ProCanes NFL Week Eight Preview: Vilma Enshrined, Duke in London, Graham’s Streak

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After this week, half of the NFL season <a href=""></a> will be behind us. It’s a humbling point to think that the conclusion of the regular season is almost upon us. However, we now know who the contenders, pretenders, and those who will be looking to draft some Hurricanes in the 2018 NFL are at this point. Week eight action will feature plenty of Miami alums in the spotlight of entertaining and crucial games on Sunday.
Los Angeles Chargers vs. New England Patriots 1PM EDT
Big plays are all WR Travis Benjamin knows. He was able to break a 65-yard punt return touchdown against the Broncos last week,, the fourth punt return touchdown of his career. Benjamin added a 42-yard receiving touchdown to help the Chargers pull back into contention in the AFC West division race. This week, the Chargers travel to the Eastern Standard Time zone to faceoff with the Patriots, who appear to have found their footing in the last three games. Los Angeles would love to get another special team’s score from Benjamin to take the pressure off of QB Philip Rivers and the Chargers offense. Even just flipping the field would be huge for the Chargers who have a habit of starting games slow when leaving the Pacific timezone.
Slowly but surely, WR Phillip Dorsett has been getting more snaps on offense for the Patriots. With Danny Amendola’s history of injures, Dorsett has been on some snaps, but has yet to connect with QB Tom Brady. WR Chris Hogan, WR Brandin Cooks, and TE Rob Gronkowski remain the focal point of the Patriots’ passing game. Dorsett has been primarily used on big plays down the field, stretching opposing defenses vertically, but for now Dorsett remains an insurance policy more than an integral chess piece.
Minnesota Vikings vs. Cleveland Browns 9:30 AM EDT
There is nothing harder in the NFL than winning a game. You don’t need to explain that to the Cleveland Browns. TE David Njoku has played as well as one could hope in his rookie season with Cleveland. Njoku enters Sunday’s game <a href=""></a> with a stat line of 16 receptions for 176 receiving yards and three touchdowns. What doesn’t help Njoku is the instability at quarterback for the Browns. With two first-half interceptions and post-game criticism for indulging in Cleveland’s nightlife, QB DeShone Kizer was benched and unable to finish another game as the starting quarterback. The drought in Cleveland worsened, now that stalwart LT Joe Thomas will miss the rest of the season with a tricep injury. If the Browns can’t find anyone to establish themselves as the go-to QB, it’s going to continue to be tough sledding for any player on that offense.

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