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Southeast Asia and other countries shoe industry chain gradually become perfect - Trade, global trading platform
[Nike] is the main production base of Nike sports shoes, almost half of the shoes are exported from Vietnam are Nike shoes. Nike vice president Nick said at the end of last year, said Vietnam, from two years ago, the number of Nike shoes produced in Vietnam over China, adidas Ultra Boost ranking first in the world. In fact, in recent years, with the continuous improvement of investment environment in Southeast Asian countries, more and more European and American multinational companies are the production base from China to Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and other countries, then they have sufficient capacity To pay for China's existing production capacity, and then replace China as a new world factory? Low cost is to attract foreign investment statistics show that Vietnam's footwear manufacturing industry in recent years is Scarpe nike uomo indeed evolving: as of the end of 2011, Vietnam 40 production of Nike shoes The factory produces 150 million pairs of Nike and Converse shoes every year, providing 300,000 jobs for Vietnam. Low labor costs is the United States Nike Group choose to continue to produce important reasons in Vietnam. Nick said bluntly. After several years of development, Vietnam's industrial chain has begun to gradually improve. Nick introduction: the first to Vietnam production, production of a pair of Nike shoes 98% of the raw materials need to import, and now, this ratio has dropped to 56%. As with Nike, Honda has gradually shifted production from Vietnam to Vietnam, in addition to labor costs cheaper than China, but also to avoid the appreciation of the RMB erosion of profits. In the first half of this year, Japan was the largest source of foreign investment in Vietnam, accounting for 65% of Vietnam's foreign investment during this period. US companies are also gearing up to compete for the first place in Vietnam to invest. In early July, 21 US companies, including Chevron, Coca-Cola, Caterpillar and General Electric, jointly visited the Vietnamese market to discuss investment plans. Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, is also becoming an ideal country for foreign investment in recent years. According to Indonesia's official Chamber of Commerce organized by the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry representative Wu Yongsheng introduction, Indonesia has no control for foreign exchange, the Indonesian rupiah is free to convert foreign currency, foreign investment profits after tax can be freely exported. And the tariff is not high, the labor price is cheap, the population is large, the current political stability, are important factors to attract foreign investment. The Indonesian government has also done a lot to attract foreign investment. In order to improve the investment environment, Indonesia has made some changes in favor of foreign investors in foreign investment law and labor law, step by step to relax restrictions on foreign investment, simplify foreign capital approval procedures and shorten the approval time. According to Wu Yongsheng, considering the rich and cheap labor force in Indonesia, Epson spent $ 150 million in 2011 to build a printer factory in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. Taiwan Foxconn Technology Group is also preparing to invest $ 1 billion in Indonesia Build a factory as a global production center. In Cambodia, in addition to labor costs far lower than China, the United States, Europe, Nike Air Max Japan and other 28 countries are given Cambodia GSP treatment (GSP). Not only that, the United States, the European Union and Canada for the import of textiles and clothing from Cambodia also exempt from import duties. The Cambodian government has also opened a foreign-funded textile and garment enterprises to reduce the 9-year income tax, exemption from export tax, exemption from preferential conditions for the import of raw materials to attract foreign investment. However, at least one country in the world, at least in the world, is able to replace China's position as a world factory in the world, according to Lu Qijian, secretary general of the Cambodian Garment Association, in an interview. It is understood that a complete textile industry chain needs to include cotton cultivation, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, garment manufacturing, sales and other sectors. Footwear industry will also include rubber planting, rubber processing and other sectors. Strictly speaking, Cambodia is currently only the garment industry, and there is no real textile industry. Because Cambodia almost no garment manufacturing before all the relevant links for support. Lu Qijian said. Cambodia's Ministry of Commerce data show that all Cambodia-related raw materials related to garment manufacturing are basically dependent on imports. The first half of this year, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Japan and other countries and regions to become the main raw material imports of Cambodia. Among them, imports of raw materials from China accounted for almost 90%. After decades of development, China is currently in