49ers open to trade offers for Joe Staley, but price is steep

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Date sent: 2017/10/28 09:17:47
Kyle Shanahan is open to listening to trade <a href=""></a> offers for any of his players — including Joe Staley. But he indicated the price would be steep for the All-Pro left tackle.
“Joe is a guy that I definitely want here and definitely a guy I wouldn’t want to lose by any means. … (But) if anybody called for any one of our players, it’s not like you just hang up the phone. If people want to offer the world, you’ve always got to listen,” Shanahan said.
The trade deadline is Tuesday, giving San Francisco six days to field offers for its longest-tenured player. Shanahan’s 0-7 team, of course, is going through a massive rebuilding project and has jettisoned a number of established veterans for younger players with the bigger picture in mind. The 33-year-old might not fit in the long-term planning, even with two years remaining on his contract after this season.
One of the latest and most notable moves in that direction was the release linebacker NaVorro Bowman earlier this month in favor of rookie Reuben Foster. Additionally, the 49ers have moved on from veterans Ahmad Brooks, Jeremy Kerley, Quinton Dial, Vance McDonald and others to allow younger players time to develop.
“You’ve got to always try to think what’s going to help your team and make your team better. To lose a guy like Joe Staley, that wouldn’t be something I’d be excited about, so that’d have to take a whole lot,” Shanahan said.
Unlike Bowman, who was immediately replaced by a player who was a first-round draft pick, the 49ers don’t have an obvious replacement waiting behind Staley. Right tackle Trent Brown would likely be moved over to protect the quarterback’s blind side, but questions remain about his conditioning and consistency.
Brown will be eligible for a contract extension <a href=""></a> after the season, when he could become one of the team’s highest-paid players. Or the 49ers could wait and bid with the rest of the league when he hits unrestricted free agency after 2018. The former seventh-round pick could become a hot commodity if he improves over that span while increasing his asking price.

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