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Tokyo rubber reported: spot selling Running Shoes de Nike pressure rubber nike discount expansive chaussure [url=]adidas Ultra Boost nike 2017[/url] cheap adidas shoes decline - Trade, global trading platform
The Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) rubber futures on Tuesday to further expand the decline, involving the fund from last week's gains gains. Traders said the fear of further decline in plastic may lead to more spot selling. 'We heard Goodyear Tire bought rubber last night, but it was not clear who the pandora 2017 seller was.' He said: 'The market price is between 0.8550 and $ 0.8550,' said a Jakarta trader, $ 0.8575, but many sellers do not want to sell at this price, but if the Tokyo market is adidas chaussures further declining, I guess it will eventually be sold. 'Traders Monday for the 4/5 month SIR20 standard rubber reported selling price, The FOB price at Pang Hong Kong Scarpe nike uomo is 87.50 cents per pound.Trader notes that TOCOM is undergoing technical adjustments after Friday's highest level of 267.5 yen per kilogram since February 10. The most active trading in 2006 August rubber futures settled down 1.6 yen at 253.0, Nike Air Max still below the 22-year high of 274.9 in early 2007. A Singapore trader said, 'The market is being revised, and now the winter, the market sentiment has not changed.' Glue for the country Tension, as piumini moncler well as other commodity prices to provide support for the Japanese rubber.Gold, silver Coach bags 2017 and oil and other commodity prices increased nike chaussures from the investment fund to buy Hing. Traders said the Thai leaf new balance pas cher season supply tight, so when the rubber tree began to fall But the Japanese rubber futures are still the leading factor in the local market. Thailand Index No. 3 Smoke Pill (RSS3) April cargo FOB prices from Monday's 1.12 US dollars per kilogram fell to 1.08 US dollars. STR20 standard plastic April cargo price from Monday's 2.03 US dollars per kilogram fell to 2.02 US down jackets and coats dollars. April sailing Malaysia SMR20 standard plastic flat at $ 1.95 per kilogram.China shoes network advocate respect and protection of intellectual property rights. Such as the existence of this article there is a copyright issue, please contact us the first time, thank you! Also welcome the business submission, submission please Email to:

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