Offense malfunctions, then defense gives it up in Seahawks’ 17-14 home loss to Washington

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Date sent: 2017/11/06 02:45:28
SEATTLE For all the angst and problems <a href=""></a> about and on the Seahawks’ offense, their defense ultimately, decisively failed them.
That star-packed defense had 100 seconds and 70 yards to protect a four-point lead Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin had given with a 30-yard touchdown pass.
But then Washington’s Kirk Cousins made two remarkable throws in the final 90 seconds, the first while he was getting smacked in the face mask by Seattle’s Michael Bennett, for 31 yards to Brian Quick. That got Washington to the Seahawks 39-yard line. Then Josh Doctson dived and reached and caught Cousins’ long pass to the 1, after Seahawks’ rookie cornerback Shaquill Griffin appeared to give up on the play thinking there was no way Doctson would get to the long ball.
Rob Kelley’s second 1-yard touchdown <a href=""></a> run of the day put Washington ahead with 59 seconds left.

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