Deion Sanders' please to the Giants: Trade Eli Manning now

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Date sent: 2017/11/02 07:38:02
Eli Manning would no longer be the <a href=""></a> quarterback of the New York Giants if former NFL star Deion Sanders was general manager.
Sanders has always talked highly of Manning during his time as an on-air analyst, and now, he hopes the Giants listen to his pleas to “free” Manning from his 1-6 hell, as Sanders made clear on an episode of “Prime’s Time” on NFL Network.
“John Elway, I need you to listen to me and I need you to listen to me close. You’re very familiar with the Manning family, especially Archie. Call him. Get working with Peyton. Free Eli from the Giants. The Giants aren’t going anywhere,” Sanders said.
“I’m here for the people. I’m here for the game. Free Eli! . . . Free Eli, please.”
The Broncos are one of two teams who has been linked to Manning. In addition to Denver, rumors have started to circulate that the Jacksonville Jaguars could enter possible trade talks. Both Denver and Jacksonville can offer Manning an elite defense, but what Jacksonville has that Denver doesn't is: Tom Coughlin, an elite running game, and an improving offensive line.
The Giants cannot use injuries as an excuse, change needs to happen NOW, and when it does, we've got you covered, Don't miss any of <a href=""></a> the news on changes, take a second to sign up for our FREE Giants newsletter!
Of course, Manning has a no-trade clause with the Giants and has already told reporters that he wishes to remain with New York until the end of his career.

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