he has struggled most.

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