the textile industry has established a complete industrial chain, Lu Qijian said, and Cambodia's garment industry is only in 2000 after the development began, there is still a long way to go. As we all know, the normal operation of spinning mills and weaving plants has a huge demand for electricity, and Cambodia has no capacity to produce the electricity needed in this field. Lu Qijian added. In addition, Cambodia's economy is too single. Cambodia's annual income, the garment industry contributed more than 30%, it is because Cambodia's garment manufacturing in the proportion of economic development is too large, which will become the industry's biggest bottleneck in development. Cambodian Ministry of Commerce officials anonymously told reporters that once the external environment deteriorated, some garment factories in Cambodia will face enormous Running Shoes de Nike pressure. For example, in recent years, China and other countries, rising costs, leading to textile raw material import prices also increased, which increased the cost of local garment enterprises in Cambodia. At the same time Europe and the United States and other countries are also suffering from the economic crisis caused by the decline in demand, Cambodia garment factory facing the dilemma of two blocked. He believes that even in recent years, some large international companies began to transfer factories to Southeast Asian countries, but only some of the links in the industry chain, the main industry chain will remain for a long nike discount time in China. The old structure of the constraints of Indonesia is also facing the same problem. Indonesia's textile industry after decades of development, upstream and downstream vertical integration has been adidas chaussures quite complete, forming a complete industrial supply chain. In 2011, Indonesia's textile exports reached $ 13 billion, and the importance of the textile industry far exceeded the footwear industry, the furniture industry, the food processing industry and the electronics industry. Indonesia, with high unemployment, was an important pillar of stable political and economic conditions. However, Indonesia's textile industry is also facing the textile machinery outdated, inefficient, shortage of funds, intense competition and illegal smuggling and other issues. More fatal is that Indonesia is seriously lacking roads, ports and electricity to cheap adidas shoes cope with economic growth. Which is one of the important constraints of power shortage, in addition to the power of East Java province a little surplus, the rest of the region a serious shortage of electricity, nike chaussures the country's 240 million population at least 50 million people failed to use electricity. At the same time, Indonesia began to develop highways since 1978, so far only 762 km long section of the country put into operation. Resulting in high logistics costs, accounting for 17% of production costs. The Indonesian government brewing for many years the Java island highway project due to the delay in land acquisition problems can not be resolved, a substantial extension of the project. Indonesian ironically said that the speed of the development of China's expressway for the daily increase of 28 km, the speed is amazing, and the same length of the new high-speed road in Indonesia takes a year, the speed is equally alarming. Not the perfect foreign investment and China compared to Southeast Asian countries in addition to the industrial chain, the infrastructure is very imperfect, the human resources is not ideal. Cambodian workers and Chinese workers are generally biased in terms of quantity and productivity. Set up factories in China, China Yantai Lu Rui Group Chairman Shen told reporters. It is understood that Cambodia currently has a total of more than 300 clothing and footwear enterprises, the size of the factory employs a total of about 330,000 workers. Of which 91% were female. Among them, the education is generally low, most workers only after a simple technical training will new balance pas cher go to the post. The educational level of the Indonesian labor force is generally low. According to the Indonesian National Bureau of Statistics in February 2012, 55.5 million people in the labor force of 15 years of age in Indonesia have only primary and secondary education, accounting for 49% of the total labor force, while the tertiary education is only 10% Resulting in the number of skilled and professional staff is scarce and expensive. Nevertheless, Indonesia's labor policy is designed to protect the labor force in Indonesia to solve the employment problem. According to this policy, foreign companies only allow the recruitment of foreign professionals and senior managers, ordinary employees and middle-level cadres must employ Indonesian citizens. Therefore, the industry generally believe that Indonesia's labor pandora 2017 law is too biased in favor of labor, and trade unions, improve labor costs, affecting the competitiveness of down jackets and coats Indonesian products. In addition, Indonesia is rampant. Global Corruption Inspectorate Transparency International 2011 2011 was ranked No. 100 in Indonesia. Approximately one quarter of the budgets of the Indonesian government ministries were transferred