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ASEAN economy will face labor shortage after the start of the ASEAN economy - Trade Scarpe nike uomo, global Coach bags 2017 trading platform
Since many years ago, ASEAN put forward the idea of ​​establishing the ASEAN Economic Community. After years of waiting, the ASEAN Economic Community finally to be established. Indonesia is very optimistic about the benefits of economic growth of the ASEAN Economic Community, but after the formal launch adidas chaussures of the ASEAN Economic Community, the chaussure nike 2017 Indonesian manufacturing industry will appear labor shortage, in which the footwear industry will face a serious shortage of skilled workers situation. Since the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community adidas Ultra Boost (AEC) will be officially launched next year, the establishment of AEC will undoubtedly promote the development of manufacturing industries in Southeast Asia, the pandora 2017 footwear industry in piumini moncler Indonesia Manufacturing is even more so. Although such a good opportunity for development, but the Southeast Asian countries will face more challenges. The launch of AEC to promote the development of manufacturing, which means that the demand for skilled workers will rise at the same time, if the lack of skilled domestic shoemaker in Indonesia, then the competition with other countries in Southeast Asia will be in a backward position. To meet future production needs, Indonesian footwear manufacturers are trying to find and cultivate skilled footwear workers. It is reported that the footwear industry is an important strategic sector of Indonesian industrial development, creating a large number of job opportunities, and in the Indonesian non-oil export industry occupies a very important position. Footwear manufacturing export value is rising every year, according to statistics, 2013, Indonesia's nike discount footwear exports totaled 3.86 billion yuan, compared to 2012, 3.6 billion US dollars increased nike chaussures by 7.2%. The Indonesian government attaches great importance to the industry. To promote the development of the industry, various exhibitions and design competitions are cheap adidas shoes new balance pas cher held every year to encourage product innovation. In addition, in order to promote the development of small and medium enterprises in the industry, the Government has set up appropriate training institutions to provide specialized training services for small and medium-sized enterprises such as education and employment training and design consultation. In addition, the government is still building a large number of factories in various regions, to encourage more enterprises to invest in footwear manufacturing industry. Indonesia's footwear industry in Southeast Asia is one of the largest rivals in Malaysia, some Indonesian workers working for Running Shoes de Nike the Malaysian shoe factory, and these shoe factory in the women's fashion shoes manufacturing process superb, high brand awareness, is Indonesia's strong competitors The In addition, the Indonesian domestic shoe-making enterprises must also face down jackets and coats the competition of Chinese smuggling shoes. Despite the Nike Air Max variety of competition, the Indonesian authorities on their own footwear manufacturing industry is still full of confidence, as long as our product quality is excellent, in the market will be favored by consumers. (China Shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Cooperation media: shoe-like clothing shoes and hats Information) China shoes network advocate respect and protection of intellectual property rights. Such as the existence of this article there is a copyright issue, please contact us the first time, thank you!

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