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Today brings a heads-up for cheap pandora rings online collectors in the UK and Canada, as the promo frenzy continues! A 3-for-2 on rings for the UK begins today, while Canada is being treated to free earrings. Read on for more details: )Starting today in the UK, purchase three rings and get one for free! The offer is running both in store and online, and will finish on 29 October. Your free ring will be the one of lowest value. A fair few pretty rings came out with the Pandora Autumn 2017 collection, and I think I’d be tempted to grab a couple of these puzzle rings, which slot into each other to make one design. However, I won’t be taking part in this promo, as there are some other great offers for the UK coming up this season. Starting with the launch of the Winter 2017 collection, we’ll be getting the Christmas ornament GWP, and then from 23 November, we’ll be getting the limited edition Heart of Winter bangle as a GWP as well! So I’ve got to plan my spending carefully.

Today brings another post from me, with a quick updates post on pandora birthstone rings sale several Pandora news items that have cropped up over the past couple of days! Pandora seems very willing to chop and change their promo schedule at the moment, throwing new ones in and changing existing ones, and it’s hard to keep up with haha. So I wanted to round up a few of the latest events going on! Collectors in the UK had a nice surprise on Thursday, as Pandora decided to release the UK’s Pandora Disney Winter 2017 charms early! These include muranos and characters from Frozen, the new Lilo & Stitch bead and – be still my heart – two beads from Bambi. I’m not sure why they’ve pushed this forward, and I’m excited that they did but it did put me to something of a dilemma – I was originally going to get Bambi and Thumper as part of my Christmas ornament GWP spend, but I was just unable to resist and got myself Bambi yesterday.

You can still take part in the UK Pandora Disney clutch promo from some retailers online, however, and pandora rose gold rings perhaps your local store might have some left! I have some close-up live shots of all the new pieces – how adorable is Thumper!:D and the blue in the Lilo & Stitch bead is super cute. There’s an unexpected bonus offer running for Pandora collectors in Canada this weekend – until 23 October, the eStore online will be running a flash sale. If you spend $125 CAD online, then you get a free $25 savings card and free standard shipping. I’m pretty sure the original offer, when it first launched, included a jewellery box as well, but it seems to have sold out. This is really late in the day to be clarifying this, but I am still getting a few questions about these Pandora US gift sets. These seem to be on sale this month, but only in store – I haven’t seen them advertised online anywhere. There are five gift sets, offering discounts from 20–30%. I’m not sure whether they will still be offered after October, or whether there’ll be fresh gift sets on offer for the Winter 2017 collection.

Our first gift set is the Love You Forever bangle set, retailing for $299 (RRP $415). You get to choose the two letter charms, and the bangle is inscribed with ‘love you forever’. We’ve got a lot going on this month, with the launch of the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 collection later on, the continuation of the summer sales, and the launch of various promos.:D I’ve also included a couple of extra sneak peeks, including some live shots and some teasers for the limited edition Black Friday and Children in Need charms for 2017! The biggest event of the month would be the launch of the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 collection on the 20th July worldwide. This year’s launch eschews any of the usual travel beads entirely and goes for friendship-themed beads and fabric bracelets. There are also some girls’ night out pieces that might be a good match for the cheap pandora rings sale brighter enamel Summer 2017 charms!


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