Mike Freeman's 10-Point Stance: Jadeveon Clowney Is NFL's Most Underrated Star

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The Texans finally are seeing how <a href=""></a> good Jadeveon Clowney can be, the logic behind the Jimmy Garoppolo trade and the lack of logic behind the Colts' treatment of Andrew Luck. All that and more in this week's 10-Point Stance.
1. Jadeveon Clowney Becoming the Star We Thought He'd Be
Jadeveon Clowney remembers his rookie year, in 2014, when he tore his meniscus, and later had microfracture surgery. That first season lasted one full quarter.
Clowney was asked to reflect on the start to his NFL career after a Sunday this season that saw him make yet another spectacular play that caused the eyes of everyone who saw it to virtually pop out of their heads.
"I never had any doubts about myself," Clowney told B/R, "but I know some people had doubts about me. I don't think they do anymore."
Now, four years into his career, we are watching Clowney develop into maybe the best defensive player in the sport. He's not the only candidate, but there's little doubt he belongs in the conversation.
Clowney has also emerged as a leader in the locker room. He was a key component in the team's decision-making process on how to handle the ugly comments from owner Bob McNair, who reportedly referred to players as "inmates" when discussing how to address the anthem issue. Most of the Texans players took a knee in protest during the anthem.
After most of the Texans players knelt in protest of their owner's comments during the anthem last week in Seattle, I asked Clowney if he felt things had been resolved. "I don't think so," Clowney said. "I'd say no."
His dressing as an inmate at a Halloween <a href=""></a> party earlier this week would seem to speak to that point, although Clowney told the Houston Chronicle (via Pro Football Talk) that he was not trying to send a message to the Texans owner.

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