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September 13 Hujiao futures rumors_World light industry Home chaussure nike 2017 Information Technology Tags Search Content Search Hot Keywords: Location: Coach bags 2017 Nike Air Max Home>
According to legend, Hujiao futures prices fell sharply yesterday, mainly because the market piumini moncler is Running Shoes de Nike the new balance pas cher main multi-camp due to increased adidas Ultra Boost desire to increase the emergence of loose, it is learned that the departure of funds for the local Shanghai nike chaussures nike discount large speculative funds. Scarpe nike uomo There is news that the local Shanghai has a large number of local funds sold in the Japanese market more than a single position to form a greater pressure on the cheap adidas shoes market, while the yen's down jackets and coats strength is increased the market selling price atmosphere. adidas chaussures pandora 2017 However, many senior people still believe that the price is still a strong city to adjust the performance, can not be located in the end of the bull market. Short-term November contract may test 16,400 yuan / ton position. China shoes network advocates respect and protection of intellectual property rights.

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