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ASEAN, Japan to implement the implementation of Thai footwear nike discount and other commodity exports benefit - Trade, global trading platform
According to the Thai 'World News' reported on June 17, Thailand's Ministry of Commerce revealed that the ASEAN-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (AJCEP) was implemented on the 1st of this month, Japan immediately reduced the tariff of 90% of the goods to (Including JTEPA), including the fruits, shrimp, crab, fish, textiles, jewelery, footwear and leather, and the benefits of Thai agricultural products. It is recommended that operators should first study down jackets and coats the preferential Scarpe nike uomo measures of the agreement before using the ASEAN-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement and the Thailand-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement. Thailand-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement came into effect chaussure nike 2017 this month, with ASEAN and Japan immediately reducing tariffs on imports of goods, with a share of more than 90%, said Nan Taiwan, director of the International Trade adidas chaussures Negotiation Department of the Thai Ministry of Commerce. Japan has a variety of export commodities, including coconut, banana, mango, durian, shrimp, crab and canned fruit, etc., pandora 2017 industrial products are textiles, clothing, jewelry and jewelry, wood new balance pas cher products , Shoes and accessories, nike chaussures leather and electrical accessories. Compared to the ASEAN-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement and the preferential interest in the Thai-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, Japan has increased its tariffs to 70 Thai goods, with imports worth about $ 51 million, such as tuna, oysters, fish, ginger And wood, etc., Japan imported from Thailand, the total value of about 32.25 million US dollars of goods. The above-mentioned products in the Thai-Japanese economic partnership agreement, to wait until the two Running Shoes de Nike sides in 2011 after the re-negotiations will reduce tariffs, but cheap adidas shoes the ASEAN - Japan Economic Partnership Agreement has immediately reduced tariffs. Nan adidas Ultra Boost Ta Wan pointed out Nike Air Max that exporters must carefully study the ASEAN-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, as well as the Thai-Japanese economic partner agreement differences, to understand the various rules and interests, including the rules of origin and tax relief application procedures. Thai operators in the export can choose to use one of Coach bags 2017 the preferential interests, the contents of the two agreements are piumini moncler different, the operator should be careful to consider. China shoes network advocates respect and protection of intellectual property rights. Such as the existence of this article there is a copyright issue, please contact us the first time, thank you!

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