or misappropriated. Corruption indirectly causes Indonesia's infrastructure and public services to lag behind, and the country is piumini moncler lacking in competitiveness. Corruption also causes smuggling or extortion, reducing the credibility of the government and reducing the willingness of foreign investment. chaussure nike 2017 Although Indonesia's recent anti-corruption efforts have achieved some success, but anti-corruption is still Indonesia now and the future is facing a difficult challenge. Vietnam is by no means the perfect investment in foreign investors: the outbreak of spontaneous strikes, high inflation, the number of workers with labor skills and so are foreign investment in Vietnam, a stumbling block. Vietnam's Nike shoe factory almost every year there are large and small strike occurred, the only way to strike a worker, is to get a higher salary. Local media are also constantly blaming these poor working conditions, low-paying factories for sweatshops. And China is not a competitive relationship In this year's global economic downturn and a variety of investment bottlenecks, some Southeast Asian countries to attract foreign investment in the amount began to fall back. The industry generally believe that, compared with China, they are far away from the world factory. Industry experts point out that a complete world factory system first requires a country in a particular area has a complete industrial chain. In addition, it is necessary in other related areas with several identical industrial chain common development. A few supporting industry chain support each other in order to ensure the steady progress of the domestic economy. At the same time, there is a need for a large number of labor to Coach bags 2017 act as producers and consumers, so that the world's factories can function properly. Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries and China should be complementary rather than competitive relationship, China can be part of the labor-intensive industries to migrate to Southeast Asia. Wu Yongsheng said. (China Shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center) China shoes network advocate respect and protection of intellectual property rights. Such as the existence of this article there is a copyright issue, please contact us the first time, thank you!

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"Our judgment of cappotti-moncler-donna the quality of down jackets mainly come down stuffing, the following to talk about some commonly used methods:
      Touching or Moncler di sconto twisting with hand, downy velvet feather touch when moncler-kids there is a soft feeling (feel and the thickness of the fabric material has a relationship). Yurong Fu cashmere content of about 90% can only touch a very small amount of hair terrier, with the reduction of cashmere content, the amount of hairy stem also increases, the more the greater the termperster, the worse the quality, with the thumb and index finger respectively On the down products on both piumini-moncler-2011 sides of the twist, will feel more and more thin, nike air max flyknit but it is difficult to rub open, which is a good quality performance; if suddenly rubbed open, indicating moncler coats poor quality; if a thick layer of rub does not scarpe nike stefan janoski open, it is likely Is polyester cotton.
      The down products flat press, out of the air, if the quality is good, then a few seconds to restore the status quo (down cashmere containing high, fluffy degree), on the contrary, when patted with dust or fluff drill, indicating poor quality goods, Gently tap down jacket, look at the stitch, if there is no dust overflow as a good product, if nike air huarache uomo the dust overflowing for the smash hair or putty made of shoddy products.
      This scarpe nike donna fluffy down jacket effect is very magical, take our own, a lot of down jacket is a store in the warehouse pressure, just took out a light section of the warehouse down jacket moncler jackets for piumini-moncler-2012 men (write the article with this article) , Was very thin pressure, and then hang a day with a hanger, miraculously moncler-donna fluffy (not all down jacket will achieve this fluffy nike air max 90 donna degree), is this figure, guess scarpe nike uomo how he is?

      Some light models down jacket can take a look at the light, you can see the filler on the fabric projection, whether the shape of the down and fluff can see clearly, but also a way to judge.
      With a hand down jacket weight, usually short paragraph down jacket weight 300g-400g, feel very light, and then judge according to Moncler Outlet the size of the volume, under normal circumstances, light weight, bulky, indicating high cashmere content, fluffy, quality Well, and some down jacket has supporting pouch, fluffy down jacket can be loaded into the pouch.

      Smell a little odor, poor quality down jacket due to unfilled filler and fabric will have unpleasant odor, (duck is omnivore, velvet has a smell of smell, although treated can be eliminated, but it is said that the taste of a year or two can be reversed Comes out, but also tolerable, and geese are herbivores, velvet does not smell anything.)"

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