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ASEAN countries rise Taiwan's active layout of Thailand - Trade Running Shoes de Nike, global trading platform
With chaussure nike 2017 the increase in labor costs in China, Southeast Asian countries are replacing China and becoming the center of Taiwanese manufacturing industry. nike chaussures In this regard, the establishment of border economic zones in Thailand, in addition to attracting footwear, furniture, clothing, traditional electronics processing industry and other industries, together with the Eastcom 62 million people attractive business opportunities in recent years more attractive to foreign business investment presence. Donghua Group (1702) also announced that it will be based in Thailand, the layout of the future 10 countries of the Association of 10 trillion US dollars market. In other words, Southeast Asia is a factory and a market. Nanhua Group President Chen Feilong said that because Thailand has the advantages of tax-free and stability, and will use the East Association to China's tax-free advantage, sights on China's snack food market. According to the Thai Investment Promotion Board statistics, foreign new balance pas cher investment last year amounted to 1 trillion 23 billion baht (about NT $ 980 billion), the annual growth of 95%. Thailand is launching adidas chaussures an important economic development strategy - the establishment of a border economic zone, when the ASEAN is about to integrate into the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Land tax offers a number of preferential policies In early 2015, the Thai government set Coach bags 2017 up five border economic zones, many aspects have been special care and policy concessions. Li Haiying, director of the Taipei Economic Office in Thailand, said that these preferential policies include the provision of convenience for foreign manufacturers, corporate income Nike Air Max tax relief. Thailand's investment promotion committee (BOI) Deputy Secretary-General Duangjai Asawachintachit said that if Taiwanese want to invest in Thailand, the first thing to do with the Thai Investment Promotion Committee (BOI) application, BOI approved after the adoption of the national recognition, Everything will be very convenient and concessions. Offer includes non-tax and taxation, non-taxation, land concessions, open foreign nike discount capital 100% shareholding and work permit concessions. Tax department, visual industry category to provide 3 to 8 years free corporate income tax, and import zero tariff. pandora 2017 In addition, the SEZs will also offer more concessions depending on the industry category. Friendly one-stop service more intimate one-stop service center (One Start One Stop Investment Center, referred to as OSOS), it is a great incentive. The use of OSOS as a single contact window to facilitate foreign investors and 10 ministries, 20 organs of the officials directly contact and coordination, and complete the customs, work Scarpe nike uomo permits, visas and other matters. down jackets and coats adidas Ultra Boost One-stop service, can save a lengthy procedures, if the file is complete, within 3 hours to complete all the procedures, and there are translators to provide advisory services. Tax incentives and the emerging 'one-stop service center', as well as foreign piumini moncler friendly environment, attracting many investors, there are 685 factories, 50 foreign investment land, 13 countries / companies set up factories, show Out of this western border town of vitality. Thailand Special Economic Zone offer content free business income tax for cheap adidas shoes 8 years. Grant 50% of the investment net profit tax credit, 5 years. After 8 years, double deduction of traffic, utilities, 10 years. Offsetting 25% of the investment cost of equipment and construction. Import raw materials, 100% export exemption from customs duties, 5 years. Under the conditions approved by the BOI, foreign workers are allowed to be employed. Note: The special economic zones as the industry category has been adjusted. (China Shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center) China shoes network advocate respect and protection of intellectual property rights. Such as the existence of this article there is a copyright issue, please contact us the first time, thank you!

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