Russell Wilson Riotously Good As Seahawks Win Riotously Fun Football Game

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Russell Wilson was unbelievable on <a href=""></a> Sunday. Russell Wilson has been unbelievable before, but he was just so good on Sunday. Russell Wilson threw for 452 yards and four touchdowns on Sunday. Russell Wilson hit what felt like dozens of deep balls on Sunday. Russell Wilson dominated from the pocket on Sunday. He used play-action to destroy an opponent. He targeted everyone on the roster. He was a non-stop explosive play machine. I’m still vibrating from watching Russell Wilson operate on Sunday.
(And yes okay Russell Wilson made two mistakes on Sunday: one was a fumble that was recovered for a first down for the Seahawks, and the other was an interception he shook off en route to a game winning drive that a typical wizard would describe as “fucking impossible.” Russell Wilson is so good, I’d tell you to please stop nitpicking, but I imagine that your nitpicking only makes Russell Wilson stronger.)
Why dwell on this? Because Wilson’s excellence too often lost in the mire of following the Seahawks. The Seahawks offense is not what typically drives this team’s success. Their success typically hinges on the defense playing extraordinarily well and the offense doing just enough to win games. Wilson suffers because he’s consistent. Some days he misses some deep balls, some days he doesn’t but he’s always there, being good. And he’s a bit of a doof. It’s normie to like Russell Wilson. I don’t care. I love Russell Wilson. We take for granted just how important he is to this team given that he’s one of the league’s best quarterbacks.
But in Sunday’s 41-38 mindbendingly amazing win over the Houston Texans, the excellence of rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson meant Wilson had to loudly shoulder the burden. So he stepped up, dropping bombs all over the field, running when he had to late, eluding Houston’s pass rush despite being protected by 1.7ish NFL caliber offensive linemen. He was awesome. GUYS! Russell Wilson! Ahhh!
Rather than beat the drum you’d expect me to beat after this huge win (the insufferable buh-duh-buh-buh of the Seahawks march towards another Super Bowl) I’m going to go a different way. There is an MVP case brewing for Wilson. As the Seahawks have won 4 straight to run their record to 5-2 Wilson’s upped his TD/Interception ratio to 15/4 and he’s got his passer rating up over 100, while saddled with some noteworthy drops and a noteworthily poor offensive line. His numbers stack up. The team’s record stacks up. He’s overcoming the odds. In a year without an exceptional team, the Seahawks are establishing themselves as one of the best of the unexceptional, and Wilson is the best player on the Seahawks right now (with apologies to Bobby Wagner). So that gurgling you hear. It’s <a href=""></a> a throat clearing before a full blown belting out of, “RUSSELL WILSON IS MAYBE THE MVP OF THE NFL.”
(Russell Wilson is maybe the MVP of the NFL.)
Now that we’ve covered that, let’s break down what was maybe the best regular season game in terms of drama and quality play that the Seahawks have played under Pete Carroll:
• The only bad news from Sunday came from… Earl Thomas? Weird! But true! First he got beat for a touchdown on a post route from Will Fuller. Then, quarters later, he was unable to mop up Kam Chancellor and Justin Coleman’s mess on a huge DeAndre Hopkins touchdown, and managed to strain his hamstring in the process. Ick! But, because he’s Earl Thomas he made a ton of other great plays including this ludicrous pick-six.

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